The best cordless vacuum cleaners in 2022

Go wire-free with our round-up of the best cordless vacuum cleaners UK.

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It's time to throw your old vacuum away and never look back - we're going wireless. Just like vacuum cleaners.

Although some of the best vacuums still have power cables, let's be honest, vacuum cleaning is hard enough without the constant struggle of plugging and unplugging when moving between rooms, not to mention the strain on our backs every single time we do so.

The good news is that cordless vacuum cleaners, as well as other modern examples including bagless, upright and the affordable options, have advanced dramatically over the last few years, both in terms of performance, and battery power. Many are even more powerful and durable than their wired counterparts.

Having said that, buying a vacuum cleaner is no walk in the park. If you've decided to hop on the cord-free bandwagon, then there are a few things you'll need to think about before making the leap.

To make life easy, What's the Best has created a list of the very best cordless vacuum cleaners available. We've considered many things, including power, runtime and efficiency.

Looking for something smaller? We've also picked a crop of our favourite handheld vacuums, too.

Are cordless vacuum cleaners as good as corded ones?

While you might think of cordless vacuums as less powerful than plug-in vacuum cleaners, it's important to know that this depends on the type of battery and motor inside the vacuum.

Cordless vacuums with high voltage lithium batteries can give you equally, if not better, suction than a corded vacuum with the same motor. Cordless vacuum cleaners are also much lighter, allow for greater flexibility and most can be converted into a handheld vacuum for ceiling and furniture cleaning.

What to look out for when buying a cordless vacuum?

Purchasing a cordless vacuum can be pricey, so it's important to know what features are beneficial and worth looking out for.

Runtime: Cordless vacuum cleaners rely on batteries to stay powered, therefore the longer the runtime, the better. The average runtime is about 45 minutes, but opting for vacuums that have a battery life of over an hour might be advantageous if you are cleaning a larger space.

Power: Measured in volts, you should generally watch out for a high voltage vacuum for better, more efficient performance.

Capacity: Constantly emptying your dirt bin can become tedious, so make sure to opt for a vacuum with a large litre capacity.

Weight: Varying from around 2kg for a very lightweight option, to 4.5kg on the heavier side, a lighter vacuum will result in less tiredness and better manoeuvrability.

Sensory technology: Newer models are equipped with savvy technology, whereby the floorhead can sense and adapt its suction to your floor type automatically.

Digital display: Monitor your battery life and other important metrics with a handy LCD.

Anti-hair tangling: Especially important if you have pets, some cordless vacuums are less prone to tangling around the brush when picking up hair.

Headlights: Lights attached to the floorhead can help you see better under furniture or when it gets dark.

If you're looking for something a little heavier in power for garden purposes, click to see our favourites here.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners UK

Best all-rounder
Gtech AR29 Mk2 AirRam Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Price: $485.10

A great, heavy-duty cordless vacuum that is equally effective on the carpet as it is on hard floors, with no setting change required. The lightweight material means extra manoeuvrability to get underneath all that furniture, without worrying about waking up with a sore back. The runtime of 40 minutes is plenty to run through the whole house, and the savvy LED display will warn you when it's time to charge.

Pros: Lightweight, easy-empty bin, compact storage, long runtime

Cons: Not great with edges or on stairs, only one power mode

Key specifications:

Weight: 3.2kg

Size: 112cm x 28cm x 112cm

Runtime: 40 minutes

**Review: "**Absolutely love this Gtech. I was wary about which cordless vacuum to buy as mixed reviews of all on the market... But after today I am absolutely over the moon with my purchase. I've gone straight ahead to purchase the Gtech. It handled the rather heavy duty it had to contend with in my house of four boys and a dog. The headlights are genius as you can see under beds and behind tables etc exactly, under the boys' beds particularly. It empties easily and it's so satisfying to see what it's picked up. Can't recommend it highly enough. No Issue with the battery, it lasted the whole house, 4 double bedrooms and the whole of downstairs hardwood floors... and still had battery left at the end. Brilliant. Thank you, Gtech!"

Best value

Say goodbye to tangled wires and say hello to agile and mobile cleaning. The smart 3-in-1 design of this cordless vacuum cleaner includes a handheld mode for those tricky to reach areas like corners and in between cushions. The wand mode will help you get to any places high up, and on slimline stick mode, you can clean any floor under the sun. The one-click empty system also means you won't be getting your hands dirty with dust and debris - always a plus!

