NETGEAR Unveils Orbi 970 Series: Next-Level WiFi 7 Technology

Orbi 970 Series

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There’s no substitute for fast and powerful internet in the home, and you shouldn’t settle for inconsistent and unpredictable speeds regardless of whether you're in the kitchen or the garden. This is why NETGEAR has committed to advancing high-speed mesh Wi-Fi over recent years. Now, they unveil the Orbi 970 Series, next-level WiFi 7 Technology that has the power to maximise the reach of your home internet to incredible new heights.

The science is simple. Distribute several Orbi satellites across your home and, when connected in unity with your router, they'll create a robust internet coverage that spans the entire property.

The Orbi 970 Series is a true upgrade to your home Wi-Fi. NETGEAR has masterfully built a mesh Wi-Fi system that’s efficient, capable, and more reliable than anything else on the market. Quad-Band technology speaks for itself, users are guaranteed uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi in every room in the house. High network speeds mean nothing without adequate connectivity though, and the Orbi 970 system offers the Smart Connect feature, which cleverly picks the fastest Wi-Fi band for every connected device.

Right now, this is as state-of-the-art as a mesh Wi-Fi set-up can get. Each Orbi has a super-sleek look and has been designed with 12 high-performance antennas, which deliver 360 degree coverage. Not to mention the Orbi 970 set-up works optimally from the basement to the garden, and all the way up to the rooftop. This is the solution to getting the fastest speeds in every corner of your home.

Many will be pleased to hear that the Orbi 970 Series still embraces Wi-Fi tradition. Users can take full advantage of 10Gbps and 2Gbps Ethernet ports, which deliver the lightning-fast wired connections especially favoured by gamers.

The Orbi 970 package is currently available in two main options, one featuring three satellites, and the other featuring two. NETGEAR also offer individual satellites too, for customers that wish to add an extra unit to their home, increasing their Wi-Fi reach even further.

The Orbi 970 Series Range

NETGEAR Orbi Series 970

The Orbi 970 3-Pack is the all-encompassing mesh Wi-Fi package. This is the option that offers the most coverage (8200 sq. ft.). The satellites are available in black or white to match your home aesthetic. Powered by NETGEAR's WiFi 7 technology, you can expect speeds of up to 27Gbps consistently and in every room of the house.

This superior mesh Wi-Fi bundle comes with some brilliant extras too. Customers can benefit from a year's subscription to NETGEAR Armour, the in-house VPN service designed to keep your home Wi-Fi and all of the devices that connect to it safe and secure.

A 30-day free trial to NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls will also be a welcome addition. This is a safeguarding and network monitoring tool for keeping the younger members of the family safe online.


  • The full package mesh Wi-Fi
  • Comes with additional extras like free trials to NETGEAR Armour and NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls
  • Tremendous Wi-Fi range of 8200 sq. ft.
  • Compatible with all service providers


  • Might be an over-qualified setup for casual internet users

The Orbi 970 2-Pack is a highly capable mesh Wi-Fi package. A small step down from the 3-Pack, this option offers the next best coverage (5400 sq. ft.). The satellites are once again available in black or white and NETGEAR's WiFi 7 technology is as present as ever. You can expect speeds of up to 27Gbps consistently and in every corner of the house.

The extra benefits found in the 3-Pack remain. There's the one-year subscription to NETGEAR Armour, NETGEAR's VPN service devoted to keeping your home Wi-Fi and all connected devices safe and secure. The 30-day free trial to NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls still stands too. This is the safeguarding and network monitoring feature for ensuring a safe online experience for children.


  • A slightly more affordable Orbi 970 option
  • Comes with the same additional extras, free trials to NETGEAR Armour and NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls
  • Still has a fantastic Wi-Fi range of 5400 sq. ft
  • Compatible with all service providers


  • Might be an over-qualified setup for casual internet users

NETGEAR offers customers mesh Wi-Fi freedom by offering add-on satellites separate from the main packages. This is a great option if you've already purchased one of the Orbi 970 packs and down the line you want to extend your network reach. A perfect method for homes with lots of land. This will mean coverage from the house all the way down to bottom of that garden.


  • A great way to build your own mesh Wi-Fi setup
  • Adds an extra 2700 sq. ft of signal range to your Orbi setup


  • You still need one of the main Orbi 970 packages beforehand

What we love about NETGEAR as tech experts

As tech experts here at What’s the Best, we can’t get enough of NETGEAR. There’s a lot to love, and we’re obliged to tell you about it.

Countless additional benefits

NETGEAR Armour graphic

If you choose to go with NETGEAR and opt for the Orbi 970 Wi-Fi package, there are tons of awesome extras that get thrown in with your purchase.

NETGEAR Armour A premium VPN security software that protects your home network and all the devices connected to it. When you purchase the Orbi 970 Series you get a year’s free subscription to NETGEAR Armour.

Orbi app A central hub to control your newly acquired elite mesh Wi-Fi. NETGEAR doesn’t just give you the next step in evolutionary internet, but complete domain over your network. Manage all your devices through an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app where you can also test speeds and adjust other important network settings.

NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls A useful feature for the monitoring and safeguarding of your children’s internet usage. NETGEAR offers a 30-day free trial with every Orbi 970 purchase.

Inclusivity, convenience, and freedom

The Orbi 970 isn’t all about sheer internet power though. The system is designed to be a vast improvement from ordinary broadband hardware, and NETGEAR ensures that in more ways than one.

NETGEAR has built the Orbi 970 so that it’s compatible with all internet providers, this should eliminate any concerns over compatibility. It’s as straightforward as plugging your Orbi directly into your home router and following a few simple set-up steps.

The Orbi 970 is an inclusive approach to high-speed internet, welcoming homes of all shapes, sizes, and structure. NETGEAR guarantees that the Orbi 970 3-pack can cover a range of 8200 sq. ft., with a coverage of 5400 sq. ft for the 2-pack.

Unmatched, Premium Wi-Fi Tech

An obvious reason why NETGEAR caught our attention at What’s the Best is the impressive technological feat that it’s achieved with products like the Orbi 970. Sub-optimal network speeds are a big no-no in this demanding modern world, especially when it comes to our homes. What NETGEAR provides is a high-speed internet guarantee, it supercharges your existing broadband and propels it to unforeseen levels.

Sluggish network speeds can become a thing of the past in a NETGEAR supported household. The latest Orbi 970 has no problem facilitating high-speed, low latency online gaming, supreme 4K/8K media streaming,

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