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Great for transferring files, we have rounded up the best USB-C memory sticks available

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USB-C is quickly becoming the universal USB - as strange as that statement is considering USB stands for a universal serial bus - from charging mobile devices, connecting controllers to a game console and now even memory sticks.

With the recent ruling in the EU stating that all charged devices in Europe must use USB-C by 2024(laptops by 2026), they are likely to become more commonplace everywhere, meaning that smartphones will be able to take advantage of the best USB-C memory sticks money can buy. Don't worry about this ruling if you have a regular USB stick, they will still have the standard USB ports on laptops in addition to USB-C.

USB-C memory sticks are a relatively new bit of tech, there are not many manufacturers who have adopted the technology. As a result, our selection is a lot smaller than usual as we only curate the best. Check out our picks for the best USB-C sticks and look at the bottom of the article for your answers to frequently answered questions and to see which devices support USB-C.

The best USB-C memory sticks at a glance:

Best overall USB-C: SanDisk 128GB Ultra - view offer on Amazon UK
Best for Android and PC users: SanDisk 256GB Ultra Dual Drive Go - view offer on Amazon UK
Best for Apple users: iDiskk 128GB Photo Stick - view offer on Amazon UK

Best overall USB-C

SanDisk Ultra
Price: $15.39
Alternative retailers
Walmart$14.49View offer

SanDisk has always had reliable storage options and the Ultra is no different. This slick USB-C stick has 128GB, which is great for storing music or pictures. Its slim design leaves plenty of space for other USB devices. It's perfect for those who already have and USB-C on their computer, and the loop is perfect for a keychain to keep it safe.


  • Slim Design
  • Holder for keychain


  • None we can think of

Best for Android and PC users

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive
Price: $22.99

If you still are in need of USB-A for computers but want USB-C for smartphones, SanDisk has an all-in-one solution - the Ultra Duel. It's one of the best USB-C memory sticks for transferring data between your computer and smartphone. This 256GB memory stick comes with SanDisk protection, software for encryption and password protection. Other storage sizes are available.


  • Dual connections
  • SanDisk protection


  • A bit pricey

Best for Apple users

If you need something to use between USB-C, A and lightning connections, the iDiskk is a handy little device that has all three so you can easily switch between your devices. It comes with 128GB of storage space and higher storage is available. Because of three separate connectors, its pricing point is quite high


  • Multiple connection types
  • Compatible with Android and Apple phones


  • Very expensive

Frequently asked questions

What does the MB in transfer speed mean?

MB means Megabytes. MB transfer is how fast the USB will move data per second.

What's the difference between USB-A and USB-C

The standard USB you are probably used to - USB-A - has slower data transfers than USB-C. In essence, the key difference is the speed of transfer. USB-C is faster.

In addition, USB-C sticks go in regardless of what side they are inserted, so no more having to flip the memory stick around.

Are USB-C memory sticks going to replace all USB-A

While you will be seeing more USB-C devices in the future, it is very unlikely that they will replace USB-A's completely considering that peripherals such as keyboards and mice typically use USB-A still.

What supports USB-C memory sticks?

Computers Providing that your laptop or desktop has a USB-C port, they are supported on PCs with no problem. They will work like your standard memory stick. This applies to Windows and Mac computers. 

Android Phones Most Android phones that have USB-C ports support memory sticks. While we don’t recommend them as external storage -due to the fact the stick will need to be taken out when the phone is charged and because micro SD cards are more convenient - they are great for transferring files from Phone to PC and vice versa, so photos music and documents transfer becomes a lot more convenient than using a slow wire or downloading them off the cloud.

Apple Phones Apple phones are still using their own charging adapter so USB-C storage is not available for them but with the fact they have to make USB-C models soon, this may change if Apple supports USB-C drives.

Smart TVs While they aren’t many TVs with USB-C ports yet, most newer TVs in the future will likely have USB-C ports that you will be able to use to play music and films from the stick.

You can record live TV on a normal memory stick.

Video game consoles 
While the PS5 does have support for external drives, USB-C sticks don’t meet the requirements as certain external hard drives do.  

The switch does use a USB-C port for its charger, but Nintendo does not yet support external storage apart from micro-SD cards.

Xbox consoles do not have any USB-C ports.

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