The best Canon lenses

If you're looking for a Canon lens for your camera, then check out our expert guide to the best Canon lenses you can buy today

The best Canon camera lenses

by Kirk Schwarz |

Canon. Not just Captain Jack Sparrow’s best friend, but also consistently the number one camera company in terms of sales. You don’t need me telling you that though, you’re here looking for lenses, so you’ve probably already invested in a nice new shiny Canon camera and are chomping at the photographic bit to get out there and shoot some stunning scenes.

However, always remember, a great camera is nothing without glass; and these phenomenal optics are without question going to get you the best image quality from your shooter.

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There’s an option for every mount, from the long-surviving EF/EF-S mount, to the APS-C mirrorless EF-M range and the brand-new EOS R system. We take a look at ultra-wide zooms to appease landscape shooters, telephoto lenses for action, adventure and portrait lovers and everything in between.

Whatever your predilection, there’s an optic here that will suit your job down to a tee and help you to create gold in every shot. We also have something to cater for every budget, starting with the humble hero, the nifty fifty f/1.8 – a staple in every beginner’s kit bag. From there we traverse all possibilities until we get to the pinnacle of mirrorless tech, the pricey RF 28-70mm f/2. Strap in and come along for the ride.

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Kirk Schwarz is one of our resident tech experts. A tech-addicted photographer with more than a decade's experience, Kirk's used to putting new gear through extreme field-testing.

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