Home organisation ideas to transform your living space

Organising your home doesn't have to be boring. These products will bring order to any space.

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No one likes a mess, but it’s inevitable from time to time. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming attempting to find a place for everything, so it all just ends up shoved in a corner or on the dreaded bedroom chair, where ‘not quite dirty yet’ clothes go to die. You know the one.

Home organisation is a great way to gain a sense of control in your living space. There's something wonderfully satisfying about tidying up and getting your things organised. Maybe you’re procrastinating from real life and the adult things you need sort, but who cares, it looks good and makes you feel good, too.

Products that make organising easy and optimise any space you’re working with are the holy grail of homeware - and they can be really trendy, too. If you've been putting off home organisation or transforming your messy spaces, then this is your sign to get stuck in.

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We've scoured the internet to find the best organisation products for every room in your home. They're just waiting to make your life easier.


Kitchen organisation ideas:

Pot Rack Organiser1 of 9
CREDIT: Amazon

Pot Rack Organiser

Pots and pans are probably the biggest cause of clutter in our kitchens, but there's a solution. With six hooks and adjustable dividers, this rack can just be popped on your counter or in a cupboard and save you so much space.

Honeycomb Metal Wine Rack in Black2 of 9
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Honeycomb Metal Wine Rack

We're all guilty of having a collection of boozy bottles that really should have a proper place in your kitchen. This fun and practical rack will keep your favourite tipples neat and tidy.

Hanging Woven Basket with fruit in3 of 9
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Hanging Woven Basket

For those of you that may not have space for a fruit bowl, this a great alternative. Get your five a day the organised way.

Faboer Cupboard Saucepan Storage Rack4 of 9
CREDIT: Amazon

Faboer Cupboard Saucepan Storage Rack

This is quick to set up and makes storing your pan lids easy. It's adjustable, so you'll be able to tidy up the dreaded pan cupboard.

SimplyWire Kitchen Cupboard Organiser in full cupboard5 of 9
CREDIT: Amazon

SimplyWire Kitchen Cupboard Organiser

There's something so joyous about a product that is so simple, but does so much. This instantly creates more space in a cupboard which may have been previously impossible to find anything in.

Semlos Lazy Susan Turntable6 of 9
CREDIT: Amazon

Semlos Lazy Susan Turntable

One of life's small irritations is having to reach to the very back of your cupboard for what you want. This resolves that issue in style. From spices to condiments, this will store all manner of jars and bottles and allow you to spin at your convenience.

Natural Wicker Storage Hamper7 of 9
CREDIT: NotOnTheHighstreet

Natural Wicker Storage Hamper

For those of us with a washing machine in the kitchen, keeping the laundry organised can be quite the task. This country-style basket has a lid for discreet storage of any dirty washing that's waiting to be done.

Joseph Joseph Undershelf Drawer being used8 of 9
CREDIT: Dunelm

Joseph Joseph Undershelf Drawer

This innovative design utilises unused space and is handy for extra storage. It would work wonders in an already packed fridge.

Chefu2019s Path Airtight Container Set9 of 9
CREDIT: Amazon

Chef’s Path Airtight Container Set

These durable jars are cute and great for storing dry foods but can be used for other things, too. We love that you can personalise the labels yourself.


Bedroom organisation ideas:

Premier Housewares Hanging Shoe Organiser1 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

Premier Housewares Hanging Shoe Organiser

With ten spacious sections, this is super handy for storing away your shoe collection without cluttering up your room. It's practical, but the neutral grey colour keeps it on-trend.

Kvisbro Storage Table in bedroom2 of 11

Kvisbro Storage Table

This comes in five colours so will work in any bedroom that's in need of some extra storage. The top pops up so you can store whatever you like inside, and then works as a regular table, too.

Betoores Bedside Storage Pocket-3 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

Betoores Bedside Storage Pocket

We all have things we like to have nearby when we're in bed, so we don't have to leave our Netflix nest. Not all of them can fit on the bedside table, though. These pockets can fit a water bottle, remotes, your tablet or laptop and phone so they are always within reach.

9 Section Organisers in Grey4 of 11
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

9 Section Organisers

Messy drawers are a nightmare when you need to get something quickly. Use this fabric organiser to store small items like underwear and belts, so your drawers become instantly less cluttered.

Metal Make Up Brush and Lipstick Holder5 of 11
CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Metal Make Up Brush and Lipstick Holder

When fashion and function coexist in one product, you just can't lose. The gold and mirrored design will be a gorgeous addition to your vanity and will add some organisation to your make-up collection.

AmazonBasics 6 Cube Wire Storage Shelves u2013 Black6 of 11

AmazonBasics 6 Cube Wire Storage Shelves – Black

Are you looking for storage shelves that are aesthetically everything you could want in your home? Well, you've found them. These cube wire shelves are a fantastic size and they don't cost the Earth.Discover how Commercial Content Writer, Lily Anderson, transformed her wardrobe with the AmazonBasics 6 Cube Wire Storage Shelves. Read our full review here.

Crescent Moon Wall Shelf7 of 11
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Crescent Moon Wall Shelf

We all have bits and bobs that we would love to properly display but don't know where. This beautifully made piece is easy to hang and will make the perfect display for your things.

Fabric Storage Boxes8 of 11
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Fabric Storage Boxes

This set of two will be handy if you'd like to utilise the space under your bed. Hide whatever you want and look like an organisation pro.

The Home edit & Idesign Shelf Divider9 of 11
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

The Home edit & Idesign Shelf Divider

This one is simple, but oh so effective. Perfect for a wardrobe or closet, use it to divide up your clothes or bedding to give your space more order.

