The best gifts for cyclists

The definitive gift guide for cyclists for road and MTB, the commute and for fun.

Best gifts for cyclists

by William Lobley |

There are a few ways to tell whether you have a keen cyclist in your life. One is that they’re never at home or when they are, they're in the garage tinkering with gears. The second is that when they’re around, they spend all their time either talking about bikes or when they finally shut up, they are staring at Strava, raging that FrumeFan68 has just beaten their PB.

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Cycling is a passion, and it can be a little tricky for an outsider to know what to get for the bike-mad in their life. Thankfully, we’re here to help with our guide to the best gifts for cyclists. Whether you're on the hunt for a birthday present, Christmas stocking, Father's Day gift or something just because, there is sure to be something on this list for you.

We’ve searched high and low to bring together the best gifts for cyclists possible. From fun gifts like risqué bike lights to Tour de France socks, or more serious fares like windproof and waterproof garbs and mini-GPS devices, this list has it all.

Feeling particularly generous?

If you’re feeling charitable and you’d like to make a cyclist’s year, you might want to consider keeping them dry. With the increasing popularity of cycling as a method of commuting, travelling more generally and for personal fitness, more and more people are going to find themselves butting up against a cyclist’s dread foe. No, not an impatient driver, but rain.

Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry 1985 Jacket is the ultimate cycling waterproof, proving to be impervious to both rain and its nasty sidekick, wind. The properties of Gore-Tex have been well-known and well-regarded for many years now. We know going in that it's going to be good, yet it still manages to surprise us. It’s expensive but awesome.

The ultimate Father's Day gift, if you're feeling particularly generous this year, this Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex jacket is the pinnacle of cycling gear. lightweight, totally waterproof, stylish, and everything you'd want out of a cycling jacket.

Review: "Waited till I'd done a few rides in the rain before commenting. Fantastic jacket that's very light and packable, breathes really well and is very waterproof. You might baulk at the price but you get what you pay for. Can't fault it."

If the Gore Wear jacket has sparked some ideas for you, but the price has you breaking a cold sweat, head over to our two cycling jack roundups. Here we discuss the virtues of various jackets from across price ranges and brands, including some tidy options from Endura, Altura and Castelli.

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