Ray-Ban Meta glasses – the future of wearable AI?

The Ray-Ban Meta glasses have finally dropped - are they the future of wearables?

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasse

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Ray-Ban and Meta have recently joined forces in the tech world to produce the miraculous Ray-Ban Meta glasses, the brand-new virtual assistant smart glasses with a wonderful array of smart features to discover. But is this just the first step in improving wearables technology, or will the Ray-Ban Meta glasses struggle to compete with the best smartwatches of the year?

Having launched on October 17th, the Ray-Ban Meta glasses have hit stores across the globe, and with previous iterations of smart glasses leaving us disappointed, we're only left wondering whether these smart glasses are truly worth it.

Meta Connect 2023 - the unveiling of the Ray-Ban Meta glasses

Ray-Ban Meta glasses features

While we were most certainly excited by Zuckerburg's most recent tech presentation, and the possibility of mixed-reality sunglasses, the technology unfortunately isn't there just yet.

Right now, the Ray-Ban Meta glasses feature a 12 MP camera, as well as the ability to stream to Facebook Live instantly, opening a world of potential for streamers.

What's more, there are hidden, discrete speakers built into the arms of the glasses, allowing for phone call answering, music and more - all the while being able to hear your surroundings.

Using a virtual AI assistant, the Ray-Ban Meta glasses can help with plenty of tasks, translating between languages, recognising music, and other helpful things that assist in your day-to-day.

That being said, many users report a somewhat limited AI right now, which isn't quite as capable as you might expect.

Are the Ray-Ban Meta glasses the future of AI?

Though the Ray-Ban Meta glasses released this October are quite limited in scope right now, they represent a new beginning for wearable technology. Right now, even the best budget smartwatches have plenty to offer sports enthusiasts and socialisers alike with messaging functionality, but soon - we're expected to see augmented reality reaching this technology.

Augmented Reality (or AR), is what you probably expected from these Ray-Ban Meta Glasses - it's a pair of glasses that allows you to simultaneously interact with virtual reality and reality at the same time.

Texts appear before your eyes, a virtual assistant can display instructions, analyse your surroundings and more - the potential is phenomenal.

The first true pair of augmented reality glasses is set to reach the market in 2024 - but until then, the Ray-Ban Meta Glasses will certainly do.

Best wearable technology of 2023


  • Seamless technology integration
  • Fantastic camera technology
  • Great value


  • New AR technology coming next year

Are the Ray-Ban Meta glasses worth it?

Right now, for a gorgeous pair of glasses with audio speakers, camera functionality, and more - the Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses are absolutely worth it to us.

If you're looking for something a little more exciting in terms of technology, however, consider getting the latest pair next year - or better yet, grab a brilliant Apple Watch for now, you won't regret it.

Can Ray-Ban Meta glasses have prescription lenses?

For now, the 2023 edition of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers are perfect for prescription lenses, as the actual lens has no technology associated with it.

When it comes to the potential AR lenses of the future, however, only time will tell whether Meta and Ray-Ban can produce prescription lenses.

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