Bigger, meaner, and much louder: Soundcore Boom 2 Plus Review

We got our hands on the Soundcore Boom 2 Plus. Here's what we thought.

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Soundcore Boom 2 Plus

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As far as the best speakers go, it seems we’ve entered somewhat of an era for epic sound system sequels. Mere months ago, Soundcore released the Boom 2, the worthy successor to the original Motion Boom. Now, we’re getting the new and improved big brother – the Soundcore Boom 2 Plus. While still branded as a portable outdoor speaker, the Boom 2 Plus much closer resembles a boom box than a handheld audio accessory, but it’s still built to withstand the elements and bring the party at the same time.

This powerful speaker does everything that the standard Boom 2 does, but bigger, more bashfully, and somehow even more capably. Much like its younger sibling, the Boom 2 Plus is built for open-air listening, whether that be at the crowded beach, busy park, or the cosy back garden. It’s no surprise that it’s even more formidable in any of these settings as the standard Boom 2. The Boom 2 Plus projects almost double the output, making it currently one of the most high-powered outdoor Bluetooth speakers available, especially at the price tag of £199.99.

The Boom 2 Plus is able to take everything an audiophile would love about the Boom 2, and bump it up a weight class or two. In terms of sound capabilities, it can still deliver the most impactful bass while still nailing the subtle nuances, it can just do it a heck of a lot louder. When it comes to tackling multiple musical ranges, the Boom 2 Plus impresses without falter. Expect to be overwhelmed listening to heavily produced genres from drum and bass, techno, or deep house. Meanwhile, you can be pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly this speaker can deliver more stripped back tracks and genres. Introspective rap and sentimental ballads are an equal delight coming from the Boom 2 Plus. This speaker can be an all-out boombox one minute, and a gentle giant the next at the switch of a song.

Looks can be deceiving, but not in the case of the Boom 2 Plus. It looks like serious business, and it means it. An outdoor Bluetooth speaker at its foundation, but wholly capable of being so much more.

Verdict: The Boom 2 Plus is a station for superior sound. It’s big, it’s bold, and it never lets you forget it. Soundcore has taken the logical next step from the standard Boom 2, the Boom 2 Plus transcends its smaller sibling while adamantly sticking to its roots as a (mostly) portable outdoor speaker.

Soundcore Boom 2 PlusWhat's the Best - Jack Barrell
Price: $249.99


  • Unbelievably powerful outdoor speaker
  • Ultra-modern design
  • Packed with user-friendly features like Dynamic Lighting, BassUp, and PartyCast 2.0
  • Robust and transportable via shoulder strap


  • No easy way of telling how much charge is left
Audio power140W
Battery lifeUp to 20 hours
Charging time3 hours
Dimensions44.2 x 22.8 x 15.1 cm

What's to love?

Soundcore Boom 2 Plus
©What's the Best - Jack Barrell

What’s not to love about a speaker that’s built like a starship, and thunders like one too? The answer is - very little. The Boom 2 Plus has a resounding presence, it’s clearly been expertly designed with a sharp, concise finish in mind. To call it a modern-looking speaker would be underselling it, this thing is visually awesome. The structure follows a similar build to the standard Boom 2, except this is larger, bulkier, but still somehow sleek and streamlined. I was amazed at how easily I could sling it over my shoulder with the provided shoulder strap and carry it around no questions asked.

Since we’re on the subject of visuals, Soundcore has carried over the phenomenal dynamic light show feature which stole the limelight in our Boom 2 review. It’s here on the Boom 2 Plus and it’s even more of a spectacle, courtesy of a pair of much larger display panels. It’s even a tad more user friendly this time around too. In the Boom 2, you had to hold down BassUp button (strangely) to swap presets. The Boom 2 Plus has a dedicated light show button that only requires a singular press.

This outdoor Bluetooth speaker has all of the features thatthe Boom 2 has, just in a much bigger package. The BassUp feature makes a welcome return, which simply enables the bass and can be toggled on or off at the tap of a button. Where the standard Boom 2 was concerned, BassUp was non-negotiable. The listening experience was nowhere near as punchy and enjoyable in the absence of that signature Soundcore bass. However, this is less the case with this Boom 2 Plus. Due to the increased size of this speaker, listening with BassUp disabled is surprisingly enjoyable. There’s no tinniness that the bass would otherwise hide, it’s ideal for those mellow listening sessions where a thumping bass might be overkill. It’s great that the Boom 2 Plus makes the BassUp feature feel much more optional, as opposed to needing it enabled to make or break the experience.

While the Boom 2 Plus is still playing the same sport, it really is a heavyweight in its own right. Yes, it may appear more like a boom box than it does a portable speaker, but if you’re after a heavy-duty speaker that can still be transported with relative ease, the Boom 2 Plus is still super ideal. I love how unapologetic, capable, and deceptively multi-situational this speaker is.

What's just okay?

©What's the Best - Jack Barrell

It’s tough not to compare this speaker with the standard Boom 2, but they are part of the same family, after all. It won’t take an audiophile to tell you that the Boom 2 Plus doesn’t make any game-changing leaps in audio quality (saving that for the Boom 3?). Yes, the Boom 2 Plus is heftier, louder, and a visual improvement, but it seems that’s all it’s aiming to be.

My point is - a true sound/speaker enthusiast may look at the design evolution in the Boom 2 Plus and expect some tweaks to the sound delivery that go beyond power output. If anything, this speaker highlights just how good the base Boom 2 is despite its size. Don’t get me wrong, if you loved the Boom 2, but now you’re after something with more oomph, the Boom 2 Plus is the natural next purchase.

Soundcore Boom 2 Plus
©What's the Best - Jack Barrell

Anything holding it back?

There’s very little that leaps out as a solid drawback for the Soundcore Boom 2 Plus, though there is one minor gripe I should highlight. When I listened to the Boom 2 Plus, I connected via Bluetooth through an iPhone. Typically, on smart devices like iPhones, you can check the battery percentage of your Bluetooth devices. You can do this with most Bluetooth devices including headphones, earbuds, and a range of speakers like the standard Boom 2. For whatever reason, this function isn’t available with the Boom 2 Plus. There’s never any connectivity trouble whatsoever, but there’s unfortunately no way of knowing the speaker’s battery percentage until you’ve either fully charged it, or it’s soon to die.

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How the product was tested

I personally tested the Soundcore Boom 2 Plus meticulously over the span of three weeks. I listened in the open outdoors, an enclosed garden, and even in the comfort of my living room. I trialled its audio capabilities by assessing a few points in particular; including audio range, sound quality, and bass. Whilst I tested the sound performance of the Boom 2 Plus, I simultaneously used the speakers additional features too.

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