The best gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are important for all of your green-fingered needs, from pruning weeds to planting roses.

Best gardening gloves

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Whatever the size of your garden - whether it's a window box or a few acres - you need a good pair of gardening gloves. There are no two ways about it - they're a necessity if you're gardening.

Ideally, it's best even to have several pairs, suitable for different jobs in the garden. Your dexterity is different depending on the tasks you're undertaking; you might be pruning roses, trimming shrubbery, or pulling up weeds (weed killer, anyone?).

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You want your gardening gloves to be comfortable, supple, and protective - we all know those rose thorns are not at all forgiving. Whether you're buying practical gardening gloves for yourself, or want to treat a green-fingered friend to a stylish pair, there are loads on the market to choose from and we've rounded up the best:


The best gardening gloves to buy today

Burgon and Ball RHS Flora and Fauna Gardening Gloves1 of 12

Burgon & Ball RHS Flora and Fauna Gardening Gloves

Calling all wildlife lovers! These gloves from Burgon & Ball are the perfect pair for bird fans, featuring a beautiful bird and floral artwork from the RHS Lindley Library. Comes in one size.Review: "Bought these because I was fed-up of having wet and damaged hands. I was looking for gloves at a reasonable price, that would enable me to severely prune a pyrocanthus unblemished! Did they work? Oh yes! I managed the unruly shrub and hours of dense pruning in the rain unhindered, and when finished I threw them in the washing machine. They are back looking like new! Highly recommend."

Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves2 of 12

Bionic ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves

These gloves were designed by an orthopaedic hand surgeon with arthritic and sensitive hands in mind. They feature a patented pad relief system to help even out the surface of your hand for a more comfortable secure grip. Reviews seem to suggest they're a little on the tight side, so we'd recommend sizing up. Available in women's small, medium, large (listed) and men's medium.Review: "I love these gloves!!! I have bought several pairs myself and have also had a couple as presents. Very comfortable and protect the hands whilst supporting the joints."

Intra-FIT Rose Embroidered Pruning Gloves3 of 12

Intra-FIT Rose Embroidery Pruning Gloves

Slide your hands into these beautiful elbow-length gloves. with a gorgeous rose embroidered pattern. Not only are they nice to look at, but they'll prevent your arms from getting scratched by pesky thorn bushes, featuring reinforced synthetic leather to prevent punctures when pruning. Available in range of sizes, plus a selection of colours.Review: "Excellent quality, perfect fit (size small) and personally I think value for money."

Homebase Premium Comfort Floral Patterned Gloves4 of 12

Homebase Premium Comfort Gloves

Keep your hands extra secure with these fun floral gloves from Homebase. They feature an adjustable velcro wrist with a closed cuff for a snug fit – preventing debris or creepy crawlies from finding their way inside.

Burgon and Ball Dig The Glove Gardening Gloves5 of 12

Burgon Gardening Glove L/XL

Need a helping hand in the garden? These two-tone grey gloves come in size L/XL and feature a yellow trim at the cuff. Reviews suggest they come up small, so if you have larger hands, they may not be suitable. They are both comfortable, yet practical enough for doing a variety of garden duties (no excuses!). They feature a mesh material between the fingers, padded palms and a wrist strip.Review: "I do a lot of gardening and have found these gloves exceptionally hard wearing. I certainly would purchase them again or give as a gift."

Gold Leaf Ladies Dry Touch Gardening Gloves6 of 12

Gold Leaf Ladies Dry Touch Gardening Gloves

Pot, weed and (lightly) prune to your heart's content with the Gold Leaf Dry Touch Ladies Gloves. Made with fleece lining and pliable leather, they'll keep hands warm and dry during those grittier gardening jobs, like clearing up damp leaves. These do come up small, so may not be suitable for those with larger hands.Review: "Gloves are protective, comfortable to wear and remain dry inside. I use them for all gardening jobs whether pruning, dividing plants or managing the compost bins. I wear them collecting wet autumn leaves from flowerbeds and any 'mucky' jobs because I am confident that my hands will remain dry and warm. I leave them to dry in a warm place and they will be ready to go again, without losing shape. Brilliant."

