Apple MagSafe Battery Pack launches for £99

Apple MagSafe finally gets a practical accessory

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

by William Lobley |

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack has launched. This accessory for iPhone offers portable wireless charging via the connectivity of MagSafe.

As the name suggests, it uses Apple’s magnetic technology to attach a battery pack to an iPhone 12, which will then wirelessly charge the phone. Wirelessly, the MagSafe Battery Pack will provide a modest 5W charging power, while plugging the phone in via the Lightning cable will provide 15W of portable recharging oomph. Plugging the MagSafe Battery Pack into a 20W portable battery will boost the wireless charging to fast charge.

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is now available to order for £99.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

When the iPhone 12 range launched, it seemed that the Apple MagSafe functionality received a fair bit of attention. However, opinions soon cooled on the feature. The issue was that, though there were a few fancy wallet options, MagSafe didn’t feel like it had much to offer in day-to-day use.

Though it’s good to see that the MagSafe Battery Pack is practically taking advantage of the tech, it’s best to temper expectations. As is the Apple way, specifics are few and far between. As some have already noted, the MagSafe Battery Pack has a 1,460mAh capacity. The Apple iPhone 12 Mini has a battery capacity of 2,227mAh, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has 3,687mAh. Those hoping that the MagSafe would bring a day or two of extra power to their iPhones are likely to be disappointed. However, the product may still entice commuters and anyone who spends 12-plus hours out of the house.

Though this is the first official Apple product to be bringing wireless charging to MagSafe and the iPhone 12 range, it’s not the only option available.

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