The best tripods for DSLR cameras

Got yourself a new DSLR camera but need a tripod to really up your photography? Check out our expert guide to the best tripods for DSLRs.

Best Tripods For DSLRs

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Steady on there, stay calm and carry on and plant your feet firmly; we’re about to talk tripods. If you don’t know what a tripod is for, well, we’re not sure we can help you. If you’re on the prowl for a set of sticks to take the brunt of your camera and keep it steady while you’re smashing out killer long exposure after long exposure, you’re definitely in the right place. It's time to make sure your new purchase of the best camera has a steady base.

We’re going to be taking a look at the best tripods for your DSLR, which by extension also means the best tripods for your mirrorless CSCs, compacts and even video rigs. These meaty bad boys are rated to take the heft of camera gear weighing well into the upper-kilos, and give you a range of flexibility and mobility options to guarantee the best compositions in every location.

Sadly, not every set of legs comes complete with a head, but we’ll pick some that are the perfect package to give you everything you need to get started. If the head doesn’t come as standard, we’ll mention the need to pick your own. So all you need to decide is whether your preference is for ball-heads or 3-ways.

The best tripods for DSLR cameras

Benro Slim Carbon Fiber Kit

Rrp: $154.70

Price: $139.95
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Here's a tripod that knows what it is and plays to its strengths. Weighing a touch over 1kg and made from light carbon fibre, it's easy to transport on longer hikes. The legs can be extended via the twist-lock design to offer a maximum 146cm working height in conjunction with the centre column. There are three distinct leg angles, a minimum working height of 40cm - identical to the folded length - and an included N00 ball head that gives you a maximum payload support of 4kg. If you have a beginner DSLR or small mirrorless setup and want something for town breaks or island-hopping travels, this is a great choice for you.

Manfrotto BeFree Advanced
Price: $178.44

Masters of steadiness, Manfrotto is to tripods what marshmallow and blocked arteries are to a good hot chocolate. This travel-friendly set of sticks comes with its own detachable ball head, weighs a trek-happy 1.5kg and can support up to 8kg of gear. It has twist-type M-lock leg releases, three leg angles and a maximum working height of 150cm or minimum working height of 40cm - the same length it folds down to for easy transport. If you want something that's easy to carry while offering great steadiness for mid-range DSLRs or mirrorless camerasu2026 voila! P.S. There's also a version with lever locks if you're not into the M-lock twist design.

Price: $249.99
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The ultimate in flexibility and value for money, this rock solid set of sticks comes with a Multi-Angle Centre Column that can easily be rotated to 90 degrees. This means that as well as a tallest height of 174cm, you can also work from a minimum height of 5cmu2026 that's practically ground level! The legs splay out to 80 degrees and feature twist-lock releases to quickly extend or retract the leg sections. There's also rubberised feet for the ultimate in grip, an included Arca-type ball head with a pano scale, friction control and bubble levels. It will happily take the brunt of up to 7kg of your gear and packs away to a reasonable 74cm. At 2.4kg it's a bit heavier than the previous travel versions, but you get so much bang for your buck. There is a lighter carbon fibre version available too.

Benro Mach 3
Price: $449.95
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Walmart$449.95View offer

Stepping into the big leagues, Benro's sticks are crafted from high quality carbon fibre that can take a payload up to 16kg while weighing in at a smidge over 2kg. The maximum height clocks in at 177cm while the lowest is 36cm - an impressive range. You can extend the legs via the twist lock mechanisms - perfect if you're in gloves - and the whole thing packs down to a portable 59cm. The only downside is the lack of a head, so you'll have to add your own. However, if you're looking for high-end professional results and a tripod that can probably stand its own in a light hurricane, you've gotta spend the big bucks.

If you like to dress up in fine Italian suits, vintage fedoras and even use film cameras because they look cool, you'll probably be loving the look of this 3 Legged Thing. Definitely the brightest tripod on the market, it comes with a beefy spec sheet. It comes with a massive 40kg payload capacity, detachable monopod and respectable 60cm folded height. You can get a maximum working height of 185cm and minimum of 17cm. It's built from carbon fibre, so weighs a rather slight 1.75kg. Even better, it come with an AirHead 360 ball head for the ultimate compositional freedom.

Talking of big leaguesu2026 As any Ferrari owner will tell you - at great lengths - if you want the finest, go Italian. Gitzo is about as prestigious as tripods get, but that doesn't mean you lose out for your money. The Systematic Series 3 is as sturdy as a rock that's been glued to a bolder that's been stapled to a mountain. It has handy G-Lock twist sections for extending your legs, gives an upper height of 130cm and a pretty low minimum height of 9cm with the legs at their widest angle. It weighs a modest for the size 1.9kg and can carry an astonishing 25kg of gear depending on which head (sold additionally) you choose to rely on. It's not cheap, but if you want a tripod that draws gasps of envy from fellow photographers, as well as being able to stand a bit of wind, it's a great shout.

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