The best badminton bags to help you carry on winning

Take pride in your badminton bag, they're the silent spectators of every victory and defeat.

A black badminton bag with the racquets and shuttlecock sticking out - the best badminton bags

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You've got your shuttlecock, your badminton racquet, your gym clothes, and a big bottle of water, but how are you going to carry it all to your next match? The problem with most gym bags is that they're usually not big enough to carry a badminton racquet. So, that's where the best badminton bags come in as they're just as useful as a gym bag, and they'll fit your racquets in.

The best badminton bags, at a glance

• Best overall badminton bag: Raquex Bag For Tennis, Badminton and Squash - View now on Amazon
• Best badminton bag with two-way carrying system: HEAD Elite 6R Racket Bag - View now on Amazon
• Best backpack badminton bag: Babolat Tennis Backpack Pure Aero 32 - View now on Decathlon

Badminton bags don't have to be overly bulky or unattractive. That's right, there are plenty of badminton bags on the market that act as an extension of your personality, showing that what's inside the bag is just as important as what's outside the bag.

Here are some of the best badminton bags to shop if you're looking for one with a little bit of flair.

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Best overall badminton bag

Raquex Bag For Tennis, Badminton and SquashAmazon
Price: $49.99

The Raquex bag is packed full of storage, with two main compartments that can store up to six racquets and an extra pocket on the front for all your small accessories. We had to give this bag the top spot because of its ingenious design, with an additional trainer/shoe compartment underneath the main pocket to store your shoes after a sweaty session. This will not only prevent your whole bag from smelling like Eau de sports shoes but will also stop your belongings from potentially getting dirty. Genius, right?


  • Features an additional trainer/shoe compartment underneath to keep them separate from your other gear
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Space for up to six racquets (without shoe compartment in use)


  • Shoe compartment may not be suitable for shoes over size 11

Best badminton bag with two-way carrying system

Whether you prefer to carry your badminton bag on your back or shoulder, this HEAD bag is designed with practicality at the forefront. With two spacious compartments and extra zipper pockets on the exterior, it can hold up to six racquets and all your court essentials. Plus, you can choose from three different colourways, including black and white, for the minimalist. Like most of HEAD's products, this bag is created with high performance in mind, allowing you to be the best athlete you can possibly be.


  • Space for up to six racquets
  • Two-way carrying system that gives you the option of carrying the bag on your back or shoulder
  • Hangtag is made from recycled paper and is tied with hemp cord


  • Doesn't have that many inside pockets or dividers compared to others on our list

Best backpack badminton bag

Babolat Tennis Backpack Pure Aero 32Decathlon

This bag has everything you'd need from your ordinary badminton bag - except it's a handy backpack. With a capacity of 32L and enough pockets for all your necessities (including a large laptop pocket), this badminton backpack is built for an athlete that travels from work to the court. Arguably the best part about this bag, though, is the removable padded straps, so you never feel weighed down by your equipment.


  • Insulated with a retractable pocket for protecting your racquets
  • Removable padded straps for improved comfort
  • Multiple pockets - three compartments, one racquet pocket, one footwear pocket and a laptop pocket


  • Only available in one colourway

Best badminton bag for comfort

HEAD Elite Racquet BagHEAD
Price: $67.00

The HEAD Elite racquet bag is a comfortable way to carry around all your most important badminton accessories. This bag has a padded compartment for up to two racquets (although some reviewers found they can stretch this to three) and side pockets for your small bits and bobs. Another handy feature is the integrated shoe compartment (this always gets a thumbs up from us) to keep your smelly shoes separate.


  • Integrated shoe compartment
  • Front zipper pocket lets you grab what you need without rummaging through your bag
  • Backpack design so really comfortable and easy to carry


  • Doesn't have a chest strap

Best budget badminton bag

Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis BagAmazon
Price: $24.99

For just under £25, this Athletico bag definitely packs a punch. Designed to store three racquets, each cushioned for protection. But that's not all - external pockets are there to stash your essentials. Need room for your shuttlecocks? Check. A secure spot for your phone? Check. Plus, you call the shots on how to carry it. Whether slinging it over your shoulder with the padded strap or clasping it as a tote, the choice is yours. While this bag is easy on your wallet, it's still built to last.


