New Hori Split Pad Pro colours announced

The essential Switch accessory just got a makeover

New Hori Split Pad Pro colours announced

by William Austin-Lobley |
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When we reviewed the Hori Split Pad Pro, we weren’t shy with our praise. Not only is the Split Pad comfortable, but it also offers many other improvements over the standard JoyCons, including an improved offset stick layout, programmable keys, and upgraded D-pad.

The Split Pad has only had one minor flaw – that its design is tied in with the Switch game Daemon X Machina. While the styling is subtle, with a little splash of red and stylised “X” button, alternate options have sadly been lacking. Until now, that is.

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Hori has announced that three new colours of the Split Pad Pro will soon be available to pre-order. The announcement, which came via a Facebook post, shows the colours in full and while there was no release date given on the post, Nintendo Wire has stated that they will be launching on September 7.

The new colours are:

Midnight Blue

Transparent Black

Volcanic Red

What is the Hori Split Pad Pro?

The Hori Split Pad Pro is an officially licensed third-party peripheral for the Nintendo Switch console, providing players with an increased grip size and similar to that of the official Switch Pro controller. Hori's controller, which can only be used in handheld mode, was initially designed as a tie-in for the Daemon X Machina video game, though has since grown into a popular peripheral for player of all stripes. The Split Pad Pro also offers programmable rear buttons and a turbo mode.

Want to know more? Read our review for the complete lowdown on this essential Switch accessory.

Hori Split Pad Pro Daemon X Machina Edition
Price: $119.98

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