The best dog Halloween costumes

All the best costumes to dress your dog in this year.

Dog Halloween costumes

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We love our dogs more than life itself, so it's only right that when Halloween, Christmas and their birthdays come around, we want them to celebrate the same ways we do. With presents, lots of love and of course, costumes.

As Halloween is approaching, you might be thinking about getting your dog a funky new collar or an outfit to wear, so we've compiled some of the best dog Halloween costumes available to help you choose.

If you regularly dress up your dog, you'll know exactly what they do and don't like, but if it's your first time, be sure to read our top tips below to make sure the experience is fun for both of you.

Looking for Halloween outfits for your cat? We've got you covered.


Best dog Halloween costumes

Idepet Black Cat Dog Costume1 of 8

Idepet Black Cat Dog Costume

This super cute Halloween costume for dogs features a classic black cat and looks really cosy. It's available in sizes medium, large and extra large.

BbearTu00ae Pet Halloween Felt Cloth Bat Wings2 of 8

BbearT® Pet Halloween Felt Cloth Bat Wings

This bat wing costume is simple but effective. The wings fasten around the neck and chest and come in sizes small, medium and large.

Rubie's 580358M Official Giant Spider Pet Dog Halloween Costume3 of 8

Rubie's 580358M Official Giant Spider Pet Dog Halloween Costume

Taking the award for the funniest dog costume out there, this giant spider costume from Rubie's will definitely get you some likes on Instagram. It's available in size small, medium and large.

Wag-a-Tude Halloween Witch Dog Hat Black4 of 8

Wag-a-Tude Halloween Witch Dog Hat Black

You're a wizard, puppy! Stylish and sweet, this witch/wizard hat fastens under their jaw and will look magical on all dog breeds. Available in sizes extra small/small and medium/large.

Official Rubie's Beetlejuice Halloween Pet Dog Costume5 of 8

Official Rubie's Beetlejuice Halloween Pet Dog Costume

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Classic film fans will love to dress their dog up in this adorable Beetlejuice costume. Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

Wag-a-Tude Halloween Bat Costume Dog Hat Black6 of 8

Wag-a-Tude Halloween Bat Costume Dog Hat Black

This cute bat hat fastens behind their ears, giving the illusion of bat ears. Simple, affordable and cute. Available in sizes extra small/small and medium/large.

Wag-a-Tude Halloween Skeleton Dog Pyjamas Black7 of 8

Wag-a-Tude Halloween Skeleton Dog Pyjamas Black

If your dog's used to wearing jumpers or PJs, this spooky skeleton romper will be right up their street. Available in sizes extra small to extra large.

Nice Dream Dog Bandanas8 of 8

Nice Dream Dog Bandanas

If your dog doesn't like costumes but will happily wear a bandana or collar, these patterned bandanas are a great choice.

Top tips for dressing up your pet

• While dressing up your pet is fun, it's important to remember that they aren't dolls to be played with. Respect your pet and if it's uncomfortable in any way, it's best not to bother. Always watch for signs of stress, and take the clothes off if your dog is unhappy.

• Make sure they can move easily and that they aren't at risk of injuring themselves around the house.

• Ensure their ears, mouth, eyes and nose aren't blocked.

• Don't leave costumes on for long periods of time and don't leave them unattended while wearing it.

• Never let your pet wear a costume outside, as they could become trapped or stuck on something and end up hurting themselves.

• Make sure to get the correct size so your pet will be comfortable.

How to introduce your pet to a costume

It's a good idea to leave your dog's new Halloween get-up out on the floor to get them used to the item. Then, try popping it on to your pet's back for a moment. Make sure to reward them regularly with their favourite toy or treats.

Once your pet has got used to the idea of the outfit, you can have them try it on for the first time. During this process, be sure to repeat the positive reinforcement using treats and toys and your dog should soon realise that the costume is nothing to be afraid of.

The fine folks over at Pets at Home spoke to Claire North, Lead Trainer at North K9 to offer this useful advice:

"Give them (your dog) space. It’s important for them to feel like they have a choice and that they can escape if they’re uncomfortable as opposed to feeling cornered or threatened... Try making the experience a positive one, only let them wear outfits for a few minutes at a time and give them their favourite treats to create a positive association."

DIY dog Halloween costumes

Want to get creative? There are so many DIY Halloween outfits you can make for your dog. We love these simple but unique ones from YouTuber, LaurDIY.

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