Garden Genie Gloves7 of 12

Garden Genie Gloves

What if your gardening gloves could double up as tools? Put the towel down and dig, rake, and spread mulch with these clever, claw-tipped gloves. Perfect for keeping your hands clean and avoiding dirt-clogged (or worse, broken!) nails, the flexible material and ABS plastic will ensure you can handle even fiddly tasks with ease. As these are one size, they won't suit every one, but the manufacturer believes they'll stretch to fit most hand sizes. Please note: these gloves contain latex.Review: "I feel comfortable for digging the soil and working in garden. It is so easy to use them in garden. My daughter worked with me in the garden for the first time and she likes these gloves her hands stay safe and clean. They are waterproof and easy to clean. Very useful for garden and picking weeds."

Morris And Co Gloves and Hand Cream Gardening Gift Set8 of 12

Morris & Co. Gloves and Hand Cream Gardening Gift Set

This set by Morris & Co. comes with a pair of gorgeous lightweight patterned gardening gloves and a full-sized signature Pink Clay & Honeysuckle hand cream. The cream is enriched with pink clay, shea butter, jojoba and macadamia oils to help care for your skin after a day in the garden.Review: "Really lovely patterned gloves along with hand cream for a very nice gift! Very happy!"

RHS Tough Touch Gardening Glove9 of 12

RHS Tough Touch Gardening Glove

Part of the Royal Horticultural Society's Gold Leaf range, these black and yellow gloves are designed to offer arm protection. They also come with a leather palm and are available in one size for men (listed) and one size for women.Review: "Having spent one Sunday evening extracting thorn tips from my fingers after cutting 150m of mixed blackthorn, hawthorn and bramble hedging, I decided I needed some seriously thorn-proof gloves for the clearing up operation. I had already been using some reasonably expensive thick latex gloves described as "thorn-resistant" which, whilst not bad, were certainly not up to the thorns in this hedge. I chose the Gold Leaf Tough Touch gloves based on the existing reviews. They are expensive, but they work. Only one thorn got through in the whole operation. Blackthorn, as you probably know, has long sharp thorns like darning needles, so this is pretty impressive in my opinion. I don't know how long they will last. After two hours' work the surfaces had become scratched and scuffed up all over with multiple nicks. However, they were still working fine. If they last a reasonable time, I'll definitely buy some more."

Chainsaw Gloves Garden News10 of 12

Chainsaw Gloves Garden News

Need to use a tiller, hedge cutter or a chainsaw in the garden? These heavy-duty gloves are made from a mix of protective leather and polyester and can be tightened up using a Velcro fastener – ideal for operating potentially hazardous equipment. Available in sizes: medium, large and x-large

Town and Country Master-Gardener-Pink-Ladies Gloves Medium11 of 12

Town and Country Master-Gardener Pink Ladies Gloves

Town and Country master gardener gloves are water-resistant, grippy and comfortable, and are one of the most popular brands of gloves on the market. For a shade under six pounds, you can't go wrong.Review: "I'd been looking for this type of glove for a while but places like Wilko, where I've previously purchased them, seem to have discontinued to do so. Excellent quality and very comfortable to wear. I bought them because I wanted a ladies small size, and although the label says medium, they are a perfect fit for my small hands. I doubt they would fit someone who wears medium-sized washing up gloves. Very pleased with them so I've already ordered and received a second pair of equal quality."

Briers Warm All Seasons Gardener Gloves In Green12 of 12

Briers Warm All Seasons Gardener Gloves

Get a good grip when doing everyday gardening tasks with these ribbed latex coated gloves. They are also lined with a thick, soft, stretchy, breathable liner to maximise warmth and comfort and create a snug fit. Reviews suggest they are quite large, despite being a medium, so they would be suited to those with larger hands.Review: "I'm a professional gardener and I use these winter and summer, five days a week. The best for grip and comfort and literally the only glove I've ever used that doesn't wear out within days or weeks. I've tried so many brands but this cannot be matched."

Why do I need gardening gloves?

Gardening gloves have a variety of practical purposes. They prevent your nails from getting dirty, they stop you from getting blisters and calluses and can prevent prickly bushes and shrubs from scratching and cutting your hands. They also give you better grip and traction for when you're doing difficult jobs in the garden; plus, if you have existing cuts or scrapes, they can prevent further infections. Good gloves can also prevent insect bites and stings.

There are also fungal infections you can pick up from certain plants and soils - and not many people know about this. Gardening Know How explains, "Sporotrichosis, or rose picker’s disease, is a fungal disease that causes nasty lesions and skin ulcers on people. This disease is oftentimes contracted from infected rose thorns or sphagnum peat moss."

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