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best car speakers

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If you're like us, and you find your car rides a great way to blast your favourite music (maybe recreate a concert or two), be it a ten-minute or an hour drive, then you're going to need some of the best car speakers to see you through.

Most of us find that with cars, especially some of the older models, the speaker quality can quickly decrease. A brand-new pair of speakers can be an excellent way to inject new life into your car and improve the quality of your music.

However, when it comes to selecting your speakers, there are plenty of features to look out for, including if they have virtual assistants built-in, how powerful they are, and if the bass is crisp or tinny.

That's why we've thoroughly done our research and rounded up the best car speakers, whether you're just getting started, or you're an automobile aficionado, we've got you covered.

The best car speakers UK:

Editor's pick

These are an all-around excellent product, designed to deliver crisp audio at any frequency. You'll get a powerful bass, clear high-pitched tones, and a smooth sound overall. It is the most expensive one on our list, but if there is any wiggle room in your budget, these are definitely worth it.


  • Full and smooth sound
  • Silk dome tweeter


  • Expensive

Best for every car

Sony XSFB1020 2-Way Coaxial Speaker System
Price: $59.50

This lightweight pair of four-inch speakers will be a fine replacement for your car's worn-out speakers. Don't let their small size fool you, they're nothing short of powerful, delivering sharp and crisp audio. An added benefit of their compact design is that they easily fit into most cars.


  • Great value for money
  • Good sound quality


  • Not the best bass

Best value for price

Pyle PL463BL Car Audio Speakers Pair

Rrp: $48.99

Price: $26.55
Alternative retailers
Walmart$29.49View offer

Aside from delivering an overall smooth and rich audio, what really sets these speakers apart is their non-fatiguing butyl rubber which is built around them. This prolongs their service life whilst also ensuring they're secure.


  • Great price
  • Variety of power outputs


  • Better sound quality found amongst other models

Best versatile car speaker

This product from NETVIP is incredibly versatile, doubling up as a sun visor and as a hands-free Bluetooth kit. This means you get to legally make phone calls thanks to full Siri and Google Assistant integration, which is incredibly handy. It also has a very affordable price tag, so you're set to stay within your budget.


  • Superb price tag
  • Small and compact


  • Not the best audio quality


If you're looking for a powerful set of speakers, this offering from Pioneer might just do the trick. Using a multi-layer mica matrix design, this speaker set offers excellent sound quality. For an extra fee, Halfords will even fit these speakers for you.


  • Powerful audio
  • Great value for money


  • Not the best bass quality


A very adaptable and superb car speaker, this product is an under-seat subwoofer, meaning it delivers crisp and powerful bass, as a subwoofer amplifies the low frequencies found in songs that normal car speakers struggle to produce. An excellent choice for audiophiles!


  • Superb bass/low-frequency sounds


  • Slightly expensive


Everything you need to know when choosing car speakers:

What size speakers should I get?

For coaxial speakers, you'll simply have to measure how big your old speakers are. Whilst component speakers are a bit more complex, if your car originally came with a component setup, it will again just be a case of measuring the different speakers.

What extras do they offer?

Some speaker setups come with a Bluetooth connection, the main benefit to this is that you'll be guaranteed a connection so long as your car is Bluetooth enabled. Some of these Bluetooth speakers also allow you to make and receive hands-free phone calls, which is a handy added bonus.

If you want a truly versatile car speaker, you could choose the NETVIP Bluetooth Car Speakerphone, which doubles up as a sun visor and as a hands-free Bluetooth kit.

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