Reviewed: Noblechairs Hero Black Edition Gaming Chair

Precision, from conception through to execution

Reviewed: Noblechairs Hero Black Edition Gaming Chair

by William Austin-Lobley |
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Germany-based brand noblechairs holds a considerable reputation in the world of gaming and office chairs. Its new Black Edition range brings all-new hybrid materials and aesthetics to its catalogue of three chair designs: the Epic, Hero and Icon. What's The Best's William Lobley takes a closer look at the Hero Black Edition.

The Review

In a marketplace saturated with racing stripes and garish branding, the noblechairs Hero Black Edition gaming chair seems an almost formidable object. With its matte black colouring, stoic form, and monolithic proportioning, it’s visually set at odds with much of its competition. As it transpires, noblechairs' sense of mature aesthetic restraint isn’t the only thing it does differently, because underneath its cool exterior sits an ergonomic design that’s as intelligent as it is innovative.

Noblechairs Hero Black Edition Gaming Chair
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The intelligence comes in the form of the ergonomic integration, abundant user adjustment features, and high build quality. While some gaming chairs offer a thick and plush cushioning that you can instantly sink into, noblechairs has opted to fill the seat and backrest with a firm foam. While this foam is initially rigid, after a period of use it begins to soften and form to you, offering a supportive and comfortable seating position. As a cold-foam, the padding regulates your body temperature well, preventing discomfort on even the hottest of days – we know this to be true, as the trial took place over some of 2020’s hottest days, with temperatures regularly rising above the mid-30s.

There are many adjustable features, too, which allows you to customise your comfort. There’s inbuilt lumbar support which is easily adjusted via a side-mounted ratchet dial. The 4D arms can be positioned across four-axis, allowing for excellent control over shoulder and forearm positioning, reducing upper back and shoulder cramps common with long-term computer use.

Height adjustment and tilt operate as you’ll find elsewhere in the market – however, where noblechairs again set itself apart is with the quality of the mechanisms. The gasket and chair mount are of an impeccable quality, with the hydraulics capable of holding the weight of both the user and the seat without a height dip or squeak. In three weeks of testing, we didn’t need to readjust the height once.

Noblechairs Gaming Chair Mechanism
High-quality (and heavy) mechanisms ©What's The Best

The Hero Black Edition’s instance of innovation comes in the form of materials. The chair uses noblechairs' new, hybrid material, which is a synthetic fabric combining all the best qualities of PU and PVC artificial leathers.

With a feel not unlike supple leather, the material is covered in breathable, microfine pores which allows for breathability, and the absorption and evaporation of water vapours. This reinforces the cold-foam’s credentials to excellent effect – it’s never tacky or sweaty. Though we haven’t had the chance to put its durability to the test, from the material thickness and robust stitching, we’re happy to agree with noblechairs’ claims that it's tear-proof and lightfast.

Black Edition Hero

For those who would like a little more variation, the chair does come with an additional lumbar and head cushion. Though these are of the highest quality, we found them superfluous, as the in-built lumbar support and memory-foam headrest offered us ample support.

In a way, you have to realign your concept of ‘comfort’ with this chair. It isn’t comfortable in the same way as an overstuffed plush armchair or even some of its marketplace competition. The firm padding and ergonomic features aren’t here to facilitate lounging. What they do offer is a well-supported and stress-free upright positioning that promotes endurance, allowing you to use the chair for extended periods without joint stress, muscle fatigue, or overheating. Even after a day of use, you’ll be able to stand up and function without aches and pains.

The Hero Black Edition is a gaming chair that exceeds the already high-expectations that comes with the noblechairs name. The chair is a pleasure to use from dusk until dawn, keeping you comfortable through a day of work and on into a late night of gaming. From the conception through to execution, the Hero Black Edition has been treated with precision, and it’s paid off in a big way.


Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is available via the "infinitely adjustable" in-built mechanism. This feature is extremely versatile and can be dialled in with precision. It’s more than a cursory addition – it’s an integral part of how the Hero Series attains its supportive quality, and with, user comfort.

Black Edition Hybrid Material

The Black Edition series includes all three of noblechairs’ gaming chairs; the Epic, the Hero and the Icon. In this range, each is upholstered in the hybrid PU and PVC material, promoting breathability and overall user comfort. The range is also notable for its subtle, debossed branding and minimalist stitching.

Nobleschairs Debossed Logo
Discreet but powerful branding ©Empire

Heavy-Duty Build Quality

All of these features would be meaningless without the noblechairs’ high-level build quality, which is here in abundance. On the chair we tested, there was not a single ruck in the fabric or a dropped stitch, and nor has a mechanism squeaked or creaked. Part of the chair’s quality is confirmed by the sheer weight of the thing, which comes in at 30kg once constructed.

Extra Wide

The extra-wide seat, arms and backrest make for a spacious and comfortable experience. These enlarged features allow you some flexibility in your positioning, rather than being forced or squeezed into a pre-set location. Though ergonomic, this chair still works for you as an individual.

William Lobleyis a Content Writer and reviewer for WhatsTheBest, specialising in technology and outdoors. He also writes for Empire Online.

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