The best protein shaker bottles 2024

We've researched the best protein shaker bottles on the market, so you can get that on-the-go hit.

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If 2024 is the year you're looking to go into fitness and lead a more active lifestyle, you might want to venture into the world of gym essentials and protein shaker bottles to help improve your performance and aid muscle recovery. But let's not forget, what about the best protein shaker bottles?

With an abundance of choices on the market, it's easy to fall into the trap of buying the first one you see. However, to ensure you find a shaker bottle that doesn't leak, is durable or electric and meets your lifestyle needs, you need to do a bit of research.

Whether you drink your protein shake with water, a smoothie or milk, having a great protein shaker bottle can make all the difference, ridding the mixture of any nasty lumps and making the entire thing an enjoyable experience. Similarly to a pair of weight-lifting gloves, having one of the best protein shaker bottles can completely transform your current workout and post-workout regime.

The best protein shaker bottles at a glance:

Best overall protein shaker bottle: Blender Bottle ProStak - View at Amazon
• Best stainless steel protein shaker bottle: Myprotein Metal Shaker - View at Myprotein
• Best budget protein shaker bottle: Maximuscle Protein Shaker - View at Amazon
Best protein shaker bottle for design: ShakeSphere Tumbler - View at Amazon

Luckily for you, we've searched the web to find the top-rated protein shaker bottles from real customers to help you make the call on your next purchase - so you can get back to focusing on your fitness journey instead.

The best protein shaker bottles to buy right now

Best overall protein shaker bottle

BlenderBottle ProStack
Price: $14.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$17.25View offer

Blender Bottle promises high-quality materials with no leaks and is BPA and phthalate-free. This one is a classic-style bottle that just works. It's available in 13 different colours and is 650ml.

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  • 100% leakproof
  • SureSeal flip cap
  • BlenderBall wire whisk included


  • Some individuals found

Best stainless steel protein shaker bottle

If you're cutting out plastics and want to get a more durable shaker, this Myprotein metal shaker is the one for you. With 100% stainless steel and a lightweight design, it's easy to fill and enjoy your protein in - just make sure to pack it in your gym bag after you finish your workout.


  • Made from 100% stainless steel
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight


  • Hand wash only

Best budget protein shaker bottle

For a budget-friendly option that does what it says on the tin, this Maximuscle shaker is a great choice. It's dishwasher safe, is a large size and is watertight. It doesn't have a mixing ball (it has a mesh insert instead), so you'll need to give it a good shake to get all the lumps out.


  • Robust screw cap designed to prevent any leaks
  • Easy-to-clean plastic filter
  • Easy-to-open lid


  • Some reviewers found the text on the bottle transferred and faded over time

Best protein shaker bottle for design

ShakeSphere Tumbler
Price: $19.99

No blending ball or whisk? No problem. Contrary to other protein shakers on the market, the ShakeSphere Tumbler doesn't require a mixing ball or whisk to mix your protein powder. As a solution, its capsule design does the mixing for you by continually sending your ingredients around the capsule without it getting stuck in the corners of the tumbler. This will save you a lot of time and effort cleaning the inside of your shaker.


  • Hygienic slide sipper
  • Capsule shape means you don't need a whisk or metal ball for mixing
  • Inner fill lines for measuring liquid


  • Not dishwasher safe

Best blender for protein shakes

BlendJet 2 - Portable Blender
Price: £49.95 (was £99.95)

As well as being ideal for smoothies and cocktails, the BlendJet Two can easily tackle your protein needs as it claims to be the most powerful blender in the world. It's super lightweight, really easy to clean and will blend 15 cups on an hour's charge.

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  • Blend anywhere thanks to its portable design
  • TurboJet technology powers through anything in 20 seconds
  • USB rechargeable and lasts for over 15 blends


  • Not your 'traditional' protein shaker

Best leakproof protein shaker bottle

Designed with a lifetime of use in mind, the Musclelinx nutrition protein shaker combines 100 per cent leakproof technology with the convenience of blender-free shaking, thanks to the handy plastic mesh insert.

Dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and even freezer-safe, the Musclelinx nutrition protein shaker is a brilliant, affordable, and durable option for those who can't live without their post-workout powerup.


  • 100% leak proof
  • Dishwasher and freezer-safe
  • Large capacity (max 800ml)


  • Drinking hole uses a screw-on cap, which could be easily misplaced

Best protein shaker bottle with embossed volume markings

For a protein shaker that'll last the test of time and the kicks, knocks and scrapes of a crowded gym, you can't do much better than Beyond's insulated stainless steel protein shaker. Aesthetically pleasing? Check. 100 per cent BPA-free? Check. 100 percent leakproof? Absolutely.

Fully insulated to keep drinks cold (or hot) for up to 12 hours straight, this protein shaker breaks the mould of protein shakers as we know them, and now you can stay hydrated in style for a lifetime.


  • Embossed volume markings mean you can see how much drink you have left
  • Made from stainless steel, making them more durable compared to plastic alternatives
  • Twist-threaded lid for secure closure and fit


  • One reviewer found the lid was difficult to close

Protein shaker bottles: FAQs

What is a protein shaker bottle used for?

In short, a protein shaker bottle is mainly used for mixing and preparing protein shakes and other nutritional beverages.

Generally, a protein shaker will be a container with a screw-on or snap-on lid or a mixing ball and a spout for easy pouring. Fitness enthusiasts use protein shakers to blend protein powders with liquids like milk, water, or juice. On top of this, these bottles are also versatile and can be used for other beverages like smoothies, pre-workout drinks, or even for simply water.

Their portability and convenience make them a popular choice among athletes or anyone looking to maintain a protein-rich diet while on the go.

Is a metal shaker better than plastic?

Steel protein shaker bottles are often considered superior in several aspects. They are more durable and long-lasting, resistant to cracking or breaking, and can better withstand daily wear and tear. Stainless steel also won't absorb odours or flavours from previous protein shakes (we'll get onto this a little later), ensuring that your drink tastes fresh after each use. In addition to this, steel protein shaker bottles are better at insulating both hold and cold beverages, keeping them at a desired temperature for longer periods of time.

Alternatively, plastic protein shakers are usually lighter in weight and are more affordable, making them a great option for individuals on a tight budget.

How do I prevent my protein shakers from smelling?

Nasty odours in protein bottle shakers can be an issue if your protein shaker isn't cleaned properly. To prevent this, here are some handy tips to keep your protein shaker bottle smelling fresh.

Rinse immediately: After you've used your protein shaker, rinse the bottle straight afterwards with hot water to remove any remaining protein residue.

Clean thoroughly: Wash your shaker with soap and hot water after each use, making sure to reach into all the corners and crevices of the bottle.

Baking soda: If you want to do an extra thorough clean, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda into your shaker. Once you've done this, add water and shake hard. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight before rinsing.

Air it out: Leave your shaker with the lid off to air dry completely after washing. Make sure it's completely dry before putting the lid back on to prevent moisture build-up.

Invest in an odour-resistant shaker: Consider buying a protein shaker bottle made from odour-resistant materials like stainless steel. This material is less likely to retain odours compared to plastic.

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