The best cameras for kids

Simple, splashproof and filled with fun characteristics - our best cameras for kids guide has got them all.

The best cameras for kids

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There are several factors to consider when it comes to finding the best camera for your kids - age, functions, and video recording quality are just a few.

Whether you're looking for a holiday buy for your toddler, a fun colourful camera toy for your child, a polaroid camera or even if you're looking for something more professional and it's a starter camera - we've got you covered with our guide of the best cameras for kids.

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We've included a range of cameras with several different prices and features, so you won't be stuck for choice. And if you're looking for a camera for yourself, check out our list of the best cheap DSLR cameras. Or if you're looking for a beginner camera, take a look at our 9 Best Entry-Level Cameras from £299.

The best cameras for kids 2021

Best camera for toddlers

VTech KidiZoom Duo 5.0
Price: $179.53

An excellent first camera for toddlers and pre-schoolers alike, it's very colourful and the rubber material protects it from any falls it may take. The controls and buttons on the camera are all quite large so it'll be easy for the child to locate them, although pressing and using them may be a bit more difficult. It also has a four times digital zoom, making it ideal for very young children and toddlers.

Pros: Rubber material prevents damage done to it when dropped

Cons: Low resolution

Specs: Ages: Three plus, Video Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels

Best overall camera for teens and adults

Aside from being an excellent instant camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is a great option for older children, teenagers and adults alike. It's got some awesome features such as variable shutter speeds and an adjustable lens - making it an ideal camera for making memories and taking group pictures. It also comes in five different colours and has a built-in selfie lens - perfect for younger people!

Pros: Adjustable lens

Cons: Have to buy film packs separately - can become expensive

Specs: Ages: nine plus (great for adults too), Lens: 60mm


Oaxis myFirst Camera 2

Rrp: $69.90

Price: $60.99
Alternative retailers
Urban Outfitters$69.00View offer
Walmart$69.90View offer

It's in the name - this is a great first camera for very young children, especially for toddlers. We love that it comes with an underwater protective case, making it a great toy and ideal for holidays too! It's available in both blue and pink.

Pros: Comes with an underwater case

Cons: Low video resolution

Specs: Ages: four to eight years old, Video Resolution: 320x240 pixels

Best beginner camera

Kodak Smile Instant Print Camera
Price: $117.70
Alternative retailers
QVC$99.99View offer

This is a superb option for any photography beginners out there. It's easy and straightforward to use yet still provides a range of features that other advanced cameras have too. It's an updated version of an instant camera, it's the best of both digital and analogue cameras. The quality of the pictures is impressive, and the prints that come out have a slight adhesive on the back, making it great for young individuals to swap pictures or decorate their bedroom walls with it.

Pros: Selfie timer, great quality pictures

Cons: Small battery life

Specs: Age: 12 plus, Lens: 32mm


It's easy to see why the Canon ELPH 180 made our best cameras for kids guide, boasting an array of different functions and a great video resolution - it's a pretty great camera. With 8x digital zoom and decent light sensitivity, it's ideal for anyone getting to grips with photography. Another attractive feature is that it's pretty great value for the price, an awesome starter camera that won't break the bank.

Pros: Easy and straightforward to use

Cons: Small LCD screen

Specs: Age: 13 plus, Lens: 28-224mm


An excellent camera for both teenagers and adults alike, it's got up to 5x digital zoom, and a 20MP sensor. It's a solid option for everyday use, as well as capturing long distance subjects and group photos. We also love that it comes with Smile Shutter Technology - a feature that automatically takes a picture of a person if they're smiling!

Pros: 5x zoom

Cons: Low video resolution

Specs: Age: 14 plus, Lens: 26-130mm

Best cameras for kids FAQs:

What features should I look for?

This completely depends on what age the user of the camera is, we recommend any camera that has a rubber outside or is shock-proof for young toddlers and kids. When it comes to older children and teenagers, you should look for which cameras have a good video resolution, the focal length of the lens and the zoom capacity.

What is the image resolution?

The image resolution shows how many pixels are on the screen, and thus the quality of the images. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer, sharper and better the images are displayed.

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