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eBikes get a bit of a bad rep from those who aren't in the know. Many non-cyclists see them as cheating or think they’re not ‘proper’ bikes. We're here to tell you that's simply not the case.

If you know about eBikes, have ever ridden one or are vaguely interested in dispelling the above myth then we have a list of eBikes below all for under £2,000.

Happily, during the pandemic, the Government did something good for the environment. It took away the budget cap of £1,000 for the Cycle To Work scheme and made it unlimited. This has opened up the consumer to a much wider and larger variety of bikes, including that of eBikes, which tend to be slightly more expensive than conventional bikes.

The reason for that is simple, there is more to an eBike than your conventional push bike. Batteries and motors, housing and redesigns cost the manufacturer money, and these cost gets passed on slightly to the consumer.

Though expensive, the advantages of electric bikes are huge. They enable people who may be carrying an injury, lack fitness or are worried about their health. They increase people's riding range and, most importantly, bring enjoyment back to cycling.

eBikes are not instant power boosters. Every single eBike needs you to input something into the pedal for the motor to work and they are limited to the speed at which the motor will work. This is usually around 15mph - hit this speed and the motor stops and human pedal power takes over.

There are other advantages too, cycling to work now becomes a possibility and even the ability to ditch the car and take your kids to school or nursery, however, cargo bikes don’t usually fall into the £2,000 price bracket but we’ll get on to them another time!

What is an eBike?

An eBike is an electrical motor-powered bicycle – however, if you think that an eBike will just propel you to a set speed with no effort from you, you’re mistaken. The electric motor requires power from batteries these batteries will only give the motor power if you put the effort into the pedals.

They rely on three things: the power to the pedals, power from the batteries and power to the motor. If one of these things do not exist, then the bike will be stationary or you’re riding a normal bike.

How does an eBike work?

Many eBikes have different ‘modes’ for instance, eco, touring, sport and turbo. Each mode will give you a differing level of power from the motor, using the power you put through the pedals as an indicator of how much motor power is needed. Motors give you up to 250 watts of assistance.

Indeed, you can lightly push on the pedals and the eBike will go up a hill, but don’t expect to start accelerating up to 15mph from the off - they do not work that way. You will certainly notice the increase in power from the motor and it’ll be a huge benefit to you going up a hill.

Always remember for an eBike to work efficiently, you need to do so as well. The added assistance from the motor will boost your ride in terms of distance, average speed and not fatigue you so much.

Different types of motors

Not all eBikes are created equal. The development rate on them has been huge and nowadays, you may be looking at an eBike without even knowing.

There are two main types of eBike motors ones which work on the pedals, which assist you in your pedal stroke and ones which work on the rear hub in assisting the rear wheel to turn.

We’ve tested many over the years and we’ve always found the Bosch motors, which are pedal mounted, to give you the most amount of boost and reduce fatigue the most. This is because the power is directly mounted to the pedals, so you feel it instantly. They’re generally bulkier too, meaning they can put in a bit more torque than rear hub motors.

Motors on the rear hub are much more compact, about the size of the big gear on your cassette so they’re much more discrete. They provide plenty of power in terms of assistance and are a good option for someone who is looking for a discrete boost of electrical assistance.

Different types of bikes for different types of ride

If you’re new to cycling, you may be starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed with talk of different motors and what’s right for you. Try to park that for now as you may find that the choice may be taken out of your hands, depending on which type of bike you want to ride.

The most popular types of bikes are listed just below, where you will find a quick link to a bike that might suit you.

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This is by no means the exhaustive list, it is as good of a place as any to start dur to their initial cost, drop bar road bikes ted to fall out of the £2,000 price point.

The best electric commuter bikes under £2,000

Made for getting in to and away from work, with gearing on the easier side and geometry which is set for easier riding. They’re made for being great at shorter distances.

The design of this bike is quite striking with the top tube poking out and either end, carrying integrated lights front and rear. The LCD display is integrated into the handlebars which conveniently displays speed, distance, pedal-assist mode, battery life and more.