SaxBorga Storage Box with Mirror Lid10 of 11

SaxBorga Storage Box with Mirror Lid

For those of you who have too much make-up to even bear thinking about, this handy tidy case lets you use and store your products with ease.

Stylpro X ASOS Beauty Fridge11 of 11

Stylpro X ASOS Beauty Fridge

A Stacey Solomon favourite and a great way to keep your skincare organised, this little fridge is cute and practical. Keeping your products in here can help reduce nasty bacteria, too.


Living room organisation ideas:

Rush Natural Storage Basket1 of 5
CREDIT: Dunelm

Rush Natural Storage Basket

Crafted from natural materials, this basket will look good and help you keep things tidy in your living room. We love this for popping away your blankets after a snuggly night.

Floating Wall Shelves2 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

Floating Wall Shelves

These come in a set of three and are a lovely choice for those who love easy minimalist style. Shelving is always a space-saving haven for your favourite things.

TMEE Velvet Storage Ottoman in Grey3 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

TMEE Velvet Storage Ottoman

Coming in multiple colours, this clever and gorgeous piece of furniture doubles up as storage and is a nice place to pop your feet up. This will complete any living room.

Wooden Hanging Rack Heart design4 of 5

Wooden Hanging Rack

Coats and jackets are sometimes thrown into whatever free space there is, and that can be so frustrating. No excuses with this cute rack, though. It comes in either hearts or clouds.

Gold Storage Trunks5 of 5
CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Gold Storage Trunks

Who says practical products can't also be a stunning statement piece in your living room? Tidy away your clutter with this set of two storage trucks and enjoy the gorgeous vintage look.


Bathroom organisation ideas:

Barkley Storage Shelf1 of 5
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Barkley Storage Shelf

With a lovely bamboo frame and four trays, these shelves are a great addition to anyone's bathroom. Leaning shelves are bang on trend and will help to organise all your bathroom products without taking up too much space.

Sliding Compact Cabinet Mirror2 of 5
CREDIT: Dunelm

Sliding Compact Cabinet Mirror

Using wall-mounted pieces is a useful way to save space in smaller rooms like your bathroom. The convenient sliding door (that's also a mirror) will help you to store away products that you may way to keep private. Simplicity is so chic.

Mae Corner Shelf3 of 5
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Mae Corner Shelf

Not much room to add furniture into your bathroom? No worries, these shelves will utilise the space we tend to ignore; the corners. The wood and metal design will look good in any bathroom.

Multi-Purpose Bamboo over the Door Basket4 of 5
CREDIT: Dunelm

Multi-Purpose Bamboo over the Door Basket

Another space-saving option for optimising any room you may have free. We love the simplicity and flexibility to style it however you want.

Hemnes Cabinet with Mirrored Door5 of 5

Hemnes Cabinet with Mirrored Door

This comes in two stylish colours and has a gorgeous, sleek design. The perfect way to declutter.


Home office organisation ideas:

Wall Mounted Home Baskets1 of 4
CREDIT: NotOnTheHighstreet

Wall Mounted Home Baskets

A lot of us are working from home and having to change different spaces to become an office. As these go on your wall, they're a fun way of space-saving and will hold your cluttered office supplies. Want to see more small office ideas? Why not try a 'cloffice'?

Yamazaki Beautes Headphone Stand2 of 4
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Yamazaki Beautes Headphone Stand

You might need headphones for Zoom calls or just for jamming out as you work, but they can create a cluttered look on your desk. This stand fixes that and will stop your headphone wires getting tangled, too.

Mustard Made Storage Locker in Blush Pink3 of 4
CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Mustard Made Storage Locker

Sturdy storage is a must for any home office, especially if you hoard all your paperwork (guilty). This locker is useful but quirky.

Personalised Accessories Holder4 of 4
CREDIT: NotOnTheHighstreet

Personalised Accessories Holder

Another genius product to help you declutter your desk, this beautifully crafted holder has a section for whatever usually makes your workspace usually look messy. The personalisation also makes it a great gift idea.


Kid's room/nursery organisation ideas:

Creative QT Soft Toy Storage Bean Bag1 of 6
CREDIT: Amazon

Creative QT Soft Toy Storage Bean Bag

Your little one probably has more soft toys than you care to admit. Pop them all in this clever bean bag and your child will have a comfy place to sit, as well as a tidy room.

Dream Felt Storage Bag in Grey2 of 6
CREDIT: TheWhiteCompany

Dream Felt Storage Bag

Babies are wonderful but boy oh boy, do they require a lot of stuff. This simple bag helps you organise all their things and the handles make it easy to move around the house.

Bergig Book Display3 of 6

Bergig Book Display

There's something quite special about reading to your child and watching them enjoy a good story. This lovely display will keep all their favourite books safe and make it really easy for them to pick the evening's read.

Disney Toy Story Ottoman4 of 6
CREDIT: Dunelm

Disney Toy Story Ottoman

This cute little box is great for stuffing mess into and is collapsible if it's no longer needed. Pop it at the end of their bed and they can even use it as a seat. Don't tell us you won't be a little jealous of this iconic design.

Personalised Elephant Toy Box5 of 6
CREDIT: My First Years

Personalised Elephant Toy Box

Great for you, or as a thoughtful gift, this gender-neutral box is stunning and so well crafted. Give someone, or yourself, the gift of hiding all the mess that toys create.

BloomingVille Mini Mushroom Basket6 of 6
CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

BloomingVille Mini Mushroom Basket

Easy to access storage is a godsend in a kid's room or nursery, and this storage just happens to be magical, too. The whimsical design will look beautiful in your little one's room and can store anything from toys to blankets.

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