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You’ve taken your first steps into a larger world, the world of online privacy. You’ve made the wise decision to get a Chromebook VPN, but where to start? And what to look for? Different providers are better suited to certain operating systems, unless you’re the one of the showoffs with an excellent track record across them all. Chromebook is no exception, it’s important you choose a Virtual Private Network that compliments the functions of your Chromebook. The best VPNs will bring you as close to online invincibility as possible.

In the search of your perfect provider, it’ll be worth noting that the best Android providers are a great reference point. Chromebooks have access to the Google Play store, this is where you download all your apps and media. The Google Play store is an Android app by design, so pretty much any VPN that works for Android, will work for your Chromebook.

Perhaps you’re just after a VPN that you can use as a handy Chrome extension. Most of the VPNs that’ve made our ranking have separate Chrome extensions, so you don’t have to faff around with the app. In this case, the VPN will reside in the extensions tab in the right-hand corner of the Chrome browser.

The best Chromebook VPN and extension at a glance:

The best Chromebook VPN: ExpressVPN - View on ExpressVPN
The best Chromebook VPN for security: NordVPN - View on NordVPN
The best Chromebook VPN for beginnners: CyberGhost - View on CyberGhost

The type of Chromebook, and what you use it for will definitely impact what VPN is best for you. If you have a gaming Chromebook, you shouldn’t compromise with a VPN that doesn’t have outstanding speeds and connectivity that a gaming VPN needs. The same goes foor streaming, data heavy online activities like these should be supported by robust servers that are as safe as they are fast.

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The best VPN for Chromebook

ExpressVPN Logo
Price: £7.05 p/m+

You want to give your Chromebook the best fighting chance against the dark forces of the net. ExpressVPN isn’t far from being just that. This is an extremely balanced VPN, it does everything a Virtual Private Network should do, exceptionally well at that.

The Chromebook app is near flawless, oozing simplicity and ease of use. Nothing is any more than two clicks away. There’s not a function that ExpressVPN can’t protect you through, streaming, gaming, online banking, the lot.

Five simultaneous connections can be divisive, it might be enough for some, others might perceive it as stingy. Express does offer router support though, with a dedicated app, which can cover unlimited devices under one router. There’s no proxy extension option with Express unfortunately, so if you want a browser extension you still have to use the main ExpressVPN app.

Read our full ExpressVPN review.


  • One of the best apps
  • Always performs
  • Router support


  • Only five simultaneous connections
  • No proxy extension

The best Chromebook VPN for security

NordVPN Logo
Price: £2.99 p/m+

Make security the priority with a NordVPN subscription. This provider can fortify your Chromebook with a double data encryption, among other next-gen security features.

You can connect your Chromebook to a long list of worldwide servers. You can do this on the NordVPN app, or on the NordVPN proxy extension for Google Chrome. Nord servers are fast and stable, gamers and streamers alike stand by the service.

Mobile apps across the board have been found to be a little tricky to use, so bear this in mind if you’re using a Chromebook tablet.


  • Powerful security
  • Wide coverage


  • Awkward mobile apps

The best Chromebook VPN for value

Surfshark logo
Price: £1.94 p/m+

Why shouldn’t a VPN fit into your lifestyle as well as your budget? Surfshark, is an affordable option that definitely doesn’t skimp on the features.

Get the most out of your subscription with unlimited simultaneous connections. Use these connections across all major operating systems including a range of Chromebooks. Surfshark also offers their own proxy Chrome extension, which has everything the main app does, it just sits in your Google browser.

Surfshark is strong and secure, so long as you don’t push it too hard. Users have found some minor kill switch issues when the VPN is put under serious stress.


  • Serious value for money
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Fast and secure


  • Shaky kill switch under extreme use

The best Chromebook VPN for beginners

When it comes to protecting your Chromebook, becoming a ghostie has never been more tempting. CyberGhost is a great pick for a Chromebook VPN, even more so if you’re not an absolute Virtual Private Network master.

Friendly configurability is hard to come by in the VPN market, but CyberGhost seem to have cracked it. There’s customisation on the apps for sure, but it’s never overwhelming nor is it too complex to understand. It’s a fairly cheap provider too, CyberGhost makes for a great induction to VPNs. On top of this, CyberGhost has a free Chrome browser extension. This is perfect for the sole use of the Chrome browser.

Despite a feature-packed app, it’s a shame that there aren’t any obfuscated servers to keep you even more incognito.


  • Beginner's VPN
  • Great Chromebook features
  • Affordable


  • No obfuscated servers

The best free Chromebook VPN

A free VPN that isn’t restrictive beyond use is very hard to come by these days. Most merely act as tools to lure you into a paid plan. ProtonVPN however, is a diamond in the rough. The free plan is a top choice to use with Chromebook, and any other device for that matter.

Proton free is fast, it’s secure, and you get some pretty unique (and powerful) features to go with it. Secure Core servers are terrific, a VPN accelerator is nothing short of awesome, and you can enjoy them both with unlimited bandwidth and data.

It’s a good job this plan is free, and it’s not a trial, because ProtonVPN’s customer isn’t anything to rave about.


  • Comprehensive free version
  • Powerful


  • Customer support is minimal

Essential terms

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Kill switch – When internet connection is lost, it’s a feature that kills any internet connection until a secure VPN link can be attained once more

Double data encryption – When a VPN combines two algorithms in order to create an encrypted Virtual Private Network

Simultaneous connections – Number of devices that can be connected to the VPN at once

Obfuscated servers – VPN internet servers that hide the fact you’re even using a VPN

Chromebook VPN free

There are heaps of free VPNs that you can use for your Chromebook, you just have to expect that the free packages will be a restricted version of the paid plan. ProtonVPN is an excellent choice free provider, it’s one of the very few providers with unlimited data, and unlimited bandwidth.

How to download a VPN on Chromebook

Downloading a VPN to Chromebook is a very simple process, it’s the same process as installing a VPN to Android devices. Head over to the Google Play store, search up the VPN you have in mind, and download. Once it’s downloaded to your Chromebook, you’re now free to log in/sign up and then, you’re device is under the protection of a VPN.

Best Chromebook VPN app

The app is the command centre of the VPN, it’s essential you pick a provider that has a well-received app. We found ExpressVPN to offer the most well-rounded VPN application. It’s simple and easy to use, but it has some powerful security tools in there that are only a couple of clicks away. Just like all other operating systems, Express has a sublime Chromebook app.

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