STILL LIVE: The best Black Friday phone deals of 2023

Grab yourself the latest and greatest phone deals this Black Friday, with hundreds to save on top-tier smartphones every moment...

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Though Black Friday is over, there are still plenty of the very best Black Friday phone deals to discover - everything from Apple to Samsung and more, there's the perfect phone for anyone this year, so don't wait up, get yourself a last-minute deal before the holidays.

With gorgeous photography with ultra-HD screens, 120Hz refresh rates and instant response times, even the best budget smartphones of the year are simply incredible, making them the perfect Christmas gifts this year.

Black Friday phone deals of 2023: the best deals from across the web

Currys: Save up to £350 on smartphones

AO: Incredible contract deals on phones

John Lewis: Bargains over £200 on the latest smartphones

Appliances Direct: Save up to 28 per cent on iPhone and Android

Giffgaff: Discounts on new and refurbed smartphones

The best Black Friday deals come and go quickly, shoppers snap up deals left and right, and stocks begin to dwindle. We'll keep you up-to-date with the greatest last-minute Black Friday deals, so you'll never miss the year's best bargains.

The best Black Friday phone deals of 2023 at a glance:

Best Black Friday phone deal: Samsung GALAXY S23 - View at Amazon
Best Black Friday phone deal under £500: Google Pixel 7 - View at Amazon
Best Black Friday phone deal under £400: Samsung Galaxy A53 - View at laptops Direct
Best iPhone Black Friday phone deal: Apple iPhone 13 - View at Amazon

Please note: All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Huge saving

Samsung Galaxy S23

Rrp: £949.00

Price: £577.97
Alternative retailers£679.00View offer
Scan Computers£839.99View offer£849.00View offer
JD Williams£849.00View offer


At one of its lowest prices ever, this brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone is currently a

under £500

Google Pixel 7

Rrp: £599.00

Price: £431.00


A truly sensational deal, the Google Pixel 7 is currently 27 per cent off this Black Friday,

Under £330

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 128GB 5G Mobile Phone - Awesome Blue
Price: £299 (was £399)


Easily one of the best deals on the market right now, the Samsung Galaxy A53 smartphone is a true

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite
Price: £249 (was £289)


The OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite - an ultra-sharp smartphone at a fraction of the price of competing

Save £300

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Price: £949 (was £1,249)


Perhaps the ultimate smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a powerhouse of modern smart

On Sale

Apple iPhone 13 (256 GB) - Green

Rrp: £599.00

Price: £549.00
Alternative retailers£396.97View offer£549.00View offer£549.00View offer
JD Williams£559.00View offer


Discover the power of Apple's iPhone 13 this Black Friday Sale, and save £50 on this remarkable

Ultra savings

Samsung Galaxy A14 4G 64GB black

Rrp: £195.52

Price: £108.50
Alternative retailers£149.00View offer
Jacamo£149.00View offer
JD Williams£149.00View offer
Currys£149.00View offer


For a solid smartphone experience, you can't really do better than Samsung and the Galaxy A14 is

Nokia deal

Nokia C21 Plus Smartphone

Rrp: £109.99

Price: £79.00


There are few brands that are quite as reliable as Nokia, and with the C21 Plus smartphone -

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
Price: £849 (was £1199)


Discover the ultimate deal on Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip5, one of the best folding phones on the

Amazing giffgaff deal

Motorola Razr 40
Price: £599 (was £799)


For the ultimate folding phone Black Friday deal, there are few deals better than the Motorola

iPhone 15
Price: £779 (was £839)


Apple iPhones are some of the most popular smartphones on the market, and the iPhone 15 is the

Google Pixel 7a
Price: £349 (was £449)


Google's stellar budget phone is currently even cheaper with a £100 discount, the Google Pixel 7a

Save 25%

HONOR 70 Lite

Rrp: £199.00

Price: £149.99
Alternative retailers
Jacamo£149.99View offer
JD Williams£149.99View offer
Argos£149.99View offer
Currys£149.99View offer


For less than £150, the HONOR 70 Lite is a ferocious deal on an excellent smartphone, packed with

Gaming phone deal

Nothing Phone (1)
Price: £299 (was £449)


The Nothing Phone (1) is an Amazon exclusive that is rocking the mobile gaming world with its

Incredible deal

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Phone
Price: £499 (was £769)


Smashing phone deal on the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone - this high-end Samsung smartphone is one

iPhone deal

Apple iPhone 14 (128 GB) - Midnight

Rrp: £699.00

Price: £649.00
Alternative retailers£649.00View offer£649.00View offer
Argos£649.00View offer
Currys£649.00View offer


Save £50 on the amazing iPhone 14, a powerhouse of Apple technology that's more than worth its

Nokia bargain

Nokia X30 5G Smartphone

Rrp: £399.99

Price: £226.00
Alternative retailers
Jacamo£249.99View offer
JD Williams£249.99View offer


Grab 43 per cent off the sensational Nokia X30 - the ultimate Android phone for unbeatable gaming,

13 per cent off

Blackview A53 Mobile Phone (2023)

Rrp: £119.99

Price: £99.99


For less than £100, there's no better phone deal than Blackview's A53 - an impressive phone worth

Honor deal

HONOR X6a Mobile Phone Unlocked

Rrp: £129.99

Price: £99.99
Alternative retailers
Argos£99.99View offer
Currys£99.99View offer
Jacamo£109.99View offer
JD Williams£109.99View offer


Discover the HONOR X6a, a bargain worth grabbing this Black Friday - you won't believe just how

Save 23 per cent

Motorolo moto (e13, 6.5 Inch HD+ Display

Rrp: £89.99

Price: £69.00
Alternative retailers£69.00View offer
Currys£69.00View offer
JD Williams£69.99View offer
Argos£69.99View offer


