The best ant killer

The best ant killer

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Do you have an ant infestation? Ants in the UK are more or less harmless to humans, but in great numbers, these insects can still prove incredibly disruptive.

While they may not carry disease nor venom, UK ants are brilliant at wreaking havoc over soil when building nests, turning your beloved patch of terra firma into a sort of Formicidae crèche resembling a Paul Nash landscape. Worse yet, they could even be eating away at the walls or furniture in your home, so get a hold of the situation today with some ant killer.

A cheap and simple ant pesticide will effectively eliminate your ant infestation as well as prevent or reduce the risk of further infestations in the future.

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Is it dangerous to humans?

Any poison, no matter what species it pertains to, should be treated with respect and handled responsibly. Ant killer is designed to eliminate ant infestations but can also be extremely toxic to humans if inhaled or ingested.

Children and pets are at risk of exposure, keep the poisoned site cordoned off at all times. Always read the instructions and keep the container in a secure location.

Will it damage my home?

Most ant killer products are manufactured for indoor applications as well as in the garden. Of course, no one really wants to have a poison of any kind left around their house – if you’d rather a more natural substance to ward off ants, try filling up a spray bottle with lemon juice or vinegar solution. They may not be as effective as some commercial products, but they'll be safer to leave around.

There are different means to controlling ant infestations, so here are a few suggestions of products to help get you started. Want to upgrade the rest of your garden? Check out our articles on artificial grass, the best hybrid BBQs for your next soirée and the best garden shredders.

Best for indoor use

This ant killer from Nippon works by attracting ants in and then loading them up with a liquid. The active ingredient in the liquid is then brought back to the nest and is spread throughout the entire colony – killing ants and destroying the nest. Not only does the liquid exterminate the ants, but the residual action left by the liquid will also prevent further infestations in the future.

This Ant Killer is designed for outdoor or indoor application but given that it’s completely enclosed and creates little to no mess, we would recommend it for indoor purposes.

 Simple yet effective solution that is safer than other poisons
 Suited for indoor use

 Not as immediate as other poisons will be

Little to no mess

If you want something that’s fast-acting, this ant killer spray from Aviro is the pesticide for you. This spray kills ants upon exposure, but the chemical also has a built-in growth regulator that kills eggs and halts the breeding cycle – preventing further population build-up.

The spray is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, as it’s safe to apply to floors, carpets and cupboards among other surfaces. The water-based formula doesn’t leave any stains or foul odours – perfect for applying around the home without risk of danger. Unlike traps or powders, this ant killer won’t leave a mess.

 Doesn’t leave a mess

 Might make surfaces sticky around the home
 Needs to be actively monitored – can’t leave it alone

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Great for reaching the remote nests

This insecticidal powder from Defenders is great for tackling large ant populations, from the patios to gardens to within the home. Ants like nothing more than to develop nests within the most remote cracks and crevasses of the home – the benefit of powdered ant killer is that it is malleable enough to reach these areas, addressing the ant nest at the heart of the problem.

This is a very effective solution to ant control but does come with a caveat of safety. Since the powder does not dissipate, it becomes a safety hazard to humans and other animals as well as ants. We recommend keeping the area protected and ensuring children stay away from the application site at all times.

 Fast-acting, tackling the ant infestation at its source

 Can be dangerous to leave around the garden or home

Easiest to apply

This Ultra Power aerosol ant killer from Zero In has a meticulously designed formula to provide long-lasting residual action on ant nests, keeping them out of your home in the future. We especially like this can for its ergonomic trigger hand, as opposed to placing a trigger button on the top of the can, as it keeps the hands of the operator away from the insecticide spray. Including a handle on the product also grants better access to the more remote areas of the home.

Easy to use with a handle for greater access

Potentially very dangerous if inhaled

Great affordable option

This ant killer liquid from Nippon can be used either indoors or outdoors. The liquid can be used in conjunction with a bait station or by itself to effectively destroy colonies. To apply the liquid without a bait station, place three to four drops of the liquid onto a solid surface – plastic, glass or metal – and leave it next to the ant run. The liquid will attract worker ants that subsequently bring the liquid back to the colony to destroy it.

 Effective at destroying whole colonies effectively

 Without a bait station, the exposed liquid will present its own hazard to other animals or children

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