The brakes are cable-powered disc brakes that, for stopping power, can only be bettered by hydraulic disc brakes, but you'll struggle to find them at this price point.

With the removable 9.6ah battery with a range of up to 60 miles per charge (depending on which mode you're in), the BirdBike is the perfect bike whether for commuting to work.

You would struggle to find an Italian cycling brand more synonymous with bike riding than Bianchi Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi, Marco Pantani, Mario Cipollini and Jan Ullrich - all huge names in the world of cycling who have taken the Bianchi name to glory. Using all the prowess learned from the professional peloton it's trickled down into their road and hybrid bikes and we think this E-Spillo in the historic Celeste is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

With its traditional look and rear hub motor, the Bianchi E-Spillo Classic Altus 8 Disc Electric Hybrid Bike will propel you around town in style. This model is equipped with a 418Wh battery, which provides the range needed for a full day's worth of errands or longer leisure rides. The quality frame is equipped with mudguards, a rear pannier rack and a kickstand as standard and features lights that feed off the battery power.

A Shimano Altus drivetrain delivers 8-speed performance and epic durability, keeping you on the road and out of the workshop for longer. There are five assistance levels on offer, ensuring a perfect level of assistance for any scenario, and the Selle Royal Wave saddle provides lasting comfort.

We genuinely don't think we need to say much about this bike. Just look at it! If its incredibly beautiful aesthetic and white tyres don't make you want to buy it, then maybe the fact that as a kid you were kicking up dust on the Raleigh Chopper will.

The 400Wh battery will deliver up to 60 miles of range, again power mode depending, and has four different modes to deliver that power with. The removable battery is located where you would ordinarily put a water bottle, but don't fear, there is still housing for a water bottle cage on the seat tube of the bike.

There are three different types of frames to choose from at this price, the standard crossbar, an open frame where the crossbar drops slightly drops to make it easier to mount or a step-through frame.

The best electric city bikes under £2,000

The step-through access of these bikes is superb if you’re carrying a load on the rear, like a child or shopping, for example. Because there is no top tube to have to get your leg over, it makes getting on and off the bike easier.

Perfect for getting about your local town, market or city.

Sigma Sports have this on sale at the moment dipping it below the £2,000 mark and if it's a low step-through bike you're after to get you around town, you'll struggle to find a name with more heritage than Cannondale and with more tech lashed on to it than this bike - we don't think it'll hang around below £2,000 for long so if you can, now might be the best time to buy this one.

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 Electric Hybrid Bike keeps things simple; it combines an aluminium step-thru design frame and reliable components with a 250W Bosch motor which can provide 250% assistance up to 25kph, making short work of any hill. This means it is a great partner for local errands and commuting or even weekend rides in the countryside. Large volume tyres provide great grip and comfort whilst the step-thru frame makes getting on and off the bike very straightforward. Hydraulic disc brakes mean reliable, consistent stopping power in all weather conditions and the nine Shimano gears are operated from a handlebar-mounted shifter for better control.

With a 375WH battery, this has the smallest range which is reflected in the price, you'll get between 15 and 30 miles of range, depending on a variety of factors including load, terrain and weather conditions.

A comfortable saddle and suspension fork will enable you to ride in comfort as the bike smooths out any bumps in the road. The 750 SE comes fully equipped with mudguards, a rear luggage rack and lights that run off the battery, the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country leisure rides at the weekends.

This one is perfect if your trip into town may be too far to walk and too short to take the car and turning a five to ten-mile round trip into a cycling utopia.

The Orbea Optima electric bike looks like an ordinary city bicycle, but it's a fully-fledged e-bike, designed from the ground up to integrate electric pedal assistance in an easy-to-ride, easy-to-live-with package.

The hub motor system is lightweight and provides smooth and reliable assistance for up to 50 miles of use. It's regulated by an innovative magnetic system that adjusts the power level accordingly without producing drag when freewheeling.

