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Grey bedroom

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It’s been a while since grey popped up in the home decor world and it seems it’s here to stay. Luckily, we love this trendy colour and think grey is the perfect addition to any space. We’ve collated the best bedroom essentials in gorgeous grey tones so you don’t have to. Whether your bedroom is already an oasis of blue, a haven of yellow or a calming green – grey goes with everything!


Grey Bedroom Accessories

London Clock Belle Alarm Clock1 of 9

London Clock Belle Alarm Clock

As much as we'd love to lie in bed all day, sometimes we've got things to do and places to be. You'll never miss an important event again with this little retro alarm clock. This cute piece may only measure at 12.5 x 8.5 x 5 cm but you can sleep soundly knowing the alarm is plenty loud enough to wake you from even the deepest of slumbers. It's the definition of small but mighty! The numbers are also clear and easy to read despite its delicate size. As well as being practical, the Belle Alarm Clock looks cute on any bedside table and leaves plenty of space for a book and a night time brew.

USB Bedside Table Lamp2 of 9

USB Bedside Table Lamp

The classic pale grey of this lampshade is a fabulous addition to any bedside table. Yet looking cool isn't all this particular lamp is good for. This already functional item has been taken to the next level with the addition of two fast-charging USB ports. There's no longer any need to fumble around on the floor trying to get to that plug socket that's just out of reach when you want to charge your phone from the comfort of your own bed. Simply attach your USB cord to the lamp and you'll be able to scroll into the early hours of the morning should you wish.

Kolton Chair, Marl Grey £4493 of 9

Kolton Chair, Marl Grey £449

Make a statement in your bedroom with a gorgeous chair to lounge in while you wait for your other half to get ready, or curl up to read a book - you won't want to leave this comfy armchair. You can also buy it in a rocking chair version for £549 - perfect if you've just had a new baby.made.com

Weathered Grey Birch Leaf Ornament, £304 of 9

Weathered Grey Birch Leaf Ornament, £30

This decorative bowl is just too beautiful to pass up. Its rustic feel and natural leaf shape is the perfect way to bring an element of the outdoors into your bedroom. Whether you decide to hang it on the wall or place it on top of your dresser, the ornament's weathered effect will bring a touch of unique charm to your space. If you prefer every item in your bedroom to serve a purpose then we'd still suggest picking this lovely leaf up. It looks equally as pretty when filled with trinkets and jewellery or as a standalone ornament in its own right. [dunelm.com](https://www.dunelm.com/product/weathered-grey-birch-leaf-ornament-100009445100094451 )

Grey Felt Storage Basket, £225 of 9

Grey Felt Storage Basket, £22

Simple and elegant, we love this storage basket, with a real Scandi feel thanks to the sturdy wooden handles. Looking for more storage baskets? We've got you covered.[johnlewis.com](https://www.johnlewis.com/house-by-john-lewis-felt-storage-basket-with-ash-handles/p2175404p2175404)

Gunner Extra Large Set of 3 Metal Storage Trunks, Tonal Grey £1396 of 9

Gunner Extra Large Set of 3 Metal Storage Trunks, Tonal Grey £139

You always need a bit more storage in your bedroom, so why not make a feature of it with these beautiful trunks. made.com

A2Z Geometric Trellis Rug7 of 9

A2Z Geometric Trellis Rug

There's no denying that bare floorboards are all the rage at the moment. We love this look as much as the next person but stepping out of bed onto a cold floor isn't something many of us are fans of. The solution? A large and luxurious rug by your bed. Sink your feet into this 7mm pile in the mornings and your tootsies will thank you for it. By combining a vintage geometric trellis design with a super modern grey colour, this rug is the ideal accompaniment to any bedroom aesthetic.

Grey Star Standing Plaque8 of 9

Grey Star Standing Plaque, £4.50

We all need a bit of motivation from time to time and this affordable little star-shaped plaque does just that. Not only does it fulfil our love for all things grey, but it's simple message serves as a reminder to us all. Place this somewhere in your bedroom and you'll always remember to look on the brighter side of life. Despite the price of this quirky little accessory its high quality makes it feel far more expensive than it actually is. [dunelm.com](https://www.dunelm.com/product/grey-star-standing-plaque-100007087100070871 )

Delicate Lace Frame (3 Pack) £129 of 9

Delicate Lace Frame (3 Pack) £12

Make your bedroom more personal by including some of your favourite snaps in these beautiful grey frames. Nowadays most of our photographs are taken on our phones and, unfortunately, they never seem to make it any further. Have a quick scroll through your camera roll and I'm sure you'll find photos from birthdays, weddings or holidays that would make for fun additions to your bedroom's decor. The set comes with three different sized frames that can be hung on the wall or grouped together in a freestanding display. next.co.uk

You know what would suit a grey-toned room? A black-framed mirror!

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