Best Men's Running Tights 2019

Best Men's Running Tights 2019

Author: Paul Larkins

Ease of movement, looks and performance are all watchwords when it comes to selecting tights. Whether you choose to wear them over or under shorts is your call, but think about them as a massively important piece of kit when it comes to allowing your muscles to work at their most effective temperatures. Warm muscles are important when it comes to performance, but not hot. Overheat and you’ll run slower - it’s a surprisingly complex sporting balance that the perfect pair of tights can create. You’ll never think of them again as just a piece of clothing, Truly, there are made with fast times and running efficiency in mind.

Today’s performance clothing is a far cry from the heavy sweatpants of yesteryear. The best kit no longer hangs heavy because it has soaked up sweat or the rain and of course it has to have the ability to carry your phone or very least keys. For something like a pair of tights, compression also plays an important role and can help with your running as the way they hold your muscles in place as you move means you  can recover more quickly, and therefore feel better when you next run; simple! Also look for paneling back and front which can offer wind protection and help  maintain the best running temperature in differing weather conditions. It’s for that reason we love the On Running pants which are packed with technical innovation to all you to do just that. And they look good, always a winner! The Dynafit Winter Running tights are also great when it comes to fit and cut. 

Skins Dynamic Core - Best Men's Running Tights 2019

Skins Dynamic Core

Compression tights that are very supportive which aid both performance and recovery. Reflective detail makes them great for dark nights out on the road running.

CEP Perfomance - Best Men's Running Tights 2019

CEP Performance tights

A great price especially when you consider these offer compression and therefore performance. The great sized thigh pocket is  a real stand out extra - you can fit your smart phone in comfortably!

Tribe Sports Compression - Best Men's Running Tights 2019

Tribe Sports Compression tights

These are light and out of the base layer school so think of them as something you’d wear under a tracksuit. They do work as compression tights if you wear a size smaller. Simple!

Zeropoint Athletic Compression - Best Men's Running Tights 2019

Zeropoint Athletic Compression

These are made from recycled nylon making them better for the environment, but not at the cost of performance. The are light, but offer compression. There’s good reflective detail.

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