A smartphone app connects to the motor and battery system to grant complete ride immersion. Included mudguards, luggage rack, front and rear lights and kickstand complete an already comprehensive spec sheet by increasing versatility and convenience.

The best electric mountain bikes under £2,000

Mountain bikers are a different breed to road riders, for mountain bikers, it’s all about going down the bumpy terrain as fast as possible, which makes getting back to the top harder. With gearing and geometry sympathetic to this, the added power from the motor will have you riding the trails for longer.

Who knows, the added payload of the motor might even make getting down that little bit quicker, too.

You get plenty of eBike for your money here. Outdoors superstore Decathlon has ditched the B'Twin brand and found a bike that it's happy to name after itself.

The Rockrider comes with a Brose mid-motor which produced a good amount of torque for getting up those rough hilly climbs. in Boost mode, you'll even give a gleeful 'wheeee' as you take off from standing still thinking that you have some sort of superhuman legs.

Gearing wise, it's Shimano Deore M600, due to the exceptional torque from the motor it's a single ring on the cranks and 10 on the rear with an 11-42 cassette on the back and 34t upfront.

Ideal for riders looking to explore new off-road terrain in comfort and style, the Levit Muan HD Overstep 600 2022 Aluminium Electric MTB comes equipped with an excellent spec, shock-absorbing full-suspension and powerful electric motor.

The EMTB features a Levit HD motor with a 600Wh capacity that smoothly delivers power to the pedals so that you can fly up the climbs and enjoy of hours of power-assisted pedalling. The motor has also been neatly integrated into the frame for a sleek aesthetic that ensures you can ride in style.

After flying up the climbs, you can descend with control thanks to the RST Gila TnL 100mm front fork which absorbs lumps, bumps, roots and rocks, allowing you to float over rugged terrain. The descending experience has been further enhanced with hydraulic disc brakes that offer smooth and responsive pedalling in both the dry and the wet.

The Muan's spec is also full of quality. 9-speed Microshift RD-M46L gearing offers smooth and responsive transmission as well as a wide range of gears so that all you have to worry about is putting the power down.

The Orbea Keram 30 is the Spanish company’s entry level electric mountain bike.

The Keram’s geometry is designed for a more comfortable and upright riding position, making it suitable for commuting as well as long weekend trail rides. This might be something to consider if you want to multi-purpose your bike.

The upright riding position gives increased visibility and control, contributing to a safer feel on the bike. This really is a user-friendly bike and an excellent introduction to the world of eMTBs.

The best electric folding bikes under £2,000

These make for the perfect bike if you use your bike from home to the station and then from the station to work. The folding nature of them means that they are compact for train journeys and with a carrying rack on the back, you can have a backpack or somewhere to store your clothes for changing into at the office.

The EOVOLT City X bike is the premium version of EOVOLT premium City range - with its tiny 16" wheels, it packs down to make travelling by this bike a dream.

Three Speed Shimano Nexus gearing with a belt-driven rear wheel means that maintenance and oil are kept to an absolute minimum, so no need for rolling up the right leg of your suit trousers.

The battery is smartly housed in the bike's seat post and with its 36V 250W motor, you'll be nipping from office to train station with a breeze.

With bold yellow colour and sweeping down tube, people may think you're gliding around the city on an electrical banana. But the joke is on them - you'll be making time on the Levit Chilo.

A Microshift RD-M26S groupset offers smooth and responsive transmission, whilst Zoom HB-875 hydraulic disc brakes offer strong braking in both the dry and the wet. Chain driven with a chain guard to keep spray and chain grease off of your inner calf are welcome additions.

Where the battery is situated allows for a larger power pack with Levit's own 468Wh battery.

The 20-inch wheels will roll along and give you a super-responsive feel, added to a short wheelbase and it makes turning in and out of stationary traffic a doddle.

The Wisper 806 SE also brags seven-speed Shimano gears, disc brakes and a 375WH battery., which on a small bike will give you 15-30 mile range. You may not deem that a lot, but remember this is a folding bike and while it's folded away under your desk at the office, you can be charging the battery.

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