Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Author: Paul Larkins

Shoe technology is advancing at an incredible rate, not least when it comes to waterproofing. Today, such shoes offer great water resistance but not at the expense of weight, cushioning and movement, all vital when it comes to choosing a running shoe. It used to be waterproof running shoes were heavy and unforgiving and not cut out to moving at pace; today it’s a very different story with uppers that mould to your foot, controlling your movement. Weight is no longer an issue and you’ll find a huge range that are more than up to everyday work and even, should the urge take you, the odd race.

Look too for drainage holes and given the adventurous nature of these shoes, rock protection both in the toe area and underfoot. Waterproofing is particularly handy for longer days out in the hills, although they are excellent closer to home on a suitably wet afternoon outing around the park. Take the Salomon Sense Escape GTX. This is a shoe that offers road running comfort with off-road performance. Fit is great as is the grip. The On Cloudventure GTX is really exciting when it comes to cushioning working with waterproofing. The pods offer a great, soft underfoot experience, while the power of the Gore-Tex upper means you’ll be happy mid-winter in the pouring rain.

Scarpa Neutron 2 GTX - Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Scarpa Neutron 2 GTX

We love this shoe because it loves combining walking and everyday life with a touch of running. A real all-rounder. Like a 4x4, it’s ready for the mountains, but the stiffer feel is surprisingly comfortable with all things road. As you’d expect from an off-roader, grip is great.

Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX - Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX

The No.13 provides the clue to the pedigree of this shoe. It’s been around for years now, slowly evolving to the soft, cushioned shoe it is today. The Gore-Tex lining does make it more rigid than its non-waterproof counterpart, but we love the security they provide on just about surface you’ll encounter on your run. For a heavier shoe, they are surprisingly swift feeling.

Columbia Montrail Caldorado 2 Outdry - Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Columbia Montrail Caldorado II Outdry

A great all-rounder that is happy to tour around town or over the toughest mountains. The Outdry waterproofed upper is also very flexible, meaning the fit is very comfortable. Grip is, as you’d expect, superb and you’ll love taking these off-road, or on - your call. A shoe that can cope with it all and more.

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