The best free workout apps

Stay on track with your workouts and never spend a penny. Here are the best free workout apps.

Best free workout apps

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Very much like any of the best fitness trackers, an intuitive and dependable workout app can be the difference between smashing your fitness goals and slowly falling off track. For beginners to working out in any sense of the word, the large catalogue of fitness apps out there can seem a bit daunting. This is why the best decision you could make is to take a peek at any of the best free workout apps.

A reliable workout app is the perfect fitness companion, they typically offer a range of customisable features including exercise and diet plans. One of these apps aims to manage your workouts and that fitness corner of your life efficiently. It’s a way to keep everything in one place but also to keep tabs on personal growth and development.

There can be countless benefits to picking a free workout app over a paid plan, the obvious being that you won’t have to pay a penny. It’s also worth noting that in some cases, there can be very little difference between free and paid services. There may be more ads on a free app, and yes, there are bound to be a few exclusive features on a paid service. Ultimately, though, these aren’t deal breakers. If you can find a free workout app with everything you need, you’re onto a winner.

At What’s the Best, we’ve picked out some free workout apps that stand out from the crowd. Many of them do still offer fully paid plans, which, in all honesty, might be worth the subscription fee. However, it’s always sensible to take something for a test spin. Who knows, the free version might just be all you need.


The best free workout app overall

Caliber app layout

In the conversation around free workout apps, we found Caliber came out on top every single time. Caliber is an all-encumbered fitness app experience. There’s a lot to unpack here, and we’re going to do our best. This is an app that covers strength training and nutrition with features and services which can be totally personalised.

Who needs a personal trainer when you have Caliber’s extensive log of free workout plans, 1:1 coaching, and learning opportunities? This is a comprehensive platform for physical self-improvement, there’s just so much for users to sink their teeth into.

Caliber offers both a paid and free version, so yes, there are some features you’ll have to miss out on. None of which are too devastating though, apart from the personalised macronutrient feature. This is a handy feature especially if you’re working towards a specific goal, like hitting a certain protein intake, but you can’t have it all.

As a free workout app, Caliber excels in so many departments. It’s easy to use and it’s packed with features you’d typically expect from a paid version.

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The best free workout app for weightlifters

Jefit app layout

If you want to plan, structure, and achieve total organisation of your gym programme, Jefit is a highly capable free companion. Jefit is a delight for gym goers, this free workout is crafted with weightlifting at the forefront.

On this free service you have access to over 1400 exercises as a part of Jefit’s workout tracking catalogue. Get stuck into expertly designed workout plans, with the ability to log all of your workouts in one place. This is an incredibly generous free workout app, it really shines when it comes to monitoring progress and building the perfect workout.

Such is the case with many free apps, Jefit is unfortunately rampant with ads and pop ups. While this doesn’t impede on how good its features are, no one likes having to close an advert down every minute or so. It’s important to note too that while Jefit is exceptional for managing your weightlifting sessions, it does fall short with cardio opportunities.

Jefit is a solid choice of free workout app. While it does fall victim to the stereotypes and restrictions of a lot of free apps, what you get is still impressive to say the least. Jefit is perfect for weightlifters who don’t want to pay for a premium plan.

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The best free workout app for beginners

FitOn app layout

Starting on a new fitness venture can oftentimes be an intimidating concept, there’s all this new jargon being thrown around, it can be tough to know where to start. FitOn understands what it’s like to start from scratch, it’s a free service with beginners in mind.

Let’s start with ease-of-use, if you’re new to anything the last thing you want is to be is bombarded with foreign information. FitOn has a simple interface, it’s considerate to fitness novices, but it still has some extremely functional and productive features. Despite its simplistic approach, FitOn still covers a lot of ground when it comes to fitness. Plan and log workouts, including cardio, yoga, strength, HIIT, and pilates. No matter your experience level, you can maximise your workouts.

FitOn doesn’t just care about your workouts though, there’s a whole side to the app that caters towards health specifically. There are guided courses where you can target chronic health conditions and there’s a collection of educational health articles too. While FitOn is built from the ground up for beginners, more premium features are only available in the paid version. Once you’re entirely familiarised with the free app, you may find yourself yearning for features that are just out of reach on the free service.

FitOn brings fitness back to the basics. If you’ve been after a workout app that keeps things simple, look no further.

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Nike Run Club

The best free workout app for runners

Nike Run Club app layout

Don’t let anyone try and tell you that going for a run doesn’t class as a workout, because it certainly does. If that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be fully comprehensive workout apps for running like Nike Run Club. Running can be fun, it can be mentally stimulating as well as physically, and it can be hugely rewarding. Nike Run Club embodies these sentiments and provides a free service that’s more than worth looking into.

Gain access to a vast selection of training plans to elevate your runs. You can track, monitor and plan your trips clearly and concisely. Your workouts can be divided into a few main areas, including goals, distance, mood, and experience level, to name a few. All these areas can be customised extensively and at any time.

Nike Run Club can give you additional incentives for your runs, too, there are weekly and monthly challenges given by the app to the community. This workout app offers a sense of accomplishment that few others can replicate. Though the main dashboard of Nike Run Club may be overwhelming at first (especially for beginners), once you’ve mastered it, you’re in for a truly fulfilling experience.

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Do workout apps work?

Yes, workout apps can work for a variety of goals and functions. They are designed to assist in the planning, tracking, and monitoring of your workouts. They do a tremendous job of keeping users on track with their progress and maintaining a degree of organisation when dealing with all your gym information.

Are workout apps effective?

Workout apps are the most effective way to keep track of exercises, weights, and nutritional data. Attention to detail reaps serious rewards, and this principle goes double for workout apps.

Free workout apps can also be just as effective, if not more than premium (paid) versions. You get a space where you can store everything relevant to how you train.

What free apps are good for gym workouts?

Plenty of free fitness apps are a great fit for weightlifting and the gym in general. Jefit is a service that definitely stands out from the rest though. It’s concise and organised nature makes for a stress-free experience. Plan exercises, track progress, and monitor your overall health on a free app like Jefit, and you could be set forever.

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