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New Therabody massager - the Relief pictured alongside three women and a man using it.

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Before you dismiss it as just another gadget in the sea of wellness technology, let me tell you, the new Therabody massager means business. It’s not your average massager. In fact, it’s backed by science and ready to whisk away your aches and pains with its magical touch.

From the wellness giant Therabody comes a new massage gun - the Theragun Relief. Light, ergonomic and effortlessly intuitive, this is your ticket to fast and effective relief from intense workouts and the daily grind.

Key features

What makes the Theragun relief different from other post-workout recoveries, like post-workout supplements or cold water tubs?

Well, it’s armed with the power of 10mm percussion therapy. Not the kind of percussion you’d find in a jazz band, the kind that is rapid and repetitive, and sends soothing pulses deep into your muscles, melting away any knots and tension.

The device also comes with a range of three different attachments, designed to target certain muscle areas with pinpoint precision.

First up is the Dampener which should be used around particularly sore or bony areas, and has a wide base for more efficient contact with your body.

Then there’s the Standard Ball. This has been scientifically-created for use on both large and small muscle groups, and is smaller but more mighty than the Dampener.

The third and final attachment is the Thumb, made to assist with trigger point therapy and use on your lower back. Just like its name, the design is similar to that of a human thumb so you can really reap the benefits of having your own personal masseuse.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Theragun Relief is its whisper-quiet operation. No more waking up your partner with your massage sessions. This device purrs like a kitten so now you can indulge in as many uninterrupted self-care sessions as you’d like.

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This marvel of percussive massage therapy isn’t just easy on the body, it’s a science-backed device for all. Featuring the simplest design yet, with easy, one-button control, it’s a breeze to use - no fuss, just pure relaxation at your fingertips. The best part? It’s light, effective, and surprisingly quiet, ensuring that your daily dose of relief comes with a side of relaxation.


  • One-touch button design, with classic easy-to-hold triangular grip
  • Lightweight to avoid wrist ache while massaging
  • Comes with three unique attachments to target various muscle groups


  • No OLED screen like the Theragun Pro or preloaded programmes

Where on my body can I use the Theragun Relief?

The Theragun Relief can help ease any lower back pain with targeted massages that increase blood flow and melt away any tension. You can also use it to minimise neck tension and reduce soreness in your feet, calves, quads and hamstrings. And when it’s time to wind down for the evening, the Theragun will prepare you for your best night’s sleep yet. From head to toe, let this nifty device do its thing - because every inch of your body deserves a little TLC.

Are there any more benefits to using a massager?

There’s a whole host of benefits to using a massager, particularly post-workout or even post-run to stop you from feeling so stiff afterwards. Using a Theragun can help with increased blood flow, reduced inflammation and accelerated recovery times. Changing any soreness into strength, and stiffness into suppleness. Plus, with regular use this recovery gadget can help to alleviate chronic pain, improve your range of motion and even enhance your performance in the gym.

We’re not saying you’ll miraculously turn into the Incredible Hulk, but you may begin on a path to a healthier (less tense) you.

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