How to make the air fryer pasta chips that have gone viral on TikTok

Midnight snack, sorted.

Viral TikTok hack pasta chip

by Marina Avraam |

From feta pasta to pesto eggs, TikTok has graced us with a host of mouth-watering recipes that we simply can't get enough of, giving us weeks worth of breakfast, lunch and dinnertime inspiration.

Well, the Gen-Z platform is back at it again with another viral food recipe that has thrown the internet into a frenzy. Introducing - the pasta chip.

As with most TikTok dishes, the pasta chip recipe is quick and easy to make, not to mention absolutely delicious. All you need is some pasta, olive oil and an air fryer, and you're on your way to midnight snack heaven.

Comments on TikTok just prove how easy and delicious the recipe is, with one user commenting, "I've never had all the ingredients on deck for any recipe until now", and another commenting, "That's it! I am finally getting an air fryer. I was on the fence but this pushed me off."

So, if you're also convinced of the genius that is the pasta chip, we've outlined everything you need for the recipe below.

How to make pasta chips


• Pasta (farfalle and penne are common choices)

• Olive oil

• Grated parmesan

• Seasoning (Italian or any other of your choosing)

• Additional dips


  1. Boil pasta as normal. Once cooked, add olive oil, seasoning and grated parmesan on top.
  1. After, pop your pasta in an air fryer and cook at 200C for 10 minutes. Note: If you don't have an air fryer, bake the pasta in the oven for around 20 minutes, turning the pasta over halfway through (although the outcome will likely be less crunchy).
  1. Serve with a dip of your choosing and voila! Enjoy this crunchy, delicious snack with your friends (or all by yourself, no judgement here).

Don't forget your air fryer

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