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How you make the most of your garden with an outdoor heater.

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by Lily Anderson |

Some of us know the feeling all too well when you arrive at a pub garden and you race to be the first by the outdoor heater. Unfortunately, even on the warmest of evenings in the UK, it can still be quite chilly. The same goes for hosting in your own garden; a nice warm heater will prolong the evening by hours.

Outdoor heaters are an excellent way to extend the BBQ and garden socialising season at your house and there are two types to choose from gas or electric.

At What's The Best, we have compiled a shortlist of the best outdoor heaters. We've also included an informative guide to help you decide which outdoor heater is best for you and some safety information, too.

Gas outdoor heaters

Pros Cons
• You don't require a mains to run a heater. • This will usually cost more upfront.
• The output is slightly better from a gas outdoor heater. • Shorter life span - typically lasting 10 to 20 years.
• This will be cheaper in the long run. • Can be complicated to install.
• Safety is the biggest concern with using a gas heater - check out our FAQs for more information.

Electric outdoor heaters

Pros Cons
• Easy to install - just need to plug in. • Runs the risk of malfunctioning and can catch fire.
• Can last up to 20 to 30 years. • More expensive to run.

Now that you know which type of outdoor heater is for you, we’ve come up with an extensive list of all the best ones which are still available to buy.

The best outdoor heaters:

Neo Freestanding Electric Outdoor Heater

Editor's pick
Neo Freestanding Electric Outdoor Heater

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A simple, subtle, adjustable, and functional electric outdoor heater. It has three heat settings: 650W, 1350W, and 2000W; and is height adjustable between 130cm and 210cm. It also has an adjustable element angle and a pull-string switch.

Power: 2kW

Weight: 5kg

Height: 210cm

Review: "Good quality - and excellent heat - just what we needed."

Luxeva Electric Floor Patio Heater

Best floor electric heater
Luxeva Electric Floor Patio Heater

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An attractive medium-height electric heater. It has a light aluminium body and a simple three-stage heat dial. The base has a wide footprint, which makes it very sturdy and stable u2013 an excellent feature when socialising.

Power: 2kW

Weight: 6kg

Size: 98cm (H) x (W)

Review: "One of the best heaters we have bought. Twice our boilers failed in the winter. We have used Dimplex oil heater and Dyson heaters. While they have saved us. However, this heater has been brilliant. It throws out heat immediately it is turned on. No lag in warming up. The room was instantly warm. Cannot recommend it enough. We are buying a second one so we can meet outdoors"

Lume Table Electric Heater

Best small electric heater
Lume 1500w Table Heater

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A quaint and classy little table heater that puts out plenty of heat. Its heavy-duty stainless steel finish is both durable and aesthetically-pleasing. It's IP44 rated and has infrared halogen elements that heat objects, rather than air.

Power: 1.5kW

Weight: 10.5kg

Size: 66cm (H) x 44cm (W)

Heatlab Vintage Style Hanging Electric Patio Heater

Best electric hanging heater
Heatlab Vintage Style Hanging Patio Heater

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To declutter your outdoor space, use an overhead hanging heater. This is our favourite, bearing both power and quality. It's IP4 rated and finished with a lovely vintage black design. The heater is highly efficient and lasts for up to 3000 hours.

Power: 1.5kW

Weight: 2.5kg

Size: 31cm (H) x 41cm (W)

Review: "Plenty of heat from a relatively small unit."

La Hacienda Salvador

Best statement electric heater
La Hacienda Salvador

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This is quite a statement heater that acts as a feature as well as a heat source. There are three heat settings from this free-standing heater, and it has a pull-string switch. It's IPX4 rated and is made from sturdy steel, beautifully finished in black.

Power: 2kW

Weight: Not stated

Height: 215cm

Dellonda Propane Gas Pyramid Patio Heater 13kW

Best statement gas heater
Dellonda Propane Gas Pyramid Patio Heater 13kW

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A timeless large gas heater to provide plenty of heat over 8 square metres. Made from heavy-duty but classy stainless steel, you can rest assured you will get longevity and performance here. Gas patio heaters donu2019t require an electrical cord, so theyu2019re perfect for taking far out into the garden. The heater features variable heat output controls and a fully enclosed gas cylinder chamber with a safety tip-over switch. The pyramid patio heater can also be found in black or stainless steel.

Power: 13kW

Weight: 32kg

Size: 227cm (H) x 52cm (W)

Review: "Absolutely love this heater! Looks lovely and great heat from it! Easy enough to assemble too."

Heatlab 2kW Wall Mounted Infrared Heater

Best electric mounted heater
Heatlab 2kW Wall Mounted Infrared Heater

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Like the hanging heater, a wall-mounted one is great for keeping your floorspace clear. This is a tremendous unit: it has a carbon fibre heating element and three heat settings u2013 700W, 1400W or 2000W for great versatility. Itu2019s also remote controlled and heats an area of 10 square metres and an effective running cost of 9.8p per hour.

Power: 2kW

Weight: Not stated

Size: 96cm (L) x 19 cm (W)

Review: "Excellent product quick to warm up and a cosy light around the area too."

Outdoor heater FAQs:

Now that you're outdoor heater is on its way, we wanted to help answer some questions that you might have about using one. After all, we want to make sure that you're confident in using your new outdoor garden accessory.

Is an outdoor heater safe?

According to Patio Heater Expert, "The answer is yes. Patio heaters, especially well-made ones, have a safety mechanism that automatically shuts off the gas supply if the unit is tilted. There is a one-push auto shut-down button that on the device to ensure that you can turn the heater off in the case of an emergency."

Read the full guide to heating for beginners.

However, there are more steps that you can take to ensure your safety, especially when using a gas heater. Here are some of our tips that you should follow:

• When using a gas heater, ensure that you do not use this in any enclosed spaces i.e a tent, caravan, or garage - this can easily lead to a build-up of dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide.

• Ensure that you do not turn this on around anything that is flammable, including fences and plants, as this could cause a fire.

• Before use, always check that there has been no damage done to the outdoor heater.

Can you use an outdoor heater inside?

Unless you're using an indoor heater or it is stated otherwise, we would not recommend using an outdoor heater in your home or any other enclosed space.

Should I buy an outdoor heater cover?

Absolutely! Not only will this help to make your outdoor heater look better when it isn't in use, but it will also give it some protection from bad weather.

Want to discover more outdoor heating options? We've also found the best patio heaters for your garden, which are fantastic for warmth while keeping up your chic aesthetic.

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