Pros: Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, affordable

Cons: Suction not as powerful as that of pricier alternatives

Key specifications:

Weight: 2.3kg

Size: 110cm x 235cm x 22cm

Runtime: 45 minutes

**Review: "**So impressed! Delivery only took 2 days and it was so easy to put together. Can't believe how lightweight is it. You don't have to hold down the button like a Dyson which is nice, really easy to manoeuvre about and really does have excellent suction. Had an expensive Shark hoover that only lasted a year so just wanted a cheap one to get me by, but it's really nice to use and is a lot more than just a cheapy! Was sceptical about the price but honestly, it's brilliant. Even on the eco mode, the suction is fab and the attachments are easy to swap on and off. This could easily be a £200 hoover! I've tried my friend's £500 Dyson and honestly, this isn't far off. Worth every penny! Also has a year warranty you can register so 100% worth every penny of the £64 I paid!"

Best for homes with pets

Designed with shedding pets in mind, the Shark cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with anti-hair wrap technology which removes hair from the brush as you clean. The stick bends, helping you reach under low furniture without doing a number on your back, and the vacuum instantly transforms into a handheld cleaner with just a few simple steps.

Pros: Great for vacuuming hair, double battery for extra-long runtime, very effective carpet cleaning

Cons: Heavy

Key specifications:

Weight: 4kg

Size: 118cm x 26cm x 24.5cm

Runtime: 80 minutes

Review: "Who knew a vacuum cleaner could be so much fun?! I love it! Great range of attachments, is easy to use and if you are a bit of a kid it feels like a Nerf gun! I spent ages looking at different models and had been a bit worried it might not be powerful enough but was amazed how much it got out of our carpets (we have just moved into our self-catering flat that allowed pets and it got loads of hair out that was not even visible). The two batteries mean there is plenty of run time even on boost, and the range of attachments makes it really versatile. The adaptation to allow vacuuming under low furniture is fantastic! Look no further!"

Best Dyson vacuum

The cru00e8me de la cru00e8me of cordless vacuum cleaners, Dyson's offering is more than impressive. This cleaner boasts a high-tech system that automatically optimises suction to suit different floor types and a runtime of up to 60 minutes, which will let you get through the whole house and then some. The Direct-Drive technology deep-cleans carpets and hard floors to precision, and the advanced cyclone technology ensures consistently strong suction from start to finish.

Pros: Super powerful suction, high efficiency, long runtime, the high-tech sensor system

Cons: On the heavier side, pricey

Key specifications:

Weight: 3.05kg

Size: 128cm x 25xm x 26cm

Runtime: 60 minutes

Review: "I was doubtful about buying this due to the high price, but I can honestly say that it has totally changed the way I clean the house. It is so easy to use, being both light and powerful. It's way better than the corded Dyson I had before and so easy that I tend to run it around the carpets every day. Also, I have found taking it apart to clean or unblock is so simple. When the filter needed cleaning not only did it tell me but then played a video of how to do it! Best purchase ever."

Best lightweight option

With a high-performance digital motor, the Tineco cordless vacuum is powerful yet ultra-quiet - perfect for those early morning cleaning sprees. The vacuum is equipped with a full-size multi-task brush with LED headlights, a one-touch empty dustbin function and three different suction modes to meet all your cleaning needs and more. If you're looking to clean between your sofa or on top of furniture, simply transform the cordless vacuum into a hand vac with one easy click.

Pros: Easy to manoeuvre, quiet, no hair tangling, great suction on carpet

Cons: Filters need to be regularly cleaned to maintain suction power

Key specifications:

Weight: 2.5kg

Size: 111cm x 26.4cm x 28.4cm

Runtime: 40 minutes

Review: "Well so far this vacuum cleaner is brilliant, have only had this for a day but it's excellent. Have used two Dysons but neither have the power Tineco A11 has, not to mention it comes with two batteries and lasts for up to 60 minutes. The filter cleaning tool that comes with the package is also brilliant. Overall the vacuum did the job well and I would recommend this to my family and friends."

Best for deep-cleaning
lupeu00ae Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Price: £499 (was £699)

If you're searching for a serious rival to Dyson's offering, this is it. A relatively new brand, Lupe prides itself on offering a vacuum cleaner that will last for life, with easily replaceable parts and the highest possible spec. It features incredible suction, a 60-minute run time (on the lowest setting) and a cleaner head that can tackle every surface possible.

Pros: Universal pick-up head, high power brush bar, 2m reach for cleaning up high, three power modes, HEPA filter, detachable battery pack.

