The best tablet bags in 2024

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Best tablet bags

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Tablets are not just for watching Netflix, YouTube, scrolling Amazon deals and checking Twitter – though, they’re pretty darn good at that. Not just a plaything, tablets have proven themselves to be invaluable work tools due to their processing power, versatility, ease of use and importantly, their portability.

Portable is good, but you only have two hands and you've got to make sure you are protected – it’s a big world out there. A tablet bag is the answer.

A good tablet bag will solve your problems. A simple yet comfortable shoulder strap will free your hands, and your tablet will sit in a padded sleeve, protected until called upon. Not only will your tablet be carried, but all your extras too (necessary or otherwise) like cables, pens, phones, external battery pack, headphones, mints, cough sweets, tissues, and so on (and on, and on).

There are as many tablet bag options as there are tablets. To save you some time, we’ve brought together the best tablet bags the market has to offer.

We’ve also included a solution for the tablet-using child, so you no longer have to stare anxiously at your five-year-old as they precariously and clumsily handle your tablet at the top of the stairs.

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The best tablet bags

The 5-layered protection will keep your tablet protected from water, bumps and bashes. One genius design feature is the USB charging port which lets you hook up your external power bank to an external port, letting you simply plug your charging cable in whenever required – it's neat and no fuss. The bag comes with a shoulder strap included, and several attachment points. You can even choose between having it in black, dark grey or red.

Our verdict: The Domiso will effectively turn you into a portable office. Its 10.63 x 8.27 (in) dimension means that it'll fit most major tablet brands and models. Win-win!

SIMTOP 360° protection 10.5 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag
Price: $23.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$37.83View offer

The bag comes with a shoulder strap and two pockets, with the front pocket being expandable depending on your need. The rear padded pocket holds your tablet with reinforced corner airbags. The bags material is waterproof and scratch-proof, so your precious cargo will be safe during the hustle of the rush-hour crowds.

Our verdict: The SIMTOP 360 balances style, utility and protection. Though designed for Apple's iPad, the bag will fit most major tablets.

The bag's dimension makes The One suitable for smaller tablets, like the iPad Mini or Amazon Fire 7. The depth of the bag means that you can easily fit anything else in there you might need. There are loads of colour and pattern options too (Sunday Grey pictured).

Our verdict: Now, this bag isn't strictly a tablet bag – but anyone who has used anything Eastpak will know how well-protected your gear will be and how long it'll last (what other bag brand offers you a 30-year guarantee? Now that's some product confidence).

Organisation was clearly forefront in the designer's mind. There are four pockets (one on the shoulder strap) and attachments for a key fob, pen holder and name tag. The dimensions are ample for any tablet, and it is available in three colours.

Our verdict: The Victorinox Flapover is engineered to guarantee it lasts and meets your requirements. The bag offers your tablet protection while keeping it light, with the bag weighing in at only 300g.

The Antler Bridgeford Backpack has several pockets designed to fit your tablet and any other accessories you may choose to bring with you. Being 9.89 (width) x 15(length) inches it is slightly larger than other bags, making it ideal for anyone with bigger tablets.

Our Verdict: Although this is more of a bag pack than a specific tablet cover – it has all the features of a tablet bag. The fact that it's larger means you will be able to carry more items with you - this is an excellent choice for anyone who's on the move a lot.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best tablet bags we've seen. It comes in 19 different colours/patterns meaning you'll be spoilt for choice, it has a front pocket and inner pocket – great for carrying smaller items such as a pen, phone or power cord.

Our Verdict: Again, this isn't strictly a tablet bag, but it certainly should be used as one. It's super lightweight and has large dimensions of 14 (width) by 15 inches – allowing you to fit just about any tablet in it. It's also excellent value for price and did we mention waterproof?

Now that you've decided which bag is right for you, you're probably on the hunt for extra protection with the best tablet covers and cases to protect your tech with style. Luckily for you, we've thought of everything.

Tablet Dimensions

If you're unsure about your tablet dimensions and don't want to purchase one that won't fit, you're not the only one - we've comprised a list of tablet dimensions to help you pick your ideal tablet bag.

• iPad Pro 12 - 8.46 (width) x 11.04 (length) x 0.23 (depth) inches

• Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus - 7.3 (width) by 11.2 (length) by 0.2 (depth) inches

• iPad Pro 11 - 7.03 (width) x 9.75 (length) x 0.23 (depth) inches

• Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - 6.07 (width) x 9.63 (length) x 0.28 (depth) inches

• Galaxy Tab S4 - 6.47 (width) x 9.81 (length) x 0.28 (depth) inches

• iPad Air 4 - 7.00 (width) x 9.7 (length) x 0.23 (depth) inches

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