Sony ZV-E10 vlogging camera: streaming made easy

The all-new Sony ZV-E10 is a vlogging camera designed to streamline the creative process

Sony ZV-E10

by William Lobley |

The Sony ZV-E10 has been announced. This new camera is firmly a vlogging camera, with plenty of features to appeal to new and intermediate YouTubers and streamers. The ZV-E10 will be shipping in August.

Sony ZV-E10

After a delayed launch, Sony has revealed its latest camera for vloggers, the ZV-E10. The camera offers has an articulated screen, can capture video in 4K/30fps and has a good selection of audio ports for mics and headphones.

Other useful vlogging features include Real-Time Tracking, Real-Time Eye Auto Focus and support for direct-to-PC live streaming (no capture card needed here, but more on this later). There are several auto modes to help add a professional sheen to videos, too, such as a Product Mode and an automatic Bokeh mode for those lovely, blurred background shots.

Sony ZV-E10

Those familiar with Sony mirrorless cameras will not be surprised to learn that the ZV-E10 has something in common with its ever-popular Sony A6100 camera - its 24.2MP APS-C sensor. Though a 2019 technology, this sensor does offer a fantastic quality image and no doubt keeps the camera’s price accessible.

The Sony ZV-E10 is a mirrorless camera with an interchangeable lens. Compatible with E-mount lenses, this system offers users great flexibility over their footage and photography, with many wide-angle, prime and telescopic lenses being readily available on the market. This will allow some users to take advantage of lenses featuring image stabilisation, as the ZV-E10 doesn’t carry any in-body image stabilisation (IBIS), only Active Mode IS.

Sony ZV-E10

The camera has a small form factor designed to help ease the vlogging experience. At just under 350g (without a lens), the ZV-E10 can be held at arm’s length with ease.

The Sony ZX-E10 will release at the end of August for £680 (body only). The ZX-E10 will also be available with a 16-50mm kit lens for £770.

Built for streaming

The Sont ZX-E10 is a vlogging camera, through and through. The selfie-style articulated screen replaces an in-built viewfinder, a feature typically preferred by photographers. The choice of microphone input should appeal to videographers too, with inbuilt, 3.5mm aux-in and Hotshoe interfaces available.

However, there’s one feature that will appeal to the live-streaming subsection of the vlogging marketplace - its direct-to-PC USB video streaming. Streamlining the process of streaming live and at a high quality, the ZX-E10 uses a UVC/UAC protocol, which allows a PC or Mac to read the camera as a standard video source, akin to a webcam. For newcomers and intermediate streamers, this is sure of great appeal, simplifying tech setups.

You can watch an official rundown of the Sony ZX-E10 below:

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