Double up on SIMs: The best dual-SIM smartphones of 2024

Double up on SIMs with one of the best dual-SIM smartphones.

The best dual-SIM smartphones

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Dual-SIM smartphones are just one example of how intuitive and user-friendly the smartphone landscape has become. As a feature, the possibility of being able to utilise two SIM cards can be incredibly beneficial, it's easy to see why it resides in some of the best smartphones on the market. Using two SIMs gives mobile users the ability to have two phone numbers on one device, this can be great if you don't want to get rid of an old number, or you want your business and personal numbers on one handset.

Some of the best modern smartphones are dual-SIM compatible, so picking the best one for you could appear tricky. You need a smartphone that fits your lifestyle and your day-to-day needs, but that smartphone needs to provide an optimal dual-SIM experience. That means you can't settle for poor speeds and processing and must prioritise battery life and ease of use. Dual-SIM mobiles are not exclusive to specific brands either, some of the best Android smartphones are dual-SIM, as are the greatest Apple handsets too.

The best dual-SIM smartphones at a glance:

The best overall: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - View at Amazon
The best budget: Samsung Galaxy A14 - View at Amazon
The best renewed: Samsung Galaxy A54 (Grade A1 Renewed) - View at Laptops Direct

We've gathered the best dual-SIM smartphones from all corners of the web that fit a spread of lifestyles and budgets. Find great cheap mobiles, durable handsets, awe-inspiring phones for photography, all with fantastic dual-SIM compatibility.

The best dual-SIM smartphones of 2024:

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The best dual-SIM smartphone overall

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the epitome of modern smartphone technology, designed to meet the needs of dynamic users. This dual-SIM powerhouse allows you to seamlessly manage personal and professional lives with two phone numbers on a single device. Its sleek, long-lasting design is complemented by an advanced display with vivid visuals and unrivalled clarity.

Experience the ultimate in connectivity and performance with the S24 Ultra. It's equipped with cutting-edge features that ensure efficiency and multitasking prowess. The battery life is next-level, the cameras are showstopping, and operating speeds are like no other. Whether for work or play, this smartphone is your perfect mobile companion, always keeping you connected.


  • Next-level operating speeds
  • Incredible cameras
  • Terrific battery life


  • Charging might be too slow for some users

The best dual-SIM Google smartphone

Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G 128GBArgos

Rrp: $1065.00

Price: $945.00

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is a prime example of Google's smartphone innovation and its ability to deliver top-tier dual-SIM capabilities. This feature allows users to effortlessly juggle multiple numbers and networks, ideal for those who travel frequently or wish to separate work from personal life. It's jaw-dropping design and powerful internals deliver a fluid and smartphone experience.

Enjoy cutting-edge mobile technology with the Pixel 7 Pro. It harnesses the full potential of 5G to provide blazing-fast speeds and unparalleled connectivity. As a Google product, it seamlessly integrates with a wide array of Google services and apps, enhancing everyday tasks more than ever before.

When we reviewed the Google Pixel 7 Pro, we said this: "the Google Pixel 7 Pro gets a hearty recommendation from me. It's convinced me to consider trying other non-Apple and Samsung smartphones in future, and I think it's a great starting point for doing so."


  • Super-speedy performance
  • It is filled to the brim with excellent Google features
  • Eleagant but modern design


  • Battery life is shorter than much of the competition

The best dual-SIM for durability

Nokia XR21Amazon

Rrp: $644.00

Price: $599.00

The Nokia XR21 is one of the toughest smartphones, full stop (it is a Nokia, after all), so it's definitely one the most robust dual-SIM smartphone on the market too. This device is built to withstand extreme conditions, featuring military-grade resilience that protects against drops, dust, and water. It's well-suited for adventurous users or those in hazardous work environments, it guarantees reliability without sacrificing functionality.

Equipped with dual-SIM capabilities, the Nokia XR21 allows users to manage two different numbers efficiently, perfect for separating work and personal calls. The long-lasting battery and sturdy construction make it a dependable companion for all of life's adventures.

When we reviewed the Nokia XR21, we said this: "The Nokia XR21 is a true testament to how far mid-range smartphones have come in terms of technology and performance, and it excels in durability. Running on Android with a Snapdragon 695 5G processor and 6GB RAM, the XR21 delivers a smooth and seamless user experience, rivalling even more expensive flagship phones."


  • Made from recycled aluminium that's incredibly tough
  • Quality screen
  • IP69K waterproof rating


  • Only two colour options

The best dual-SIM iPhone

The iPhone 14 represents a significant leap in smartphone technology, blending Apple's signature design with some serious innovations. As a dual-SIM device, you can maintain two separate phone lines simultaneously. Its elegant, durable exterior houses an immersive screen that delivers gorgeous visuals.


  • Solid value iPhone
  • Exceptional all-round performance
  • Very vibrant display


  • No physical SIM makes the process trickier

The best budget dual-SIM smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G stands out as a brilliant budget-friendly optionif you're after dual-SIM capabilities. This smartphone allows users to effortlessly manage two phone numbers, ideal for balancing both work and personal contacts. It features a modern design and a quality display that offers clear, bright visuals for a pleasant price.

