The best kitchen gadgets if you’re on a budget

If you love a gadget and gizmo in the kitchen, here are some of the best bargains to brighten up your kitchen drawers for less

The best kitchen gadgets

by Tom Goodlad |
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Short of taking yourself off to some kind of Tupperware party or kitchenware gathering, sometimes the most useful gadgets to have to hand in your kitchen can be found for less than a chippy tea. The latest gadgets don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to take up tonnes of room in your cupboards either.

And while you don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can also get your hands on some genuinely useful cheap kitchen gadgets that are also a bit of fun, to keep things exciting in the kitchen – and certainly not stressful!

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We've searched for some of the most useful gear to have in your kitchen without breaking the bank - all of the gadgets on this list come in on the right side of cheap.


Kitchen gadgets under £10

Norjews Bicycle Pizza Cutter1 of 5

Norjews Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Pizzas are a fun dinner treat from time to time, so why shouldn't the process of making it and serving it be fun too? This is a bit of a novelty, but a pizza cutter in the form of a bike is far more enjoyable to use than a regular one.

StaiBC Dust Mop Slippers2 of 5

StaiBC Dust Mop Slippers

If you're in the kitchen for hours on end, the thought of cleaning up after doesn't fill you with glee. You can get part of the job done with a pair of slippers in the form of dust mops. Plus, once you're finished in the kitchen, you can do the rest of the house, too.

Diealles collapsible food strainers3 of 5

Diealles collapsible food strainers (pack of 2)

if you've got limited spaces in your cupboards, these collapsible strainers are a god-send. They take up a fraction of the space of a regular colander or strainer, but are just as useful. It also comes in two sizes and a choice of colours – it's also dishwasher safe.

Wolecok Silicone Stretch Lids4 of 5

Wolecok Silicone Stretch Lids

If you're keen to reduce the amount of single-use items you use, these silicone lids are a great replacement. Available in a variety of sizes, they can stretch over dishes or even items of food, and can be used in the microwave or the fridge freezer. Plus, they can be thrown in the dishwasher for use again.

Gr8 Home Silicone Meat Lifter5 of 5

Gr8 Home Silicone Meat Lifter

Questionable name aside, if you're an avid roast dinner cooker at the weekend, this meat lifter makes life a lot easier when you're getting the meat out of the oven. With handles on both sides, it reduces the need for a perilous lift out of the oven dish.

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