E-bikes surge in popularity as the UK looks for new ways to commute

The bicycle and e-bike industry has seen incredible growth since the coronavirus outbreak

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According to British Cycling, the UK is on the verge of a transport revolution, with vast swathes of the country stating they’re ready to swap their cars and buses for two wheels and a crash helmet (via Reuters). This sudden uptake in cycling has been linked with the outbreak of the coronavirus, with the chair of the UK bicycle industry reporting to Sky News that there’s been “an enormous increase in the use and sales of bicycles - particularly from the middle of April.”

As various lockdown and social distancing measures remain in place, cycling does indeed seem like the perfect transport option and hobby. While some find themselves with more time on their hands, bicycles provide a fun way to exercise.

In addition to providing fun, cycling is also noteworthy for its commuting credentials. As more people begin to head back into work, the humble pedal cycle is providing the isolated-journey answer to many health concerns surrounding the safety of public transport.

Left: Ampler Curt. Right: Ampler Stellar.
Left: Ampler Curt. Right: Ampler Stellar. ©Ampler

While no doubt forgotten mountain bikes have been pulled from sheds the country over, new sales in the e-bike industry have also seen significant growth. There’s no better example of this uptake than the reports coming out of Estonian e-bike manufacturer Ampler, who has today (June 17) reported an 88% growth in sales for the first five months of 2020. Ampler’s range, which includes the flagship Ampler Curt, Stout, and Stellar, has proven popular across both the UK and Europe more widely.

While in the short-term electric bikes offer a solo-transport solution, the increased popularity has inspired hope regarding a greener future for cities, and a healthier lifestyle for citizens.

This news reflects a growing interest in individual electronic transport solutions, as e-scooters are also growing in popularity. The UK government is currently in talks with UK transport authorities and The Urban Transport Group regarding e-scooter rentals and their role in the future of public transportation (via Intelligent Transport). Similar intuitive have been successfully implemented across Europe in cooperation with companies such as Lime and Lyft.

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