  • Comes with both a padded shoulder strap and a tote handle for flexible carrying
  • Great value
  • Large outside pocket


  • Slightly smaller than other bags on our list - only holds three racquets

Best Wilson badminton bag

Wilson Super Tour 6 Pack High-Performance Racket BagWilson

For any badminton enthusiast looking to up their game with style, the Wilson Super Tour bag might be the accessory you've been looking for. The drawback - you have to like the colour red. That's because this bag comes in only one colour, a bright red, that's sure to make you stand out. The Super Tour bag can accommodate up to six racquets, along with all your necessities, thanks to its generously sized outer side pockets. What's new to this bag you ask? Reinforced side panels have been added for enhanced durability, ensuring your gear stays protected while on the move.


  • Reinforced side panels for extra durability in areas that typically rip first
  • Great size - not overly bulky
  • Two large exterior side pockets


  • The bright red colour isn't to everyone's taste

Best large badminton bag

The HEAD Supercombi bag is a game-changer for badminton coaches, or anyone wanting to carry multiple racquets at once. With two spacious main compartments, it effortlessly holds all your essentials and up to a whopping nine racquets. Plus, you can choose how you carry this bag - sling it on your back or over your shoulder - whichever feels most comfortable. Here's the cherry on top - the hangtag is made from recycled paper and hemp cord because sustainability is always in style.


  • Can fit up to nine racquets - perfect for coaches
  • Two main compartments and two outer accessory pockets
  • Two-way carrying system so you can carry with either a longer shoulder strap or a shorter tote handle


  • Some reviewers found the two outer accessory pockets to be very small

Best small badminton bag

This Wilson racquet bag is designed to hold a maximum of three racquets. Saying that, there's definitely room for a couple of shuttlecocks and a gym towel if required. In terms of compartments, this bag is mainly one compartment, and it's zipped which is a nice touch. The only other pocket is on the exterior, which some reviewers do say is quite small, so that is something to take into consideration. But, for beginners and children, this badminton bag would be brilliant.


  • Front zip pocket for your small accessories
  • Full-length zipped main compartment
  • Nice-looking design


  • Some reviewers reported the front zip pocket is only really big enough for keys

Best badminton cover

Perfly Adult Badminton 190 CoverDecathlon
Price: £7.99 (was £8.49)

Although this might not be a badminton bag as such, a cover still comes in handy. Essentially a badminton racquet cover does exactly the same as a bag - protects from dust, dirt and impact - just on a smaller scale and without any room for your other gear. For beginners wanting to protect their badminton racquets, a cover like this is perfect. And, the shoulder strap can be adjusted for easy carrying to and from the court.


  • Strap can be adjusted for easy transport
  • Made from polyester to protect the racquet from impact, scratches and dust
  • Multiple compartments - single compartment for two racquets


  • Design isn't for everyone

A buyer's guide to badminton bags

What is a thermal badminton bag?

A thermal bag is designed with specialist materials and insulation to safeguard your badminton racquets and shuttlecocks from extreme temperatures. As badminton is quite often played inside, this does tend to be a little more of a tennis bag thing to stop racquet strings from warping. But, on the rare occasion it's sunny in the UK, you'll know your equipment is protected from the rays when transporting it from one place to another.

How do you clean a badminton kit bag?

Give your badminton bag a spa day every so often with a quick clean. Start by emptying the bag of its contents, so you can see what the real damage is looking like and what's the perpetrator (smelly badminton shoes - we're looking at you).

Next, shake the bag outside to get rid of any dust and dirt. Follow this by taking a cloth with a gentle yet effective cleaning solution on it, soapy water or water infused with laundry detergent will do the trick. If you've got any stubborn stains, you might even need to enlist the help of a stain remover.

Once the hard work is done (without forgetting the straps and handles), leave your bag outside to dry.

Why should I have a badminton racquet cover?

If you're not the type to carry around a large gym or badminton bag, you can always opt for a cover. A racquet cover will shield your prized possession from dust, dirt, scratches and accidental bumps. Therefore keeping it intact and its integrity. It's also a practical choice for players on the go, who travel from tournament to tournament, as it offers peace of mind during travels. So, why settle for anything less?

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