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As of right now, Amazon is having a sale on a wide range of electronic gadgetry. While there are plenty of things here worth picking up – all of which can be viewed by heading over to the Today’s Deals page – we found that the offers of smartphone accessories are particularly worth mentioning.

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There’s everything from wireless charging pads and multi-port adapters, to earphones, indestructible cables and in-car transmitters. Below we’ve rounded up some of our favourite deals on smartphone accessories. These are going to add a little convenience into the lives of any smartphone owner, whether they use Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or Google devices.

These deals aren’t forever – they end on September 20, so make sure you act quickly to save.

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Our favourite deals on phone accessories

A pair of budget-friendly earphones that are ideal for running, cycling or just the commute to work. They are lightweight, and the battery will last for 10-hours. Connection is made via Bluetooth.

A wireless charger that works across Apple iPhones and Android smartphones, saving you the hassle of plugging in the USB. So long as your phone is compatible, this is a really useful item to have.

Loads of devices but not enough sockets? This adapter from Anker allows for a USB-C and standard USB connection allows for two devices to be charged at the same time.


RAVPower USB Wall Adapter with Two Ports

This wall charger from RAVPower provides the same functionality and benefits as the Anker version above. However, this option has two standard USB ports for those who do not need a USB-C connection.

Split and twisted charging cables are a real pain. Thankfully, UNBREAKcable's iPhone lead is braided with nylon and reinforced to withstand 50kg of weight. This should certainly last.

Holidays to hot and dusty climates are on hold for most at the moment. So, if you're heading to Britain's lovely hills and mountainsides anytime soon, you need to make sure your smartphone is protected from the rain. This highly rated case will protect your gadget. You can still use the phone through the case, too.

This slimline power bank will help you keep charged up on the go. There are four outputs, meaning that four devices can be charged at once. The battery pack holds enough power to recharge the most popular smartphones five to seven times.

UNBREAKcable Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Price: $26.99

By using the power socket in your car, this gadget from UNBREAKcable has a lot to offer. There are two standard USB ports and one USB-C for device charging. You can connect your smartphone to the transmitter via Bluetooth, which will then send any of the devices audio to your standard FM radio over a specific frequency. There's also a button for boosting the bass and answering incoming calls.

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