This perfect 23 per cent price drop on the Motorola moto gives budget shoppers a great cheap

Less than £200

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Mobile Phone

Rrp: £249.99

Price: £199.99
Alternative retailers
Jacamo£199.99View offer
JD Williams£199.99View offer
Argos£199.99View offer
Currys£199.99View offer


Save 28 per cent off the HONOR 90 Lite, truly one of the best budget phones on the market that's

Excellent value

Xiaomi Redmi 12C Graphite phone
Price: £59 (was £79)


Xiaomi's Redmi range is great for those on a budget, and for less than £70 - you'd be surprised at

Powerful discount

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Rrp: £849.00

Price: £644.00


Smooth, gorgeous and well-designed, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is currently 28% off this Black Friday,

Bargain price

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Mobile Phone

Rrp: £338.92

Price: £239.96
Alternative retailers£279.00View offer
Samsung£349.00View offer
Jacamo£349.00View offer
JD Williams£349.00View offer


Save a whopping 30% off the Samsung Galaxy A34 - a mighty powerhouse budget phone that's now £150

Amazing Sony deal

Sony Xperia 10 V Black

Rrp: £399.00

Price: £329.00
Alternative retailers
Jacamo£349.00View offer
JD Williams£349.00View offer
Argos£349.99View offer


Save 32% off Sony's amazing Xperia 10 V, an incredible alternative to expensive flagship

11% off The Note 11

 Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G - Smartphone 128GB

Rrp: £228.00

Price: £219.00


Xiaomi's mighty Redmi Note 11 is a mainstay of budget phone lists, and for Black Friday - it's

Incredible bargain

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Rrp: £1198.99

Price: £1059.00


The cutting-edge Google Pixel 8 Pro is now £139 off in this last-minute sale, don't miss out.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12
Price: £156.99 (was £165)


Mindblowing value that's hard to come by, this Black Friday grab yourself a 120Hz gaming

17% off OPPO

OPPO Find X3 Lite 5G

Rrp: £299.00

Price: £247.00


Get 17% off OPPO's Find X3 Lite, a fantastic phone for simple app browsing, gaming and light

Will iPhones be cheaper on Black Friday?

In the UK, it's common for retailers to offer discounts on iPhones during Black Friday. Many stores participate in Black Friday sales, allowing consumers to find reduced prices on iPhones and other Apple products. It's advisable to keep an eye on deals from various retailers to secure the best price.

Note that Black Friday deals are pretty consistent throughout the month, so if you see a good Black Friday deal today, chances are that the price doesn't change for the 24th of November. Places like Amazon are running Black Friday deals for a week ahead of the 24th, so there's no reason to hand around if you see something you need.

When does the Black Friday Sale end?

The Black Friday sale officially began on Friday 24th November, but the deals didn't stop there. Continuing until Cyber Monday (that's Monday 27th November) and beyond with Christmas right around the corner, there's no end to the mind-blowing deals this Black Friday.

Where do I find the best Black Friday phone deals?

There are hundreds of deals online during the Black Friday sales period. Everything from phones to tablets and laptops is majorly discounted for the season.

For the very best deals, however, very few websites can truly contest with Amazon. Amazon's broad range of smartphone technology is perfect for bargain hunters looking for the ideal deal this Black Friday.

Do phone contracts have Black Friday deals?

Regarding phone contracts, mobile carriers in the UK often participate in Black Friday promotions. These deals can include discounted monthly plans, reduced upfront costs, or additional perks like free accessories or extended data allowances. Keep an eye on announcements from mobile carriers, visit their websites, or inquire in-store to find out about any Black Friday deals on phone contracts.

What's the best phone brand?

There's no one answer to this question. Apple, with its iPhone, is famed for seamlessly blending hardware and software, delivering a high-quality build, and boasting a robust ecosystem. iPhones stand out for stellar performance and advanced camera capabilities.

On the other hand, Samsung presents a diverse smartphone range, from the flagship Galaxy S series to innovative devices like the Galaxy Z Fold, emphasizing vibrant displays and feature-rich designs. Google's Pixel phones are celebrated for delivering a pure Android experience, timely software updates, and impressive camera quality integrated with Google services.

OnePlus offers high-end specifications at relatively affordable prices, appealing to tech enthusiasts. Despite geopolitical challenges, Huawei excels in producing high-quality smartphones, particularly recognized for their exceptional camera capabilities.

Xiaomi positions itself as a value-for-money brand, offering a variety of smartphones with competitive specifications at different price points. With its Xperia series, Sony caters to users seeking multimedia excellence, emphasizing audio and visual quality in their smartphones.

Any advice for finding the best Black Friday phone deals?

Consider what you're looking for: if you're looking for great performance, amazing photography and stunning visuals, you'll need a decent amount of money for the pleasure - especially if the smartphone you're looking for was released this year. Budget accordingly, and snap up a great deal at a moment's notice because once they're gone - they're gone.

Shopping for a good camera: The best phones of the year are equipped with 200 MP cameras, image sharpening and AI tweaking that give images almost visual perfection; many cameras in modern phones are brilliant - look for anything with a resolution of over 24 MP, and you should be golden.

Make sure there's plenty of storage: Storage is paramount for a phone - you might have a nice camera, but small storage will leave you stuck without a place to store your memories - make sure you've got at least 128GB of storage, and you'll thank us later.

How to get the best out of Black Friday deals?

Prepare by researching products and setting a budget for swift decision-making during Black Friday. Subscribe to retailer newsletters for early access to exclusive deals. Compare prices across platforms, use price tracking tools to assess discounts, and act promptly, as popular items sell out quickly. These strategies enhance your Black Friday shopping experience, ensuring you secure the best deals available.

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