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Who needs batteries when we can harness the power of the sun for our wristwatches?

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Does anyone know what time it is? That’s right, it’s solar powered watch time! Sorry… there was no excuse for that pun, call it a case of bad timing! Oh dear, sorry again! Fun out of the way, it’s time for us to talk about our favourite stylish watches powered only by the sun. Not only will these stylish timepieces allow you to claim to have a carbon-neutral wrist, but they’ll save a fortune in batteries… well, maybe a couple of cups of coffee over the decade. They’re always guaranteed to keep on ticking, and we’re pretty sure they’re apocalypse proof too. All you need is a lick of solar energy and you’re golden!

We’ll be looking at a range of watches, ranging from the usual, functional brands, all the way up to some high-priced offerings, that boast a wealth of features. Whether you want something to go along with your formal attire at a day of meetings, or the consummate companion on a week’s camping trip, braving the environments, there’s something here for you.


The best solar-powered men's watches

Citizen PCAT1 of 5

Citizen PCAT

This isn't the cheapest in our round-up, but for you sure get a lot of bang for your buck. For a start, PCAT actually stands for Perpetual Chrono A-T, which means it syncs up to the atomic clock for precise accuracy. It's powered by any light, and features a perpetual calendar, 12/24 hour time and tachymeter. There's a chronograph, power reserve indicator and luminous hands, not to mention an alarm and five usable time zones. To add to the list of useful abilities, it's also water resistant to 200m, the further depth on this list.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II2 of 5

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II

There's little this tough-mudder of watches can't do. OK, so there's a lot it can't do, like make a cup of tea, or run a global corporation. But, compared to your average watch, it's a real powerhouse. Built for rugged survival, a few minutes of exposure is enough to juice the Tissot up for an entire day, and at full capacity it's said to be able to run in the dark for up to a whole year. In terms of features, it boasts an EOL, meteo, altimeter, altitude difference meter and compass. There's also a stopwatch, two alarms, second time zone and perpetual calendar. As well as a traditional watch face, you also get a lower half digital display to translate the wide range of functions into understandable data, and the 100m water resistance is ideal for those who love to rough it in the wild. If that's not enough, did we mention you can also order it in a variety or rubber and metal straps to suit your taste?

Citizen Satellite Wave F9003 of 5

Citizen Satellite Wave F900

The James Bond of solar powered watches, this piece from Citizen has more dials than your average commercial airliner. It's crafted from Super Titanium, is powered by any light and features a satellite GPS timekeeping technology for precision results in 40 available time zones. There's a 1/20th second chronograph that counts up to 24 hours, a perpetual calendar and an alarm. It also features dual time, daylight savings indicator, power reserves indicator and anti-reflective crystal front, as well as being water resistant up to 100m. We're assuming there's probably a laser in here somewhere, for those sticky situations… but don't quote us on that!

Bering Solar, Brushed Black, 14440-2274 of 5

Bering Solar, Brushed Black, 14440-227

We agree, Bering seriously needs to work on its naming conventions. Less than catchy product title aside, this refined looking dress watch is clean, simple and elegant, and is perfectly at home with your tailored outfits. The rechargeable battery is powered by any kind of light, and lasts for between 6-12 months on a full charge. The elegantly classic case is made from brushed black coloured stainless steel, and it features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, with stylish blue coloured front, and colour coordinated indices as well as a date window. It's not packed with features, but its simplicity is what we find most alluring.

Seiko Menu2019s SNE3255 of 5

Seiko Men’s SNE325

Another example of simple done well, this black ion-plated stainless steel watch features a monochromatic black Sunray Dial for the ultimate in understated. For those who demand a calendar, as well as clock, there's a date display sat at the 3 o'clock position, beneath the scratch resistant Harlex face. The Seiko Caliber V157 engine promises up to 10 months from a full charge, and to top it off, it's also water resistant to 100m - perfect for the adventurous outdoor gent.

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