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Sleep is something we all treasure. After a long day, all we want to do is hit the sack and snuggle up in our warm beds. Apart from a great mattress and duvet, the next most important factor to a good night’s sleep lies in the quality of our bed sheets.

If your bed sheets are scratchy and uncomfortable, too thick or too thin - you won’t be drifting off into dreamland anytime soon. Given the amount of time we spend in our beds, investing in high-quality, crisp sheets is quintessential, and great sheets can also impact the overall feel of a room.

But that begs the question – what constitutes good bed sheets? Just because we lie in them every night, doesn’t mean we can pinpoint exactly what we like or don’t like about the feel of our linen. Below are a few things to think about when purchasing a brand-new set of sheets.

Thinks to look for:

Premium Cotton

Premium types of cotton such as Egyptian and Prima are made of longer staple fibres, making them even silkier and more durable. The breathability of these cottons keeps them fresh for longer than any other material.

While these premium cottons will give you the most exceptional quality, be vigilant: brands have been known to sell blended fabrics while falsely advertising 100% premium cottons.


Polyester is another popular option for bedsheets and is more affordable than cotton. Polyester sheets are more resistant to wrinkles and shrinking compared to cotton but will likely feel more synthetic. As a compromise, you can opt for a polyester and cotton blend.

Very finely woven polyester is often sold as microfiber, which is extremely soft and stain resistant, but less suitable for hotter months.


If you have a slightly higher budget and value quality just as much as a natural aesthetic, linen is certainly a fabric to explore. Not only are there many environmental benefits to using linen, it's the type of fabric that is extremely long-lasting (if you look after it).

In terms of comfort, linen is highly absorbent meaning it can absorb a high percentage of its own weight in water without feeling wet. It is also highly breathable given its woven nature and will be temperate to sleep in, for both hot and cool sleepers.

Thread count

Bed sheet thread count is simply a measure of density, usually measured in square inches. Typically, a higher thread count equals softer sheets, but good sheets can range from anywhere between 200-800, with some brands going up to 1,000.

Beware that while thread count was once considered a great indicator of quality, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean better sheets.


Another important consideration when buying bed sheets is the weave type, with the main options being percale and sateen.

Percale is a basic weave which provides a cool and crisp feel. If you tend to get hot easily, percale would be a great option for you, especially during summer.

On the other hand, sateen is silkier and thicker. It has a rich, soft feel and is preferable for winter months.

The best bed sheets

Editor's Pick

Dive into a bed of softness with these 100 per cent Egyptian Cotton sheets. The soft fabric will feel wonderful against your skin, with a cool and crisp finish for extra comfort. The high thread count adds to the overall silkiness of the material, and the extra-wide sides make them fit comfortably on the bed, regardless of width. Absolute bedsheet bliss.

A more affordable option, this bed sheet is composed of high-quality polyester microfiber which is long-lasting and highly durable. Equipped with elastic all around, this sheet can be stretched to the deepest of mattresses without slipping off during the night. The softness of the fabric will send you straight to sleep, and you don't have to worry about shrinkage or colour fading after washes.

Best linen sheets for softness

When it comes to sheets, no sacrifice should be made on quality and comfort. Cultiver's sheet sets do not disappoint. Made from 100% European flax, the material is breathable and OEKO-TEX® certified. The sets come in their own cute linen bag for convenient storage. The pillowcases included in the set feature a simple envelope closure at centre back and the fitted sheets are generous with elastic all around. The flat sheets feature an elegant border all around the edge. With every wash, the sheets just get softer (and we know this from experience). They also come in a range of gorgeous colours, perfect if you are after your own unique ensemble.

Best sheets for deep mattresses

Getting out of bed will be a challenge with these luxuriously soft and pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets. The handpicked fibres will feel silky and comforting against your skin, and the STAYNEW™ technology preserves the colour and softness of the sheets after multiple washes. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know that these lavish sheets are non-iron – just pop them straight on your bed and enjoy the slumber of a lifetime.

Best simple white sheets

Ah, The White Company. Is there anything from there that we don't want? Its best-selling collection is serving us royalty in the form of bed sheets. The 200 thread count pure Egyptian cotton fabrics will caress your skin, and the percale weave will feel cool and crisp to the touch. The pillowcases and duvet covers are embellished with a thin white row of cord for an extra hint of elegance. These sheets are ideal for spring going into summer and are both lightweight and breathable.

Best breathable sheets

Made of 50 per cent cotton and 50 per cent polyester, the blend of natural and synthetic materials gives you the best of both worlds; an unimaginably soft feel with the ability to regulate temperature and promote freshness all through the night. The percale weave ensures a crisp feel, and the matte finishes will cater to a wide variety of interior styles. These sheets dry off quickly and only require minimal ironing.

Best silk sheets

Say bonjour to your new favourite set of pure silk Mulberry sheets. If you're wondering what it feels like to sleep like a royal, these luxuriously soft and hypoallergenic sheets will give you a taste. There aren't enough words to describe how lustrous and fine these feel, but we can guarantee there's no better way to go to sleep. The temperature-regulating properties will keep you cool and fresh, giving you a bedtime not even sleeping beauty could dream of.

Best retro sheets

Liven up your bedroom with this vibrant orange bed sheet. The funky 60s pattern is unique, and the authentic cotton sheet is luxurious to the eyes and the skin. The material is thin and light, making it ideal for the hotter months.

If practicality is what you're after, these wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheets are made for you. The high thread count will bring extra softness and comfort to your bed, and the high-quality yarn means extra breathability and freshness. This sheet works brilliantly for extra-deep mattresses and will keep you snug all year round.

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