Equipped with 5G technology, the Galaxy A14 enhances your online experience, providing faster download and streaming speeds. It's a great choice for those of us who are cost-conscious looking for efficiency and connectivity in one affordable package.


  • Great value for money
  • Impressive 2-day battery life
  • Solid performance


  • Charge time may be too slow for some users

The best flip-phone dual-SIM smartphone

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip5 - 512 GB, GraphiteCurrys

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip5, with its 512 GB storage, is a first chocie dual-SIM flip-smartphone. This device brings the nostalgia of flip phones and merges it with today's technology. It allows users to manage two SIM cards simultaneously—perfect for separating work and leisure. Its compact design unfolds to reveal a stunning, full-sized screen that enhances the smartphone experience.

This innovative phone is more than just a style statement, but also a powerhouse of functionality. Its versatile form factor, high-capacity storage, and 120Hz refresh rate make it a top choice for those who value both aesthetics and practicality.


  • Very handy and portable flip design
  • Excellent 120Hz
  • Packed with clever features


  • Any repairs can be very expensive

The best renewed dual-SIM smartphone

GRADE A1 - Samsung Galaxy A54 128GB 5G Mobile Phone - Awesome WhiteLaptops Direct

This renewed Samsung Galaxy A5 is a fantastic opportunity for owning a high-quality dual-SIM smartphone at a fraction of the cost. This renewed smartphone has been meticulously refurbished to meet the highest standards, ensuring it performs like new. Its dual-SIM functionality is ideal for users looking to streamline their mobile experience by managing two lines seamlessly.

Running 5G, the Galaxy A54 provides ultra-fast connectivity, allowing for smoother functionality across all bases. This eco-friendly choice not only saves you money but also helps reduce electronic waste, making it a smart purchase for the conscious consumer.


  • Refurbished, condition like new
  • Gorgeous 2340x1080 screen resolution
  • Expertly restored for a bargain price


  • Battery life can be inconsistent (not a fault of the refurbishment)

The best dual-SIM smartphone under £300

HONOR X8a 128GBArgos

The HONOR X8a is an exceptional choice for a dual-SIM smartphone for under £300. This device effortlessly facilitates having two different phone numbers, perfect for separating professional and personal numbers. It boasts an ultra-modern design and a beautiful display - a premium look and feel without the premium price tag.

Equipped with reliable features and a guaranteed performance, the HONOR X8a is designed to cater to both efficiency and entertainment needs. The 100MP camera and super long battery life are definite standouts. Its affordability paired with dual-SIM functionality makes it a top pick for budget-conscious users seeking versatility and reliability.


  • Incredible 100MP camera
  • Highly affordable option
  • Long battery life


  • Only 4G

The best super-budget dual-SIM smartphone

Nokia G21Amazon
Price: $159.99

Behold, the Nokia G21. It's an incredibly affordable entry into the world of dual-SIM smartphones. This feature-rich handset allows users to maintain separate numbers for multiple uses, enhancing organization and convenience. Its design is textbook Nokia—sturdy, functional, and user-friendly, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.

Ideal for budget-conscious consumers, the Nokia G21 delivers essential smartphone features without compromise. It supports long battery life and a decent camera setup, ensuring a satisfying user experience at a super-budget price point.


  • Huge battery life
  • Reliable performance and features
  • Screen is impressive despite low specs


  • Limited future-proofing

The best dual-SIM smartphone for gaming

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is a top-tier dual-SIM smartphone, and it's a no-brainer for gamers. The expansive screen and advanced graphics capabilities provide an immersive gaming experience, while its ability to handle two SIMs simultaneously makes it a versatile choice for gamers who need separate lines.. The A16 Bionic chip is a force to be reckoned with, it promises super-smooth gameplay and incredible responsiveness.

With 5G connectivity, the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers reduced latency and faster download speeds, making online gaming and streaming especially efficient. Its robust design and high-performance specifications make it ideal for serious gamers looking for a powerful, multi-functional smartphone.


  • Sleek and ultra-modern design
  • Highly reliable battery life
  • Apple OS runs brilliantly


  • Only 6GB of RAM


What is a dual-SIM smartphone?

A dual-SIM smartphone is exactly what it sounds like. It's a mobile phone that allows you to simultaneously use two SIMs. This can be extremely useful when trying to strike a balance between a personal number and professional/business number. It essentially negates the need to have two mobile phones, which also makes them very environmentally-friendly mobiles. The best dual-SIM smartphones will allow users to seamlessly switch between SIMs.

How does a dual-SIM smartphone work?

Setting up a dual-SIM smartphone is super easy, but it tends to always depend on the handset in question. Some dual-SIM smartphones still require two physical SIMs, whereas other more modern devices require just one physical SIM, and then an e-SIM (digital SIM).

Two types of dual SIM:

DSDA: Dual Sim Dual Active - when both SIMs are constantly connected. This means you can answer calls from both lines at any given time.

DSDS: Dual Sim Dual Standby - when one SIM is in use, the other goes into standby mode. This means the inactive SIM will not receive and notify you of any calls or texts.

Can you use two different providers on a dual-SIM smartphone?

Yes, you can absolutely use two different network providers on a dual-SIM smartphone. Although, you will need to make sure that you choose an unlocked dual-SIM smartphone. If your mobile is locked to one network, you can only use dual SIMs from that provider.

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