20 of the best Christmas gifts to buy your girlfriend

Stuck on ideas on what to buy your girlfriend for Christmas? Don't panic - we're here to help.

Best gifts for girlfriends

by Sophie Knight |

Where do we start with a Christmas gift list of the best things to buy your girlfriend? The possibilities are endless – but so are the opportunities to get it really, really wrong.

Take my advice – do not buy your girlfriend mats for her car, a bin for her car, or really any accessory for her car (unless she’s specifically asked you for it).

Obviously, take into account her likes and hobbies; the brands she likes, or covets; listen to the hints she’s been giving you over the past six months. Has she left magazines lying around open on shopping pages, even with things circled? Has she been talking about the same self-development book for ages? TAKE THE HINT.

If you’re completely lacking in inspiration, we’ve spoken to the girlfriends on Team WhatsTheBest to find out what’s on their wishlists this Christmas; hopefully, you’ll find ideas of things to buy the love of your life from our shortlist.

What NOT to buy your girlfriend at Christmas:

According to the WhatsTheBest team...

Writer, Lily Anderson, said: “A pair of trainers in the wrong size. Also, someone bought me a single and rare lily once (because my name is Lily - original) - they assumed I'd love lilies, but they make me cough.”

Editor, Sophie Knight, said: “Car mats. For his car. And a foot spa, which his mum had told him to buy me.”

Editor, Jade Moscrop, said: “If someone bought me a Peloton I'd be fuming.”

Previous Competitions Executive, Emma Beattie, said: “The Harry Potter LEGO game for the Xbox 360. I don’t like Harry Potter or LEGO (but he did).”

Insights Analyst, Clare Bradley, said: “Uncooked prawn crackers.”

Some other not-so-hot ideas include an alarm clock (especially if you have children, and therefore never EVER need an alarm clock ever again); protein powder; underwear two sizes too small (ALWAYS check the sizes); or indeed, thermal underwear.

Don't do it. Just buy something from our gift guide instead.

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