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When looking for the best speakers for home use, it’s essential to consider multiroom capabilities as a standard feature before making a purchase. Even if it’s your first speaker, it’s vital that you think longer term, as there will come a time when you want to buy a second, third, or – dare I say it – fourth speaker. And trust me when I say this: once you bag that second speaker, you’ll want one in every room. For those desperate to start or grow their multiroom wireless sound system, look out for 2-room set deals. These give you a more affordable leg up above more typical one-at-a-time purchases.

Having a multiroom sound system will change how you listen to music, taking your at-home audio to new heights regarding immersion and ease of use. Wireless systems remove the need for convoluted cabling, connecting your sound system via Wi-Fi. Such a change makes for a sleeker, more minimalist finish to your setup, all the while allowing you to widen sound coverage beyond the confines of cable length.

The best multiroom wireless sound systems at a glance:

• Best overall: Sonos Era 100 (2nd Gen) - View on Amazon
• Best for camera quality: Naim Mu-so (2nd Gen) - View on John Lewis
• Best budget smartphone: Bang & Olufsen A5 - View on Fenwick

It’s important to note that many brands also offer smart speakers that come with companion apps and voice assistance for even less effort. Now, instead of scrolling through your music library or opening up a separate podcast app, assistants like Alexa will do the work for you, turning a 20-second job into a zero-second job without you even having to turn on or even be near a device.

Continue reading to find the best wireless speakers for multiroom sound systems.

Top multiroom wireless sound systems

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall sound system

Sonos Era 100: The Next-Gen Stereo Bookshelf SpeakerAmazon
Price: £249.00

Sonos is undeniably the go-to brand for at-home audio, offering minimalist luxury builds and premium sound. Its extensive streaming library allows you to listen to anything from Spotify and Apple Music to YouTube and Audible. Some of its products, like the Era 100 here, offer Alexa voice assistance.

The Sonos Era 100 is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Sonos One (an excellent and more affordable alternative). The Era 100 has a 47 per cent faster processor, which means quicker streaming, and a 25% larger mid-woofer, providing an even more irresistible bass. Its compact design makes it perfect for any space, whether a bookshelf, kitchen counter, or desktop.

Likewise, if you want to expand your speaker system quickly and grow your coverage, you can save £50 on Sonos' current two-room set deal.


  • Easy setup, pairing and companion app
  • Irresistible bass with a 25% larger woofer than predecessor
  • Incredible audio quality


  • It is an extra cost for a wired adapter connection

Best luxury sound system

Naim Mu-so 2nd Gen Wireless Bluetooth Music SystemJohn Lewis
Price: $899.00

As a part of the Naim brand, renowned for its high-end audio systems, the Mu-so 2 boasts exceptional sound quality and luxury design, surpassing its award-winning predecessor. It is an ideal centrepiece for any home audio system, and you can seamlessly integrate it with other Mu-so systems for immersive multiroom audio. A great addition to your Mu-so 2 is the Mu-so QB 2 — a compact and affordable alternative for those working with smaller spaces and on tighter budgets.

Connecting to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, you can easily stream music through Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, and TIDAL. You can also stream via Bluetooth and connect to your TV via your TV's HDMI ARC port. This feature lets your Mu-so speaker automatically switch on with your TV, enhancing your movie and TV-watching experience.

One potential downside is that, oddly, all the cable ports are on the speaker's right side, which may be inconvenient for some users.


  • Rich sound and impressive rhythmic dexterity
  • Great for space-saving and ideal for under-TV setups
  • Supports a wide range of audio formats


  • Odd port placement

Best high-end portable sound system

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound A5 Portable SpeakerFenwick

For unmatched sound quality and luxury design, look no further than the BeoSound A5. There is no portable speaker quite like it. Its superior sound surpasses Sonos' ARC, while its gorgeous design elevates any space. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enjoy 360-degree sound dispersion and slick RoomSense technology for space-adapted playback.

The A5 features a powerhouse woofer for some serious bass, making it ideal for parties and gatherings. Its luxury Nordic weave design is another standout feature, though pricier Dark Oak and Spaced Aluminium options are available on their website.

The A5 is durable with IP65 water and dust proofing. However, due to its weighty premium build, it's not suited for beach trips nor practical for hiking. However, with such a hefty price tag, I doubt you'll want to take it out of the house! Instead, it is perfect to have on your bookshelf or sideboard table while providing excellent sound for outdoor in-garden gatherings such as barbeques.


  • Stunning design
  • Powerful and crystal-clear sound for a portable speaker
  • Energic and far-reaching audio


  • Good-but-not-great battery life

Best sound system for Apple users

Apple Home Pod Smart Speaker (2nd Gen)John Lewis

If you already use Apple products, this speaker is an obvious choice for starting or expanding their multiroom sound system. When grouped or coupled with an ensemble of HomePod minis, surround sound in spaces like your living room is a great, affordable way to bring the cinema back home.

