The best kitchen compost bins for disposing of waste the eco-friendly way

From kitchen compost bins with a removable inner bucket to compost caddies with filters for eliminating odour and fruit flies, we’ve got you covered

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by Kat de Naoum |

Making your own compost has never been easier. Though the idea may seem daunting at first, the first step is always the hardest, and we’ve just made it easier by finding the ten best kitchen compost bins for you to start your composting journey.

Every utilised kitchen, whether purposely or not, produces waste. Scraps like fruit and vegetable peelings, food that has gone off, leftovers that just can’t be saved another day, and even eggshells, paper and cardboard are all things that can easily be composted with the right indoor compost caddy, right from the comfort of your very own kitchen.

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What is the best kitchen compost bin to buy?

If you have a big family eating three meals a day at home, a tiny countertop compost bin won’t even last you through breakfast. The Brabantia Sort & Go waste bin is available in sizes up to 25 litres which is perfect for these situations.

If even a single fruit fly is enough to put you off your lunch, you’ll want a fly-proof caddy like the RED FACTOR Premium compost bin. If design is at the top of your list, the vintage Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia stainless steel compost bin or the novelty All-Green red apple ceramic compost caddy might be right up your alley.

Top ten kitchen indoor compost bins at a glance

Whatever your composting needs, we’ve found 10 of the best kitchen compost bins for you to choose from.

Best Kitchen Compost Bin UK: Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bin

Best Metal Indoor Compost Bin: The Caddy Company Metal Kitchen Compost Caddy

Best Kitchen Compost Bin—No Fruit Flies: RED FACTOR Premium Compost Bin for Kitchen Worktop

Best Kitchen Composting Bin for Countertop: Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia 3 litre stainless steel compost bin

Best Kitchen Compost Bin with Removable Inner Bucket: Harbour Housewares Industrial Compost Bin with Removable Inner

Best Kitchen Compost Bin Stainless Steel: KICHLY Stainless Steel Compost Bin for Kitchen Countertop

Best Kitchen Compost Bin with Filter: Joseph Joseph 30016 Intelligent Waste Caddy with Odour Filter

Best Kitchen Compost Bin Ceramic: All-Green Red Apple Ceramic Compost Caddy

Best Kitchen Compost Bin Small: Minky TP10100105 Compost Food Caddy

Best Cheap Kitchen Compost Bin: Addis Eco 100% Plastic Everyday Kitchen Food Waste Compost Caddy Bin

All of these kitchen compost bins have been hand-selected by What's The Best shopping experts. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching, so you can choose the best one. Plus, we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in. Find out why you should trust us here.

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