Go plastic-free in your kitchen with these sustainable accessories

We all want to be using less plastic, so take a look at our pick of the best plastic-free kitchen accessories

Plastic-free kitchen

by Tom Goodlad |

There’s never been a greater focus on doing your bit for your environment than right now, and you can start in your own home. It doesn’t even need to cost a lot, with small kitchen accessories that are free from plastic available at reasonable prices.

Whether it’s to store your groceries in your cupboard or if it’s to clean your surfaces after an intense baking session, there’s an eco-friendly, plastic-free kitchen accessory for the job.

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So, to make it extra easy to do your bit, we've found some of the best plastic-free accessories for your kitchen.

Tips for being more sustainable in the kitchen:

Make the most of local produce - Your local butchers and greengrocers are great places to buy quality ingredients, which is better for your bodies, and for the environment. We can lower the whole UK’s carbon footprint if we all buy local, which is pretty cool.

Grow your own - Growing your own fruit and veg is relatively easy, and even if you're a newbie to the experience, you can even get kits to help you out. If you have a smaller outdoor space, you could grow your own herbs or have a balcony vegetable patch. Green fingers, green planet.

Plan ahead - If you plan your meals ahead of time, then shopping becomes a lot easier and you’ll only buy what you need. This will reduce your food waste in no time. You could also try food subscription boxes, which deliver the exact ingredients you need as per your portion sizes.

Recycle and compost - Luckily, these are already a given in most kitchens these days, but taking advantage of them within your daily routine will benefit the environment.

Stop impulse buying - This one is a tough one, we’ll admit. All the latest kitchen gadgets are always so tempting, but they use up a lot of energy. If you aren’t going to use it, then don’t buy it. Your stuffed cupboards will thank us.

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