The best Samsung S10 cases

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S10 from the big bad world

The best Samsung S10 case

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Samsung’s range of smartphones is pretty darn incredible, and the Galaxy 10 is particularly inspiring. However, these essential and much beloved devices suffer from one terminal problem - they're fragile and oh-so bashable. Luckily, there’s a simple solution – protective phone cases.

There are a lot of options out there, some great, and some are not so much. We’ve had a little test and, thankfully, we’ve managed to locate only the best.

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Our selection of the best Samsung phone cases, seen below, ensures that your smartphone stays protected without compromising its usability. Whichever you go for, make sure to offer your screen some extra protection, after all it is 50% of the phone, by doubling up your case with a screen protector.

Here are our picks of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases:

The best at a glance:

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Tech21 Evo Check

TUCCH Wallet Case

OtterBox Strada Series Wallet Case

Spigen Slim Armor with Card Holder

TOZO Hybrid Soft Case

Samsung Original Slim Case

Dexnor 360 Protective Case

Spigen Tough Armor XP

OtterBox Defender Series Case

The best in detail:


Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Cases

Spigen Rugged Armor Case1 of 10

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Best case for low-profile durabilityWe're going to own up early – this brand is going to appear throughout our lists. If you're looking for a low-profile, low-fuss protective case that'll protect without bulking up your phone, then this is all you need. (One of What's The Best's Experts has actually been using Spigen cases since the Galaxy S7.)

Tech21 Evo Check2 of 10

Tech21 Evo Check

Best case for low-profile corner-protectionTech21's Evo Check is a simple case which is reinforced with FelxShock to protect your smartphone from a drop of 3.6-meters, and works with wireless touch technologies, so features like NFC will still work. Available in red, yellow, clear, black (pictured) and ultraviolet.

TUCCH Galaxy S10 Wallet Case3 of 10

TUCCH Wallet Case

Best budget wallet case TUCCH's wallet case offers all round protection. The front cover is held in place with a magnetic clasp and offers your screen protection while also storing up to three credit cards (there is even an RFID protective lining, so your contactless cards aren't used in error). The cover can also be folded into a stand, allowing you to viewing video content with ease. Available in black, blue (pictured) and hot pink.

Otter Box Strada Series Wallet4 of 10
CREDIT: OtterBox

OtterBox Strada Series Wallet

Best premium wallet case With this stylish case, OtterBox has succeed in blending Italian design sensibilities with extreme phone protection to deliver a wallet case that tick all the boxes. Plus, purchasing directly through the OtterBox site will give you 20% off the brand's impressive screen protectors.

Spigen Slim Armor with Card Holder5 of 10

Spigen Slim Armor with Card Holder

Best case tough wallet case Here, Spigen has taken its trusted minimalist design and incorporated a hidden card slot. The slot can store two cards, and is topped by a polycarbonate exterior cover. This storage will help reduce the bulk of wallets.

TOZO Hybrid Soft Case6 of 10

TOZO Hybrid Soft Case

Best slim case for gripThe TOZO Hybrid case is offers bulk-free protection and grip improvement. The thin metal sides of the Galaxy range can make them hard to keep hold of – the TOZO case adds a thin border of TPU rubber to the outer edge of the phone, also protecting it from minor bumps. The rear of the pone is also offered protection via a clear plastic cover. Available in black, blue, red and clear.

Samsung Original S10 Protective Slim Case7 of 10

Samsung Original S10 Protective Slim Case

Best case with standThis space-age case from Samsung protects the Galaxy S10 from drops and scrapes, while the two robust kickstands provided the ability to watch stand the phone in portrait and landscape positions. Also available in blue.

Dexnor 360 Protective Case8 of 10

Dexnor 360 Protective Case

Best silicon bumpersAs the name suggests, this Dexnor case offers 360-degrees of protection, with reinforced corners, raised edges, port dust covers and transparent screen and rear covers keeping your gadget safe from the big bad world.

Spigen Tough Armour XP9 of 10

Spigen Tough Armour XP

Best case for low-profile tough armourHere we have Spigen rolling in once again with a comprehensive protective case, offering 360-degrees of protection for your precious and fragile smartphone. The addition of impact-resistant foam helps add an extra layer of shock protection to an already robust option. There's also a tough kickstand for your viewing pleasure.

OtterBox Defender Series Case10 of 10

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Best case for rugged protectionOtterBox's Defender Case is excellent. The case provides three levels of cover, with a drop-proof case, solid inner shell and an outer resilient slip-cover all working to protect the device from whatever may come its way. There's port covers to protect from dust and dirt ingress, and a tough kickstand. Couple this case with a tempered screen protector and your smartphone couldn't be safer.

What to look for in a phone case:

There are a few important elements to look for in a phone case, to ensure that it’s going to offer as much protection as possible.

The first is corner protection. Dropping a phone on its corner is a dangerous game, because the drop-force transfers into the phone via a concentrated point. To fight against this danger, a rounded corner guard on a case helps to dissipate the force more evenly throughout the case and phone, rather than just phone. Some cases, like the offerings from Spigen, have small air pockets in the corners to improve this protection even further.

A raised front lip, sometimes referred to as a bezel, is another essential feature – especially for open-fronted cases. This lip offers the screen protection from drop-damage by giving it a few millimeters of buffer. It might not sound like much, but it makes a big difference and can save the screen from scratches and dings. This bezel can also be found around camera cut-outs, protecting the lens.

As smartphones have large screens, and they need comprehensive protection. Wallet cases achieve this by having a dedicated front flap to protect the screen. However, most options are open-fronted to allow full access to the phones features. An additional screen protector is a must in this case – not only will it protect the screen from scratch and drops, but also scuffs from keys and coins while in pockets and bags. Some cases do have built-in screen protectors, offering an all-in-one solution to this issue.

We’d recommend the LK S10 Three Pack TPU screen protector as a good budget fix.

Charging port covers are often found on the tougher and more robust cases, like OtterBox’s Defender Series. For most people, they will be useful but non-essential. Those who work and play in tough and dusty areas, however, should see them as must-haves. Hikers and builders, mountain bikers and decorators, seriously consider picking up a case with port protection when you’re next in the market for a case upgrade.

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