PUMA’s new SHAPELUXE collection honours fab female athletes this International Women’s Day

PUMA are encouraging you to celebrate your true self with gusto this International Women's Day.

Woman model wearing items from PUMA's SHAPELUXE collection

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It's International Women's Day, and what better way to celebrate than a new collection of gym clothes from PUMA that merges fashion with female empowerment. Their new SHAPELUXE collection is designed for women who never want to feel held back, and women who toss the 'one-size-fits-all' mantra to the wind.

The collection

There are four pieces in the SHAPELUXE collection, available in the colours black, teak and a vibrant 'lime pow'. Starting with the Move SHAPELUXE seamless bra, a low support bra with movable compression so you can feel snatched, but supported. Also in the collection is the SHAPELUXE tights which are super flattering with their high-rise waistband and smoothing material.

If you find that you tend to get a little hot when exercising and prefer a pair of shorts to workout in, there's the SHAPELUXE high-waisted biker shorts. Finally, the 4KEEPS SHAPELUXE bra is a medium support sports bra with a racerback silo and a seamless waistband to keep everything in place.

The materials used in the collection, mainly LYCRA, is made to seamlessly hug your body. PUMA say that they want their new four pieces to have a 'second-skin feel' to provide sculpt and support, without sacrificing stretch or comfort.

PUMA SHAPELUXE - the campaign and ambassadors

The campaign around the SHAPELUXE launch is equally as inspiring. It features stories from various members of Puma's family, taking a deep dive into both their struggles and victories.

Anastasia Lowe wearing the new PUMA SHAPELUXE collection
Annie believes that saving time for self-care is as important as supporting a family. ©PUMA

The first ambassador is Annie Lowe from the LGBTQ+ community, who's journey from battling obesity to discovering a haven in CrossFit is nothing short of inspiring. Her passion for the sport changed her life, leading her to earn her stripes as a certified CrossFit coach. Beyond her fitness achievements, Annie (alongside her partner) fosters children and has since adopted too. Now, she uses her Instagram to voice the importance of mother's making time for their own well-being, as well as balancing the trials and tribulations that come along with having a family.

Janina Nagel wearing the PUMA SHAPELUXE collection
Janina's story isn't just one of personal growth, it's about inspiring others with disabilities to chase their dreams. ©PUMA

Next up is Janina Nagel from Germany. She's a testament to the fact that for women living with a disability, embracing the world of fitness isn't just about staying active or fit. In fact, it also doubles as a journey to self-acceptance. Back in 2017, Janine made a new year's resolution (as so many of us do) to 'get fit.' But (unlike so many of us) she stuck to it and now, after conquering the walls of doubt that once stood in her way, she strides through the gym with confidence.

Nora-Sophie Lehmer wearing the PUMA SHAPELUXE collection
Nora-Sophie brings her colleagues at PUMA into the world of beats and breaks. ©PUMA

Nora-Sophie Lehmer has always had her mind set on dance. When entering the dance studio, she feels like she can hit the pause button on life and bask in the now. She's taken her talent from the local dance floors to the grand stages of international competitions at the Hip Hop World Championships. Even while working at PUMA, Nora is all about dance, sharing her joy with her colleagues, who she teaches to dance.

When is the collection available to shop?

Get ready to head to the checkout to bag a new pair of leggings, sports bras and even running shorts, as the SHAPELUXE collection is available to shop right now.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, alongside the launch of PUMA's SHAPELUXE collection, we're not just talking fashion, we're talking about movements. From the USA to Germany to the UK, this collection is a testament to you and the dynamic, diverse and dazzling ambassadors who should inspire us in our athletic endeavours everyday.

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