The Apple HomePod 2 delivers well-balanced and dependable audio imaging with a bass to rival Sonos' signature. Keeping to the original HomePod's build (don't fix what isn't broken), the device boasts a beautiful mesh design and a glossy touch panel, making navigation satisfyingly simple.

However, the downside is that buying a HomePod means commuting to an Apple-centric household. In other words, if you're an Android user, consider other options, such as Sonos. But if this isn't a concern for you, Apple Home systems are dependable and considered among the best in terms of security and support features.


  • Stylish and minimal design
  • Brilliant spatial and Atmos audio
  • Impressive bass and clear highs


  • Only suited to Apple users

Best sound system for smaller spaces

John Lewis

Looking for a sound system that offers processing and sound quality but can fit into smaller, unconventional spaces? Then look no further than the BeoSound Emerge. Whether on premium book-inspired design, this sleek speaker can go anywhere.

The BoeSound Emerge lets users stream their favourite music from services like Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect. High-quality Bluetooth streaming is also available. The device also has built-in Google Assistant for voice control and easy, hands-free use.

Despite its ultra-slim build, the BeoSound Emerge boasts rich, unified audio with three small but powerful drivers, excellent imaging, and solid bass. However, if you're a bass enthusiast, while this more than suffices, it cannot compete with Sonos.


  • Luxury, book-inspired build
  • Great for space-saving and limited spaces
  • Punchy bass for such a slim speaker


  • Very pricey

Best portable mid-range sound system

Sonos Roam SL Bluetooth Portable SpeakerArgos

The Sonos Roam is a sleek and efficient addition for those with an existing home sound system, looking great on any shelf or bedside table. Its Wi-Fi and multiroom connectivity allow you to take it in and around the house and garden with ease. Likewise, you can switch to Bluetooth mode for a beach or road trip and easily take your tunes.

It's also a savvy investment for those on a budget. Instead of buying separate speakers for home and on-the-go use, the Roam meets you in the middle by excelling at both.

As for sound, the speaker has the perfect Sonos bass and delivers a volume as loud as most in-house speakers. However, there is a slight loss of clarity at higher volumes, but this is to be expected, considering the lower to mid-range pricing.


  • Incredible Sonos-signature bass
  • Retains the brand's elegance while being designed for durability
  • Offers excellent volume for in- and outdoor coverage


  • Lacks precision at very high volumes

Best smart mid-range sound system

The Echo (4th generation) is an excellent choice for a reliable smart multiroom system. In addition to its Alexa assistance - great if you need a hand in the kitchen - the Echo produces clear sound with dynamic bass and mids, making it a brilliant addition to your home.

Like other Echo speakers, you can use Alexa to stream your music while controlling your compatible smart devices, such as lights, plugs, cameras, TVs, and, of course, other speakers in your system. Once you've added all your devices to the companion app, you can turn your home into a house-sized speaker with a simple "Alexa, play music everywhere."


  • Significant sound and processing improvement from predecessor
  • Alexa assistance for hands-free ease of use
  • Delivers a surprisingly punchy bass


  • Those without Prime subscriptions must endure ad-supported music service

Best budget-friendly compact sound system

Apple Home Pod mini Smart SpeakerJohn Lewis

The HomePod mini is an impressive-looking, nifty little speaker that is a perfect way to quickly expand your Apple ecosystem without emptying your wallet. Its Airplay connectivity supports whole-home audio and stereo pairing, allowing two HomePod minis to be paired as a stereo set - it makes a real difference having two in one room.

The HomePod mini's compact size is a boon for ease of placement, enabling users to equip their entire house more effectively. Additionally, like many speakers today, it features a series of far-reaching Siri voice recognition mics, allowing users to adjust volume and skip tracks without worrying about their proximity to the speaker.


  • Compact space-saver perfect for any space
  • Excellent Siri support for hands-free navigation
  • Sleek, minimalist design


  • Audio quality could be better for the price

Best smart budget multiroom speaker

Amazon's Echo Dot is an excellent, more affordable alternative to the Echo. Despite being much smaller, it is still an excellent multiroom speaker that works well in especially compact spaces.
It is easy to set up and use and provides a surprisingly punchy sound for its petite size. Like the Echo, Alexa can assist you throughout your day with weather and news updates, hands-free timers, and answers to your burning questions.

Moreover, the Dot can also help you achieve at-home cinema audio at an even more affordable price than Apple's HomePod Mini (though the sound quality is somewhat less impressive). Just "dot" three to four of these devices around your living space and pair them with your Fire TV to experience your own homemade cinema surround sound.

