The best mini-fridges for some extra space

Affordable and practical, here is our rundown of the best mini fridges to buy now.

Best mini fridges

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It could be that your tendency of stockpiling oat milk has gotten out of hand, or perhaps the bottles of wine in your fridge have left little space for some actual food; whichever it is, a mini-fridge can help.

Apart from providing extra space, a mini-fridge is also useful for those cheeky midnight cravings, when we can't be bothered to make our way from the bedroom to the kitchen - we know you can relate to that one.

Mini-fridges fit practically anywhere, are highly affordable and are an all-around great addition to your space. To help you pick the right one, we've made a list of our top mini-fridges currently on the market in terms of price, space and customers reviews.

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What to look out for when buying a mini fridge

Capacity: The smallest mini-fridges will have a 10L capacity, and can typically fit around six 300ml cans which is great if you're not after much space. Mid-size mini-fridges sit at around the 40L to 50L mark, while anything about 60L is considered large capacity.

Sound: If you're thinking of placing your fridge in your bedroom, then you'll want a model that is relatively quiet in operation. Most fridges will disclose their decibels in the description; anything under the 40dB mark is acceptable, but fridges below the 30dB mark are considered extremely quiet.

Cooling system: The cooling systems found in fridges can be divided into three; compression, absorption and thermoelectric. A compression cooling system is the most desirable and is also the type most commonly found in larger fridges or pricier mini fridge models. An absorption cooling system is the quietest option, however, your energy bills may start going up given that this isn't the most energy-efficient system. Finally, a thermoelectric cooling system is highly affordable but is not ideal for cooling dairy products or meat, due to the lack of temperature control.

Is it safe to have a mini-fridge in the bedroom?

Yes, mini-fridges are completely safe to keep in the bedroom, as long as they are kept on a hard surface. Make sure to opt for a mini-fridge with low decibels, so to prevent any sleeping disturbances.

Do mini-fridges use a lot of electricity?

This all depends on the model, but most mini-fridges run at between 80 to 100 watts. The location of your mini-fridge, how often you open and close it and the set temperature are all factors that will impact the energy consumption of your fridge.


The best mini fridges 2021

Subcold Super50 LED u2013 Mini Fridge Black1 of 7

Subcold Super50 LED – Mini Fridge Black

Editor's pickWe absolutely love the look of this premium-quality mini-fridge. Not only is it equipped with a powerful cooling system and low noise function, but it can also hold up to 55 cans - yep, that's a lot of beer. Adjust the temperature to suit your needs, and place this stylish mini-fridge in your kitchen, bedroom or office for that extra bit of convenience. **Dimensions: ‎**44 x 50 x 52.5 cmCapacity: 46LReview: "Looks great love the glass door keeps everything cold and fresh. Delivered fast & packaged well. One of the reasons I chose this was because the door could be switched to open in the opposite direction. This was done very easily. Very happy, this is a quality modern looking fridge and works very well."

Russell Hobbs 43L Table Top Fridge Black2 of 7

Russell Hobbs 43L Table Top

Runner-upStore your drinks, fruit and just about anything else in this compact little fridge by Russell Hobbs. The space-saving design means you can place it on a kitchen counter or in your bedroom without worrying that it'll take up too much space. You can adjust the thermostat as and when you please, and the additional icebox can be used to freeze foods, should you need to.Dimensions: 47.2 x 49.2 x 45 cmCapacity: 43LReview: "I bought this fridge to put in the living room whilst having a new kitchen fitted. It's brilliant! You can get loads in. Works really well. After the kitchen is finished I will put it in the garage to keep drinks chilled!"

AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Litre3 of 7

AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Litre

Best quiet optionIf you're not looking for too much additional space, this mini fridge is a fab option. Available in three colours including black, pink and blue, the AstroAI fridge will keep your beverages cool for hours and can fit into pretty much any tight space. We particularly like that this option comes with a handle so you can move it around your home whenever you like. If you're a particularly light sleeper, you'll be glad to hear that this model is virtually silent in operation.Dimensions: 14 x 13.4 x 19.8 cmCapacity: 10LReview: "I really am extremely pleased with this fridge. I wanted it for my bedroom and it has exceeded my expectations. It looks nice and cools my milk, cheese, drinks and chocolate beautifully. It is also really, really quiet. I am so pleased I bought this one."

Inventor Mini Fridge 65L4 of 7

Inventor Mini Fridge 65L

Best for large capacity A bigger option than the rest of the fridges on this list, but mini nonetheless, the Inventor 65L model is best for those who need a little more space. The simple black colour means it'll fit in with any decor, and with high-tech low frost technology, you won't need to worry about frequent defrosting. It has a low noise level, a reversible door as well as adjustable legs, meaning it'll fit right into any part of your home.Dimensions: 63 x 44.5 x 51 cmCapacity: 65LReview: "Bought this fridge for my son to use at university. It's a great choice and can easily store all of his essentials (milk, bread, drinks). It's certainly not too noisy and keeps things nice and chilled. It's bigger than many mini-fridges on the market but this is the perfect size for our needs. Definitely recommend."

HUSKY Coca-Cola Mini Fridge5 of 7

HUSKY Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

Best energy-efficient mini fridgeLet's be honest, who wouldn't want this cool Coca-Cola mini-fridge? If you've got a modern, bright colour scheme going in your home, then this is just the option for you. The efficiency of this fridge is off the charts, saving you from a hefty energy bill while keeping your beverages and snacks ice cold. We think this would fit in best in a student room, office or man cave. Dimensions: 51 x 43 x 47 cmCapacity: 43LReview: "My daughter said it's one of the best things we've bought. It is very useful and has freed up a lot of space in our family fridge, plus it's cute. Would happily recommend it."

Cookology Undercounter Drinks Fridge6 of 7

Cookology Undercounter Drinks Fridge

Best designIf you're looking for an ultra-sleek and modern mini-fridge, then look no further. Cookology's drinks fridge will be home to your beer, wine, champagne and just about any other drink you need. The LED light will illuminate your selection, letting you see what you've got before opening the door, and is ideal for when hosting a party. With four shelves, a reversible door and a gorgeous black finish, there's really nothing this fridge is lacking. Dimensions: 84.5 x 47 x 47.2 cmCapacity: 98LReview: "Arrived in record time, in mint condition. It's not quiet, it's completely silent! I had to double-check that it was even on. Super easy to set up. Would definitely recommend it to anyone."

Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge7 of 7

Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge

Best for bedroomsIf you're after something a little more interesting than the basic black, you'll be glad to know that our next option comes in pink, blue, grey and white for a pop of colour. With a small capacity of 4L, this fridge is perfect for throwing in a few cans, snacks or even skincare products that need refrigerating. It's extra quiet, and also comes with a one-year warranty so you can shop with confidence. Dimensions: 25.5 x 19 x 28 cmCapacity: 4LReview: "Love this fridge! I wanted a mini-fridge for my skincare, and this is perfect for it. I keep it in my bedroom and it barely makes any noise. Great quality and very quick delivery. So, so pleased - thank you!!"

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