Turn your home into a zen sanctuary with these calming products

It's time to breathe.

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Finding time in your busy schedule to practice mindfulness can be tough. We have jobs, families, social lives and social media to contend with - we're overloaded!

One way to ensure you do get some time to yourself and avoid the dreaded burnout is to dedicate a certain area of your house to your wellness. This could be anything from the way it's decorated to what you have in there, but it's a specific place you can switch off, unwind and just be present for a little while.

How to create a relaxing space in your home

Avoiding fluorescent lighting, taking cues from nature and having a phone/laptop ban are all ways you can bring more serenity into your home.

Keep the area free of clutter, ensure it has a device to play your favourite sounds or music and fill it with your favourite books or pastimes.

Whether it's a meditation spot in your office or a whole zen bathroom, these products will help you to achieve true guru status.


Calming products for the home

MIFA White Noise Machine1 of 15

MIFA White Noise Machine

The relaxing sounds of this speaker can allow you to chill out at any time of day. Featuring white noise, rain, the ocean, thunder, summer night, campfire and more, it has something for everyone.

Concrete Colour Pots2 of 15

Concrete Colour Pots

Filling your space with plants is great for your mental health and looks great. Ensure all your green, leafy friends look brilliant with these concrete pots in calming colours.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp3 of 15

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are thought to purify the air, neutralise electromagnetic radiation from household electronics, help you sleep better and reduce stress. Whether you believe in their uses or not, they're a truly calming influence on a room, making you feel relaxed as soon as it's switched on.

'This Too Shall Pass' Handwritten Mindfulness Print4 of 15

'This Too Shall Pass' Handwritten Mindfulness Print

Have a favourite phrase that motivates you? Have it printed to remind you of your goals.

Solstice Grey Wallpaper5 of 15

Solstice Grey Wallpaper

When it comes to decor, opt for calming colours and soothing prints to create a sense of quiet.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy6 of 15

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy

Diffusers are thoughts to aid with anxiety and create a calming effect in whichever room they're in. There are lots of essential oils you can use to create your perfect vibe.

Tisserand Little Box Of Mindfulness7 of 15

Tisserand Little Box Of Mindfulness

This box of three oils from Tisserand has everything you need to start your aromatherapy adventure.

Set of 2 Round Knitted Grey Storage Baskets8 of 15

Set of 2 Round Knitted Grey Storage Baskets

Baskets work well for keeping everything tidied away nicely, which ensures your space and mind feel decluttered.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit9 of 15

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit

Believed to bring luck and harmony, Bonsai trees are a rewarding plant to have in the home.

Mindfulness 'Dreams' Personalised Candle10 of 15

Mindfulness 'Dreams' Personalised Candle

Not only is this candle personalised to you, it's a little reminder of what's important in life.

The Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster11 of 15

The Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster

Love yoga and want to practice more? This poster will not only inspire you to try new positions but remind you to do it every day.

Glitter Planets Wallpaper12 of 15

Glitter Planets Wallpaper

This Glitter Planets wallpaper is so relaxing to look at, and reminds you that we're all apart of something bigger than ourselves.

Hexagonal Grey Wall Shelf13 of 15

Hexagonal Grey Wall Shelf

Your calming space should have minimal mess - stick to floating shelves with just enough space for a few books and plants to avoid the urge to clutter it up.

Mountain Landscape at Lale Magog Semi-Gloss Wallpaper14 of 15

Mountain Landscape at Lale Magog Semi-Gloss Wallpaper

Feeling totally at one with nature on a mountain or lakeside has to be one of the most relaxing things on earth, so bring that wonderful place into your home.

GEEZY Indoor Tabletop Fountain Water Feature15 of 15

GEEZY Indoor Tabletop Fountain Water Feature

Bring the ambience of a Japanese garden into your calming space. The tranquil sound of running water can help you to destress and connect with nature.

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