But, if you're looking for an even cheaper Echo device, the more recently released Pop will save a tenner or so, but there is a trade-off in sound quality and range.


  • Easy setup and pairing capabilities
  • Impressive volume and bass for price
  • Great, reliable voice assistance


  • App support is not as good nor easy to use as Sonos

Best multiroom sound system under £50

GOOGLE Nest Mini (2nd Gen) with Google AssistantCurrys

As a successor to the original Home Mini, the Nest Mini 2 brings a host of updates while maintaining its beloved compact size. It stands out as one of the most cost-effective smart home devices available, and its sleek design is intended to seamlessly blend into your environment, rather than making a bold statement.

The device comes with a metre-and-a-half AC port and a user-friendly companion app that makes it easy to add new Chromecast devices to your home sound system. The app allows you to organise these devices by room. Additionally, the Nest Mini 2 has a wall mount option, but the AC cable makes it more suited on a countertop.

It features a half-long AC port and an easy-to-navigate companion app that makes adding new Chromecast devices a breeze. These can then be organised under rooms in the app. It also has an available wall mount option, though with the AC cable, it is perhaps better placed on a countertop.

Another great feature is Google Assistant's ability to automatically adjust its volume based on the ambient noise level. This means that for larger gatherings, it will intelligently increase its volume. The Nest Mini 2 also boasts a triple-threat far-field mic arrangement so that you can interact with your device from a distance without issue.


  • Good, reliable built-in Google Assistant
  • Sleek, attractive, space-saving design
  • Easy to setup, use and pair with other devices


  • Sound quality is good but not great

Multiroom wireless sound systems: Buyer's guide

Understanding wireless sound systems

Wireless multiroom sound systems are audio entertainment setups that use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to let you stream music throughout your living space from multiple speakers simultaneously. They typically consist of a “central hub” or “default room”, as it is sometimes referred to, which is effectively the first speaker you purchased. Just as you’d buy a router to extend the reach of your Wi-Fi, purchasing a second or third speaker similarly builds upon your original speaker so as to expand its coverage.


When talking about speakers and headphones, imaging refers to their ability to reproduce sound in the perceived spatial locations. Good imaging will portray their left and right placements with realistic detail and nuance, both laterally and in-depth. Imaging can significantly impact your overall listening experience.

Woofers and tweeters

A woofer is a speaker component that produces lower-pitched sounds like the deep bass Sonos speakers are known for. A good woofer adds depth to your listening experience, making your music sound full and rich. On the other hand, a tweeter does the same thing but is smaller and for higher-pitcher sounds. A good tweeter will make your audio sound crisp and clear.


IP, or Ingress Protection, tells users whether their product is protected against water and dust particulates.

Unsplash wireless Google Nest Mini connecting with companion app for multiroom audio
©Unsplash / Bence Boros

Multiroom wireless sound systems: FAQs

What is the best brand for multiroom sound systems?

The best brand for multiroom sound systems depends entirely on your budget, but Sonos is widely considered one of the best. Known for its seamless integration, user-friendly companion app, speaker controls, and high-quality audio, Sonos offers a wide range of reliable speakers and other components ideal for multiroom setups. Their speakers support a number of streaming services, and their premium space-saving build makes them a perfect fit for any space in your home. They also offer fantastic portable options that hold their own against their Wi-Fi and AC-powered counterparts.

How do I best optimise speaker placement for the best performance and coverage?

Many people don't realise the importance of speaker placement; it can seriously impact your overall listening experience. However, there are things you can do to optimise your sound system's performance and coverage.

The most crucial thing to consider is room acoustics. The sound waves they emit need to be diffused effectively to fully benefit from your speakers. Soft surfaces like rugs, curtains, sofas, and plants are great ways to achieve this. Equally, be sure not to overcrowd your room; otherwise, the sound might not disperse at all!

Other things to consider are avoiding corners, placing speakers at ear level, and experimenting with wall or ceiling mounts.

How can you control your entire home audio system?

Nowadays, speakers, especially wireless ones, come with companion apps and Bluetooth options that allow streaming directly from your chosen music service on your device. For multiroom audio, brands like Sonos, Apple, and Amazon offer excellent companion apps that let you group speakers for simultaneous multiroom streaming.

Additionally, many brands now feature built-in voice assistants with prompts for controlling a specific speaker or group.

How can you control your entire home audio system?

When it comes to wireless sound systems, Wi-Fi can be both a blessing and a curse. If your connection is stable, you can enjoy high-quality audio without worry. However, any interruptions, from microwave interference to network disruptions, can cause inconvenience or outright chaos. So tread carefully!

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