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If you're planning a special at-home movie night, these products could make all the difference...

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With birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, lockdown number three hasn’t given us much of a choice when it comes to our options. “A movie night it is,” they say. But for some, a standard movie night doesn’t really cut it. Let’s be honest, every night is a movie night. So, how can we make this one different?

Well, there are many ways a hopeless romantic can get down to business and make it just as good, if not better, than a night at the cinema. Just by peeling back what makes the cinema so good, considering the ambience and all the smaller details (the ticket, the tech and the nibbles), you’re on track for the ultimate personalised experience.

Before we transform your lounge into a lockdown cinema, if you are planning to deck out the entire house for a special lockdown birthday, lockdown date, lockdown activity… you get the gist, this at-home birthday guide will tell you everything you need to know. And if you love your chocolate and wineas much as we do, or you know someone who does 😉, these are some seriously good suggestions.

Lockdown date night ideas - movie night

As you'll know, the key ingredient to any cinema experience is the large screen, great sound and quality content. This ‘How to get the cinema experience at home’ article covers all the equipment needed to pull off the occasion.

Now, let's get on to the fun stuff:


Movie date night ideas

All-Ways Design Movie Night Party Ticket Invitations1 of 9

All-Ways Design Movie Night Party Ticket Invitations

The first thing I think of when going to the cinema is buying my movie ticket. And, I bet if you handed your partner, housemate or family member this snazzy little envelope with a glass of wine, that would be your first brownie point for the night. These All-Way Design tickets include 10 premium large glossy invitations and 10 white envelopes, suitable for any type of pen. Not only are they Amazon's choice for 'cinema party' but they are a public favourite.

APEMAN Projector Portable Mini Projector2 of 9

APEMAN Projector Portable Mini Projector

This is a great home theatre projector by APEMAN. The mini projector is a 2021 upgraded version in terms of its brightness (5500 lumens), contrast (2000:1 ratio) and is 80% brighter than other projectors. It's adopted the latest 4.0 LCD technology with advanced LED light sources and has sharp, clear images. It provides an amazing movie experience, having 1080P full HD. And, it works best in no light to low light environments, perfect for this special occasion, if you ask me. It has multiple input ports (HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro SD, RCA AV interfaces) and multimedia connections (PC, Laptop, MacBook, PS3/4, X-Box, and iOS/other Smart Phones). Also compatible with a TV Stick and Chromecast (not Dolby), the projector is easy to operate with its dual built-in speaker system (providing excellent sound quality) and remote controller (so you can conveniently adjust all elements).

Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen 120 inch3 of 9

Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen 120 inch

This Vamvo portable projector screen, perfect for outdoors and indoors, also stood out to me as another tech option. Being 120-inches, the 16:9 screen is easy to set-up with its integrated design. They say it takes five minutes to set-up but due to transportation, you may need to steam out any small creases on a low temperature before use. It's not only lightweight but the stand is sturdy, stable and comes with ropes on either side to combat the potential windy weather. The screen itself is made of a premium polyester and spandex material which is light-shielding, and makes the image more vivid.

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn Tasting Selection4 of 9

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn Tasting Selection

Now for the real reason we love a special movie night: the food! Why not try Joe & Steph's gourmet popcorn tasting selection? The product includes five delicious bags and it's Amazon's choice for 'gourmet popcorn'. It also includes all the best-selling flavours; salted caramel, peanut butter, caramel and Belgian chocolate, toffee apple and cinnamon, and goats cheese and black pepper. Handmade in Great Britain, every piece of popcorn is air-popped, and hand coated in a unique flavour combination. It contains 100% natural ingredients and better yet, is gluten free. Perfect for nibbles alongside your delectable chocolate sweats, Joe & Seph have won more Great Taste Awards from The Guild of Fine Food for their popcorn than any other brand.

Global Gizmos 50300 Carnival Popcorn Maker5 of 9

Global Gizmos 50300 Carnival Popcorn Maker

If exotic gourmet popcorn doesn't interest you and you want to strip it back to the basics, why not make your own popcorn and in style? This Global Gizmos 50300 Carnival Popcorn Maker is a unique little statement piece shaped like a traditional fairground cart. The popcorn maker uses hot air to pop the kernels, meaning no oil is required in the cooking process, making the popcorn a healthier alternative for snacking. It generally takes three to five minutes to create the goods. Super easy to clean and operate, the machine comes with a measuring spoon and has non-slip feet to keep the machine stable when in use.

Novelty Place Plastic Red & White Striped Classic Popcorn Containers6 of 9

Novelty Place Plastic Red & White Striped Classic Popcorn Containers

It's fair to say that another iconic part of going to the cinema is getting a cute little container for your popcorn. And, you can buy your own classic popcorn container too. Novelty Place sells a red and white striped pack of four option which will hold plenty for one person. With rave reviews, these tubs can be re-used but over time, but the colour may rub off a bit. Great also if your partner or mate needs to have their own. You know, since they suck at sharing and you want a nibble of it too.

Forum Novelties X75864 At the Movies Decoration Napkin7 of 9

Forum Novelties X75864 At the Movies Decoration Napkin

If you accidentally soaked your popcorn in way too much butter and need something to wipe those greasy fingers, these movie napkins by Forum Novelties could be a great shout. These multi-coloured napkins have a nice Hollywood movie design, making you feel like you're quite literally at the movies. They come in a pack of 16.

Hollywood Wooden Mallet Board8 of 9

Hollywood Wooden Mallet Board

Before you start the movie, why not get this snazzy Hollywood Awards Night Party Theme clapper board? With 971 ratings, the board is made of wood and is a necessity for any Hollywood or movie night-themed party. You could even use it for some post-movie trivia to see just how much your special someone absorbed throughout the lockdown film. It's a thoughtful, value-for-money accessory.

Unique Party Harry Potter Photo Booth Props9 of 9

Unique Party Harry Potter Photo Booth Props

For an extra bit of fun, you could get your hands on these Unique Party Warner Bros Harry Potter photo booth props. With over 4520 ratings and ranked as Amazon's number one bestseller, the set comes with eight photo props. Reviewer Robin, says, "they look super and easy-to-use."

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