Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

Author: Grazia

If you want a bouncy, glossy blowdry, then it’s important to get a good hairdryer. There are, quite simply, lots of quality hairdryers on the market, and it can be quite confusing to know which one to invest in. Should you go top-spec and buy the Dyson supersonic hairdryer, or a trustworthy Babyliss?

To help us narrow down our search for the best hairdryer, we spoke to Sam Burnett, Owner and Creative Director of London’s Hare & Bone salon. We asked him what to look for when buying a hairdryer, and he gave us his top tips for achieving that salon-worthy hair style...

What is the minimum wattage you should look for when buying a hairdryer?

“The minimum wattage I recommend is 1800w, as anything below this will struggle to give you the power you need for a successful blow dry. Most professional hair stylists will use a hairdryer with watt ranging from 2100w to 3600w.”

How important is the cool setting on your hairdryer?

“The cool setting is often overlooked. It can be used to speed up setting a bouncy blow dry. It is also fantastic for breathing life into a straight finish – simply blast the cool air through the mid lengths and ends. Bouncy or curly styles will benefit from cold air being blasted on the roots to loosen up the style and create movement and a more lived-in look, a great way to ensure your style has a modern laidback finish.”

Do you need a hairdryer with ionic technology?

“Yes! Hairdryers with ionic technology are the ones used by hairdressers, so to stand a chance at achieving a salon standard blow dry, it is a must-have. The negative ions dispensed by the hairdryer work with your damp hair speeding up the drying process.”

“Can you explain which nozzle we should be using for what?

“For hair that is naturally smooth and sleek, don’t us a nozzle - it achieves a natural result with texture and body.

“A large nozzle is best for medium-thick hair that needs controlling and for big bouncy blow outs.

“A small nozzle is best for thick, frizzy or curly hair which you can blow smooth and/or straight.

“A diffuser is another option for wavy hair and curls. Best used on a slow spread setting, it will encourage curls to bunch together and give you more bounce and less frizz.”

Is it worth investing in an expensive hairdryer?

“Yes. Low-budget dryers might not use up-to-date ionic technology so this will slow down the blow-drying time and limit the control you have.”

What are your top tips for blow-drying at home?

“Always angle your hairdryer down the hair shaft. This action smoothes hair cuticles giving you healthier and shinier hair.

“Be careful not to let the nozzle touch your hair. Hold it a few millimeters away to protect your hair from damage and breakage, plus you will get a smoother result that lasts longer.

“Remember hair health should be your main priority. Healthy hair is easy hair!”

Parlux 385 Power Light Ceramic Ionic Dryer - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

Parlux 385 Power Light Ceramic Ionic Dryer

This hairdryer is light as a feather, yet super powerful, plus it’s packed with eco-friendly technology.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

The Dyson is expensive, but it’s worth the investment if you can stretch to it. The design is revolutionary, and Dyson apparently spent $71m developing it. It’s six times smaller and three times lighter than your average hairdryer, and it cuts the time it takes to blowdry your hair in half.

GHD Air - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice


The brand might have found fame for its hair straighteners, but this GHD hairdryer is great too. It has ionic technology, and dual wattage, which is good if you’re a regular traveller.

BaByliss Pro Italian Brava - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

BaByliss Pro Italian Brava

BaByliss has been a popular make of hairdryers for years. This hairdryer is lightweight, with ionic technology, and styles your hair quickly.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume - Volume Finish - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

John Frieda Luxurious Volume - Volume Finish

A great bargain buy if you have flat hair, as all the accessories that come with this John Frieda dryer will help give you volume and bounce. It’s light and compact, too.

Panasonic EH-NA65 Pink Hair Dryer - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

Panasonic EH-NA65 Pink Hair Dryer

This is the dryer for you if you have frizz-prone hair. Nano technology leaves your hair shiny and flawless, thanks to a special quick-dry nozzle.

Nicky Clarke NHD120 Frizz Control Hair Dryer - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

Nicky Clarke NHD120 Frizz Control Hair Dryer

This Nicky Clarke hairdryer is affordable and good quality. It gets rid of frizz and puts bounce back in your hair.

TreSemme Salon Professional HairDryer - Best Hair Dryers And Buying Advice

TreSemme Salon Professional HairDryer

As well as their ranges of hair shampoos and conditioners, TreSemme also makes a decent - and affordable - hairdryer. It uses ionic technology just like the more-expensive hairdryers on our list, but at a fraction of the price.

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