The best interactive dog toys and puzzles

Need help entertaining your pup while you’re gone? We share nine of the best interactive dog toys that we promise WON’T tear things up.

Dog with glasses thinking about three interactive dog toys and puzzles

by Emily Farquhar |

If I told you there's a solution to keeping your canine companion out of trouble while you’re at the shops, would you be interested? Suitable for any household struggling with managing their dog’s constant cry for attention. Wait for it... interactive dog toys!

Not only are they very good at stimulating your pet's mind (body and soul), but they will also keep them occupied if you're heading out for a few hours and need some reassurance that your house will be left in one piece.

Your role is simple - refill this interactive gadget with delectable doggie treats and you’re good to go.

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It's often this boredom that can lead to naughty behaviour, as dogs need to be mentally stimulated just as humans do. Top dog trainer Graeme Hall says, "Dogs are actually just like children, they pick up on tension and stress in their owners just as children do in their parents.

"The traditional mantra is dogs are animals and humans are humans but actually we're not that different, there are loads of similarities. "

We've rounded up the best interactive dog toys and puzzles perfect for the mental stimulation of big, small and medium-sized pooches that will require them to push, flip and paw their way to a treat.

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