Cons: On the heavier side

Key specifications:

Weight: 4.6kg

Size: 114.5cm x 17.5cm x 26cm

Runtime: 60 minutes

Tried and tested, Jade Moscrop, Deputy Commercial Content Editor:

"Wow. That's the only way I can describe how it felt using this vacuum cleaner for the first time, and every time since. It's a little futuristic in design, with its white and turquoise colour scheme, but I find it quite charming. It's straightforward to put together (I didn't even need to look at the instructions) and comes with plenty of accessories to reach all the nooks and crannies of your home.

"The suction is second to none. I honestly couldn't believe there was that much dirt hiding in my carpet, having just hoovered the day before with my Dyson. It was embarrassing, to say the least. It powerfully pulled all of the dust and grime from my cream carpet and honestly, left it looking like I'd cleaned it with a carpet cleaner. The head is a little bulky so it does struggle to fit underneath my low sofa, but it manoeuvres well.

"Intuitive to empty and charge, I love the fact that you can purchase spare batteries, or buy it with two so that you never have to worry about running out of battery mid-cleaning spree. The brand's ethos is also attractive - knowing you'll always be able to buy spare parts if you need to repair it certainly offsets the high price tag.

"The only drawback is that it is quite heavy to use compared to my Dyson, especially when it's on full power, due to the brilliant suction. It's fine for carrying around the house, but it's a real arm workout once you get going. It's much easier to use on the Eco setting, so if you're lacking in arm strength, stick to that. This machine is epic."

Best for cleaning carpets

Powered by VAX core technology, this cordless vacuum provides maximum cleaning efficiency and power, even when low on battery or if the dirt bin is full. The designated 'dust vault' designed with a three-stage filtration system is capable of picking up even the smallest of dust particles, leaving your home spotless for longer. For faster cleaning or getting to those stubborn areas, simply choose the boost mode and enjoy three times the suction power.

Pros: Great suction, easy to set up

Cons: Needs emptying often, does not stand up on its own

Key specifications:

Weight: 4.4kg

Size: 18.5cm x 28.5cm x 72.5cm

Runtime: 45 minutes

Review: "It’s brilliant. Quick and convenient. I use it daily as I have two dogs and two children and it gets into small spaces and the battery life lasts longer than I thought. I hate vacuuming the stairs but it’s so easy with this that I don’t feel like I’m going to fall now. Easy to empty and it’s hung up under my stairs. Takes up hardly any room."

Best runtime
Miele TriFlex HX1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner
Price: £579 (was £670)

Miele's 3-in-1 TriFlex vacuum is the brand's first cordless vacuum - and it doesn't disappoint. Three modes include reach, comfort and compact allowing you to tailor your cleaning just the way you like and the double battery will give you two hours of completely uninterrupted hoovering. The powerful Vortex Technology offers the same level of suction as Miele's most powerful corded vacuum, working effortlessly and adapting to any floor type.

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, efficient, long-lasting

Cons: Brush prone to hair tangling

Key specification:

Weight: 3.6kg

Size: 129cm x 28cm x 26cm

Runtime: 120 minutes

Review: "This is the first cordless vacuum I've owned... absolute game changer... no more tripping over the cord or having to find a socket to plug it in. I love the light feature which allows me to spot any dust I've missed. It's also really easy to assemble which is great if you have limited storage space. Expensive, but worth the investment!!"

Best for allergies
DYSON V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Price: £499 (was £649)

Another excellent offering by Dyson, the V11 outside has a runtime of 60 minutes, captures microscopic dust particles and boasts a full-sized bin that is 150% bigger than previous models. The suction power is, even more, superior to that of standard corded vacuums, and the Dynamic Load Sensor tech will do all the thinking for you, by automatically adjusting your motor speed depending on what surface you're cleaning.

Pros: Very powerful, cleans well, easy to handle

Cons: Pricey, slightly heavy

Key specifications:

Weight: 3.5kg

Size: 127cm x 32cm x 29cm

Runtime: 60 minutes

Review: "As usual, Dyson excels at your expectations. It does exactly what you would expect a vacuum cleaner to do but what differentiates this one from other products in the market is the experience. It’s so convenient to use and it does the job so effectively. The engine noise is considerably less than other vacuum cleaners in the market which means I can clean the floor at any time of the day without worrying about disturbing neighbours."

"I have two toddlers and accidents happen at any time of the day and I hate to leave the stains until the next morning. You can tell Dyson thought it through about all aspects of this vacuum cleaner including the design, engine, charging station (so minimalistic, visually pleasing) and the way to empty the bin which is much more hygienic. Yes, it’s got a price tag which is one of the tops in the market but given all the benefits, it’s 100% worth splurging. Love it!"

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