The best tablet bags in 2021

Keep your tablet safe and secure - find your ideal bag with our best tablet bags in 2021 guide.

Best tablet bags

by William Lobley |

Tablets are not just for watching Netflix, YouTube, scrolling Amazon deals and checking Twitter – though, they’re pretty darn good at that. Not just a plaything, tablets have proven themselves to be invaluable work tools due to their processing power, versatility, ease of use and importantly, their portability.

Portable is good, but you only have two hands and you've got to make sure you are protected – it’s a big world out there. A tablet bag is the answer.

A good tablet bag will solve your problems. A simple yet comfortable shoulder strap will free your hands, and your tablet will sit in a padded sleeve, protected until called upon. Not only will your tablet be carried, but all your extras too (necessary or otherwise) like cables, pens, phones, external battery pack, headphones, mints, cough sweets, tissues, and so on (and on, and on).

There are as many tablet bag options as there are tablets. To save you some time, we’ve brought together the best tablet bags the market has to offer.

We’ve also included a solution for the tablet-using child, so you no longer have to stare anxiously at your five-year-old as they precariously and clumsily handle your tablet at the top of the stairs.

Looking specifically for laptop bags? Check out our guides on the best laptop bags for men and the best laptop bags for women. And if you're looking for bags for other devices, have a quick peek at our list on the best camera bags for photographers.

Now that you've decided which bag is right for you, you're probably on the hunt for extra protection with the best tablet covers and cases to protect your tech with style. Luckily for you, we've thought of everything.

Tablet Dimensions

If you're unsure about your tablet dimensions and don't want to purchase one that won't fit, you're not the only one - we've comprised a list of tablet dimensions to help you pick your ideal tablet bag.

• iPad Pro 12 - 8.46 (width) x 11.04 (length) x 0.23 (depth) inches

• Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus - 7.3 (width) by 11.2 (length) by 0.2 (depth) inches

• iPad Pro 11 - 7.03 (width) x 9.75 (length) x 0.23 (depth) inches

• Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - 6.07 (width) x 9.63 (length) x 0.28 (depth) inches

• Galaxy Tab S4 - 6.47 (width) x 9.81 (length) x 0.28 (depth) inches

• iPad Air 4 - 7.00 (width) x 9.7 (length) x 0.23 (depth) inches

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