Eufy HomeVac H30 Handheld Vacuum: 60-second review

What’s The Best reviews the powerful and lightweight eufy HomeVac H30

Eufy HomeVac H30 Handheld Vacuum on a bread board

by William Lobley |

The eufy HomeVac H30 Handheld Vacuum is a powerful little product weight 808g and boasting 80W of suction. The Eco mode offers a reduced suction of 35W.

In addition to the vacuum itself, the H30 comes with a stand (with a built-in charger) and two tools - one multi-surface and a 2-in-1 crevice tool. The compact opening of the H30 is good for getting into tight places, and the crevice tool extends the reach with the bonus of an additional, retractable brush - ideal for sofas and car seats.

The battery time is advertised at 20 minutes, which feels about right. When using the H30, it's rarely continuously powered on - instead, it's used best in short and sharp bursts. This helps the battery last, and the result is that the H30 runtime can support you in multi-hour chores. This efficiency is, down to the power of the suction that lets you clean a decent area in seconds, even on Eco (which feels more than powerful enough for daily use).

The dust box has a roomy 250ml capacity, and the washable filter is easily dismantled and cleaned.

Though the charging base is on the tall side, Eufy, a branch of Anker, has delivered a great handheld vacuum that is perfectly suited for indoor use (particularly in the kitchen and light DIY) and quick car cleaning.

Score: 4.5/5

Pros Cons
• Powerful for its size • Tall design can be a pain to store
• Convenient, lightweight and reliable • Deep car cleaning is beyond it
• Great battery life with Eco and Max settings • Modern, bold design won’t be to everyone's taste
Suction power: 80W (Max) / 35W (Eco)
Weight: 808g
Battery life: 20 minutes
Dust box size: 250ml
Height (Approx.): 33cm (H30) / 36cm (on stand)
Accessories: Charging/storage base, 2-in-1 crevice tool, multi-surface tool

What’s to love?

Eufy HomeVac H30 Handheld Vacuum Max|Eco switch
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It’s very convenient and very reliable, with a battery life that seems to be unflappable. I set the H30 up in my kitchen, so it was ready at hand whenever needed. I’ve quickly come to rely on its presence, and its powerful dirt-sucking abilities have undoubtedly left me with a more pleasant worksurface.

As well as the day-to-day kitchen and utility use, I found the H30 great for having at hand during smaller DIY jobs. For example, I used it when I drilling and chipping holes into wooden cabinets.

On both Eco and Max settings, the vacuum made short work of dust, wood shaving and larger chunks, even up to an inch in length. Using the lightweight H30 during manual work was far more manageable than operating a full-sized vacuum cleaner with me, especially given that I was in a small room.

That same day, after my DIY, I made myself some toast. After buttering the toast, I was able to use the H30 to tidy up crumbs from around the toaster and breadboard. Then I took it out to my car and used it to clean up the dashboard, upholstery and footwells. There was nothing heavy-duty about the cleaning - it was just a little spruce-up - but still, it did the job well.

Later, when making dinner, I knocked over some salt. I reached over, grabbed the H30, and it was gone - it was the same case after I chopped up broccoli and all its little seed-like bits went everywhere (the bane of any roast dinner prep).

All of this was on one charge and without needing to empty the dust box. As mentioned above, while the runtime of 20 minutes, the power of the suction coupled with on-off use has H30 by your side for multiple hours.

The way the H30 filter and motor manages dust and large objects make the dust box surprisingly roomy and capable of holding plenty of undesirable bits and bobs.

When you do want to give it an empty, it's a smooth process. The dustbin slides easily from the body, so there are no jolts to send dust flying around the room. Plus, the filter is washable, meaning you can give it a good clean now and again to keep the cleaning efficiency up to scratch.

What’s okay?

Eufy HomeVac H30 Handheld Vacuum remove and clean filter
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For household use, the H30 is near perfect. However, having been involved in the eufy H30 review conducted by our sister site Parkers, it’s clear that the H30 is no match for wired vacuums or more robust pet-ready handhelds. I wouldn’t class this fault as a total negative, given that I wouldn’t expect the H30 to compete with such devices in the first place. However, it’s good to know if you’re looking for a true all-in-one solution - the H30 isn’t it, it’s for lighter duties.

The only feature of the eufy H30 that does raise an eyebrow of concern is the price. At nearly £150, the H30 outprices more established names, including Hoover, Black & Decker, Shark and Vax. It matches the price of the GTECH Multi MK2.

Thanks to the Parkers review, I was able to try out the GTECH Multi MK2 briefly. It’s an impressive handheld that certainly outpaces the eufy HomeVac H30, but it's large and bulky. The GTECH would be a cumbersome presence in the kitchen, but a better fit for garages and workshops, or as a helping hand for pet owners.

Any negatives?

Eufy HomeVac H30 Handheld Vacuum on its stand
©William Lobley/What's The Best

It's a bit of a faff when finding somewhere to store the H30. I rent my property, meaning I can’t mount it to the wall using its hanging attachment. It’s too tall to sit underneath my kitchen cabinets, so I had to do a serious bit of rearranging to give it enough head height. If you’re limited in space, measure whether you have room before purchase.

The sleek and modern design of the eufy HomeVac H30 is a masculine one, with dashes of fake carbon fibre and smokey plastics. It’s a tad futuristic and reminds me of a sci-fi laser rifle. Would this be at home in a traditional family kitchen? Probably not, but it’s ideal for up-to-date techie kitchens.

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