The best VPN for India

Privacy and freedom. These are two things in India that you'll only be able to achieve with a VPN.

The best VPN for India

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If you had to choose only one place in the world to use a VPN, India would have to be a contender. India as a nation is the third worst affected country for cybercrimes and data breaches, you do not want to risk using your online devices here without one of the best Virtual Private Networks. There’s also a serious amount of content that’s restricted in the country, so choosing the best VPN for India is vital if you don’t want to miss out.

India doesn’t currently have any physical VPN servers in the country - that goes for any provider on this list or otherwise. You’ll only be able to connect to what’s called virtual servers, these are usually dotted around regions like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Watching your favourite flicks or updating your status will be tricky in India without a VPN, this is courtesy of some heavy restrictions of streaming and social media sites.

The best VPN for India at a glance:

The best VPN for India: ExpressVPN - View on ExpressVPN
The best value VPN for India: Surfshark - View on Surfshark
The most secure VPN for India: NordVPN - View on NordVPN

Picking one of the most reputable VPNs is so important, it’s even more a priority in a country like India. It’s one thing not having a VPN in any country, but it’s another being unprotected in a location that suffers so heavily from cybercrimes.

If you’re using a Virtual Private Network in India, we imagine you’ll have some unblocking to do. With some hard restrictions, you’ll struggle to enjoy the content that normally would in the UK. Choosing a provider with the right unblocking credentials is guaranteed to make life so much easier. This won’t just make popcorn nights gathered around Netflix easier though, keeping in touch with the important people back home is a must, but sadly, India has to make it tricky to get on social media.

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The best VPN for India

ExpressVPN Logo
Price: £5.61 p/m+

When it boils down to unmatched security, dependable speeds, and generous unblocking capabilities, then Express is your VPN. When choosing a provider to use in a region like India, you can’t settle anything too far from the best.

ExpressVPN has a dominating network surrounding India, this includes Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Despite its notoriety, not even Express has servers in India. Just like the competition, Indian servers are virtual and run either through Singapore on most devices, or the UK (only on iOS).

Users stay loyal to ExpressVPN for its near perfect app, it’s easy to navigate no matter your VPN experience. When you’re a heavily restricted region like India, you shouldn’t have any trouble unblocking your favourite social media outlets or streaming services. Express nabs the top spot as the best VPN for India with ease.


  • Near perfect apps
  • Very solid virtual servers
  • Brilliant 24/7 live support


  • Cheaper competitors offer nearly the same

The best value VPN for India

Surfshark logo
Price: £1.94 p/m+

For a VPN that’s widely considered budget option, Surfshark has sure made a name for itself as a reputable provider none the less. For the purpose of usage in India, Surfshark offers 50 virtual servers in two locations.

Improved WireGuard speeds mean users will achieve superior connectivity in India, this is essential when OpenVPN speeds might let you down. Pair this with a solid reputation for unblocking, and you get a joyous online experience, not a restrictive one.

The possibilities are unlimited with Surfshark, and so are the simultaneous connections. You won’t have to budget which devices benefit from online protection; you might just have to tread a little cautiously if the number rises above double digits though. Kill switch bugs have been found when the VPN experiences intense use.


  • Improved speeds
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Decent interface


  • OpenVPN speeds lacking
  • Minor kill switch issues

The most secure VPN for India

NordVPN Logo
Price: £2.99 p/m+

Without world renowned security, a Virtual Private Network is no good in somewhere like India, where the risks are that much more heightened. NordVPN is the face of online privacy and provides a secure VPN service that’s second to none.

Nord’s double data encryption is the provider’s flagship protocol, the tag team that is Nordlynx and WieGuard provides ultra-secure connections that are blisteringly quick. Nord is acclaimed for download speeds too, it's a go-to torrenting VPN, and torrent support is in full force on Indian servers.

NordVPN’s unblocking ability and speeds are nothing short of reliable, but you’ll find Nord works best on desktop apps. Users have found mobile iterations to be slightly awkward, and browser extensions are on the basic side.


  • Ultra-secure
  • Reliable unblocking and speeds
  • Full torrent support in India


  • Stiff mobile apps
  • Basic browser extensions

The most powerful VPN for India

Proton VPN logo
Price: £4.31 p/m+

Wherever in the world you find yourself plugged into the net, you need a powerful VPN watching your back. Proton has that power; a Virtual Private Network that boasts intuitive features and a strong backbone of online privacy.

Coverage is solid with ProtonVPN and security is without question some of the most secure on the market. Features like the VPN accelerator mean you can hit the thrusters when speeds start to dip. Torrent support is a welcome addition on Indian servers too, and the speeds are certainly up to download and upload standard.

Some complexity to the interface might deter VPN newbies, however, Proton’s free version is one of the best available. New users get the near premium experience while they get to grips with a Virtual Private Network for the first time. At What’s the Best we’d urge new users to go for the free plan first, in light of ProtonVPN lacking 24/7 live support a free version will eliminate any risk.


  • Decent coverage
  • Best free version
  • Feature-packed


  • No 24/7 live support

The most customisable VPN for India

IPVanish logo
Price: £2.34 p/m+

If a customisable VPN experience in India is something that excites you above all else, IPVanish holds the key. If you know VPNs, you’ll know that customisation can be make or break or break. The first thing people do when they fire up their new Virtual Private Network is configure the settings to their specific preferences.

Users recorded more than satisfactory speeds from IPVanish to go along with the generous app customisation. IPVanish is another premium provider that offers unlimited simultaneous connections. So no matter how big the party, everyone’s devices can be protected.

IPVanish is capable of streaming, and unblocking results have been mostly positive. Although, some suers have found streaming issues when it comes to consistent speeds and connectivity. Like Surfshark, this could be an issue more prevalent when the simultaneous connection limit is streatched.


  • Intuitive and customisable
  • Good speeds
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections


  • Some streaming inconsistencies

Terms to remember

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Kill switch - If internet connection is lost it kills any internet connection until a secure VPN link re-established

Double data encryption - When a VPN combines two algorithms in order to create the encrypted Virtual Private Network

Simultaneous connections – Number of devices that can be connected to the VPN at once

Are VPNs banned in India?

No, VPNs are not banned in India, but you will need one to access the banned streaming sites and social media platforms. Physical VPN servers are vacant from the country, so all servers are classed as virtual servers. User data collection is mandatory in India, so without a Virtual Private Network it’s a guarantee that your online data will be accessed. India is among a handful of countries where we recommend using a VPN more than in others. Other countires include China, and the United Arab Emirates.

You'll also need to be vigilant of providers that are based in a Five Eyes Alliance country:

Great VPN for the US

VPN provider for Canada

Can I use a free VPN in India?

You can by all means use free VPNs in India, you’ll have to accept that the experience will be nowhere near on par with that of a premium provider. When you need superior security and unblocking, you’ve got to go for the best.

How to use TikTok in India without a VPN

Unfortunately, you can’t. TikTok was banned by the Indian government in 2020 over national security concerns. You will undoubtedly need a VPN to access TikTok in India, but don’t worry, you won’t be breaking any laws by doing this.

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